Review: Loudmouth Golf Bandanas Pants
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When you hear people talking about Loudmouth Golf, the name John Daly instantly becomes a topic of conversation. He is, after all, a major contributing factor to the wildly successful clothing line. Even though Mr. Daly (who I am a huge fan of) helped get the … Read More

Journey to Augusta – Oakland Hills CC #20
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Journey to Augusta – Oakland Hills CC (South) – 8/22-23/2015 Continuing with my pretty cool last couple months of summer, I have been looking forward to this weekend trip up in northern Detroit with my buddy Chris out at Oakland Hills CC. Earlier this year down in Florida … Read More

Great Sunday Morning Out at Chimera
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The good pattern I’m on with my game continued over the weekend. I played another great round out at Chimera Golf Club this past Sunday morning and even though my driver has yet to return to it’s glory days from a few months ago, I had an … Read More

Journey To Augusta – Spyglass Hill GC #48
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  Journey to Augusta – Spyglass Hill GC – 8/21/2015 Welcome me back to the blog after my 11 month hiatus. This is what happens when you have a job that requires constant West Coast travel as well as a now 19 month old boy, Luke. … Read More

I Guess It’s Time For an Update!
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    Wow. The last couple of months have been a complete blur. I wrote back in July that I was ready to get back at it but I under-estimated my abilities to sit down and put words to a keyboard. Then when I’m finally good … Read More

A Few Easy Putting Drills
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  Drive for show, putt for dough. We’ve all heard the phrase that rings so true throughout the game of golf. Putting is like how your parents view the obnoxiously overachieving older sibling. No matter how good you do, it will never be good enough. It’s the … Read More

A break was needed, but now I’m ready.
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    Thank you for hanging in with me over this stretch of my life. A break was needed and now I’m ready to get back at it! I’ve been going through a rough stretch over the last couple of months with some incredible highs and … Read More

A Change To My Chipping Practice Routine
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    I recently made a change to my chipping practice and in just a few days I’ve seen a positive change. Because I’ve been doing so many good things with my swing lately I chatted up Wade the other day to go over a few … Read More

Review: BirdieCage iPhone Case
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    The new iPhone 6 Case from BirdieCage is a fun new product aimed at golfers. Aside from being a golf fanatic I consider myself to be a bit of a tech junkie and for me I have one personal electronic device I hold near … Read More

Review: The RazorMax from myCharge
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    I was sure there was never going to be a need for a portable charger my life, that was until I was introduced to the RazorMax from myCharge. Raise your hand if this statement fits: I’m never than two feet away from my phone at … Read More

The Power of my Little Princesses
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  I was cluesless how much power my daughters had over me until I took them golfing! I’ve been so busy with my kids after school activities over the past month I’ve completely left this site on autopilot. Not the best course of action for me as a … Read More

Exercising my golfing demon
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Not everyone has a golf demon in their bag. Mine however made its presence known recently during the last round I played out at Reflection Bay Golf Club. How often do you have a round of golf that goes so bad you tell yourself “That’s it, I’m done.”? For as … Read More

Review: The Brilliantly Simply Yet Truly Amazing Tee Claw
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    I had no idea such a little product could do so much for my practice sessions. The Tee Claw is the perfect range companion. The golfing world is full of training aids to help you with your game and the new Tee Claw is no different. Where … Read More

Topgolf Las Vegas is Coming Spring 2016
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The Rumors were true! I’m not one to regurgitate press releases but when it comes to something this exciting in addition to it taking place in Las Vegas I couldn’t resist! From the Topgolf Website: Topgolf is building a state-of-the-art flagship location at MGM Grand Hotel … Read More

Review: The Golfboard. Is Too Much Fun Possible?
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    The GolfBoard is one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever encountered while playing a round of golf. There is so much talk these days of growing the game or how to make the game more appealing because it’s obvious to many the state … Read More

Full swings are exciting and so is practice!
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I’ll say it again, full swings are exciting especially now that I can practice again! There’s nothing like the end to a three month layoff, sort of. This past weekend I hit the range for the first time in 2015 and had myself a phenomenal practice session. The … Read More

Introducing James Feutz to The Breakfast Ball
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Well here goes my first post as a contributor to The Breakfast Ball Blog. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is James Feutz and I am a 21-year-old junior playing golf at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. I grew up … Read More

A Putting Shake-up for 2015
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In my last post I talked about how I been relentlessly working on my putting trying to find some glimmer of hope for improving my numbers in 2015. I worked with Wade on this issue for a while back in 2013 and for the most part … Read More

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