18Birdies is our go-to app for golf, and we have a special offer for our readers!

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Please take advantage of this exclusive offer from one of our partners

We’ve partnered with 18Birdies, makers of the #1 rated Golf GPS & Scoring app. 18Birdies has taken their app to the next level by automatically tracking the betting games you play with friends on the course. Throw away that pen and paper, the 18Birdies app tracks every game for you, all on your phone.

As an exclusive gift to you, 18Birdies is providing 30 days of their premium features to help improve your game faster. 18Birdies Premium was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The app includes an artificial intelligence swing analyzer to show the most efficient way to improve your swing. It also includes ‘Plays Like’ GPS distances that factor in wind, elevation change, temperature, and more to help you pick the right club for any shot. Claim your free 30 days of 18Birdies Premium now! 


Claim My Free 30 Days of 18Birdies Premium


Do you play games on the course? ‘Sixes’ is the most played game on 18Birdies.

Sixes is a great 2 vs 2 team game to play with your foursome. You get teamed up with each member of your group for 6 holes at a time. 18Birdies automatically tracks the entire process of playing a Sixes game by telling you who wins points on each hole, who wins the overall game and tracks any bets/wagers you’ve made with your group. All you have to do is add your score for each hole, and the app will do the rest.



18Birdies will make it simple for everyone in your group to understand the rules of the game. The app shows how each player wins or loses points on a hole and will indicate who gets strokes on each hole based on handicap. No matter how you play Sixes, every scoring format is available (including Best Ball, Total Score, & High / Low). Using 18Birdies to track your games will make your life much easier than tracking with pencil and paper.


Level the playing field with net scoring

In 18Birdies, you have the option to use handicaps to level the playing field. If you don’t have a handicap, the app will generate a handicap for you and members of your group for free.

Want to put some money on the line?

If you like to bet/wager money on games when you play, 18Birdies will track how much you should receive or owe from players at the end of your round. No more surprises for who is up or down at the end of your round. The app will keep your group up to date as you play.

18Birdies has you covered for all of your on-course gaming needs; download the app today.

Claim My Free 30 Days of 18Birdies Premium


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