Those Damn Mental Roadblocks

I’ve recently found out, over the last several rounds I’ve played, a few things about my game that I’m quite happy with. The first being I can play golf and pretty well too. Now, I’m far from a single digit HDCP, currently sitting at a 14.3, but I can honestly say my last five rounds have […]

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Drive Chip & Putt

Drive Chip & Putt Round 2!

I’m trying to hold back the excitement I have today! This afternoon my daughter and I are driving down to Scottsdale, AZ so she can compete in this weekend’s regional qualifier of the Drive Chip & Putt Championship! Back in July she finished second overall in one of the Nevada local qualifiers and by doing […]

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The Punchbowl

The Punchbowl at Bandon Dunes Resort

With all the negative talk these days in regards to the state of the game being in complete disarray, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one of the more unique experiences I’ve ever encountered while playing golf. While I’m not one of the Chicken Little theorists who believe golf as we know […]

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Pacific Dunes

Pacific Dunes – Photos

Taken on August 4th 2014. The day was cold, windy, foggy and utterly amazing. The photo’s really do not do Bandon Dunes Resort or Pacific Dunes any real justice but hopefully you’ll be bale to tell why this is repeatably named one of the top public places you can play in America!   \

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There is no butter on this roll!

Let me first start by saying Bandon Dunes Resort is everything you could ever hope it to be… and then some! Seriously, go book it right now! I’m going to write up an article about my day at Pacific Dunes in a few days but for today I wanted to talk about something that has been […]

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Appalachian Leather Works

Appalachian Leather Works Review

Appalachian Leather Works is a work of art you can hold in your hand As my golf education has grown since starting this blog, I find it amazing how much I used think what was acceptable or “OK” in the realm of the golfing world. I seriously thought there was nothing wrong with trotting out […]

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R.I.P. Cruz & Ella

I had a post scheduled for today but considering tragic event that took place yesterday when my friend Tony and his wife lost their two little ones Cruz and Ella in a house fire it just didn’t seem right to do anything else but show my love and support for Tony and his family. If […]

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