My 2012 Accomplishments

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2012 is turning out to be a rather good year for me golf wise.

Looking back at my post from last December: there were 7 things on my list of accomplishments for 2012.

Tops on the list was Breaking 90. Was being the key word there! I’ve been able to check that off due to a great round I played at The Death Valley Challenge and most recently out at Paiute.

Second on the list was to get my Handicap down in the 16.0-17.9 range. You might recall back in 2010 I was a little presumptuous in thinking that lowering your handicap was easier done than said. That little dose of reality made my goal for 2012 a little bit more obtainable. Not getting to play 3-4 times a month it makes it a little bit more difficult to get your handicap down. Every round you play is important and you really can’t afford to have a bad day out there. I started the year out at a 20.9 and have been able to whittle that down to a 17.7 There is still some time left this year so I’m hoping I can get that number down a little bit further by December.

Next up on the list was Showing a major improvement in putting. I don’t why I chose the word “major”, I think using the term “any” would have been a more relevant to my putting woes. My putting improvement meets that “any” classification but might fall a but short of “major”. I have reduced my 3 putt avoidance from a 17.7% to a nice 12.8% with the plan to get that even lower in full effect. Putts per round are down as well going from 1.99 in 2011 to 1.88 so far this year. That being said, with four months left in 2012 I think I can check that off the list. As long as I keep it up.

Improve my GIR’s was next on the list. You can read in my SCOR club review how that’s going. Needless to say, I’m very happy with how I’m doing in this area!

Next up on the list is Beating Randy straight up. That hasn’t gone well so far. In the four rounds we have played this year  I’ve failed each time to check this one off. Losing by 10, 14, 4 & 9 strokes. This is one that I deiffinatly want to check off the list but as a priority is down pretty far. It’s the trash talking I’ll enjoy most once it happens.

Next on the list was to Knock out a few of the  Golf Digest Top Vegas courses that I haven’t played. There are still quite a few left, mainly private courses, but I have managed to play Dragon Ridge, Paiute (snow course) and both tracks at Angel Park. I came real close to getting a round in at Cascata but that ones going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Last on the list is to Win the Breakfast Ball Cup! That won’ t take place until December but I think I’m miles ahead of where I was last year going into the tournament. This year we plan on playing a VERY difficult course in The Chase at Coyote Springs, a less difficult but still challenging track out in Boulder City called Boulder Creek and then wrap up the tourney at a familair and more player friendly course at Tuscany. THE CUP IS MINE!!!!

All in all I’m really happy with the way my game is progressing. The lesson with Dustin have been a HUGE contributing factor and certainly got me pointed in the right direction. I think that finally getting it through my thick skull that you don’t have to murder the ball and that your short game is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than I ever thought, helped just a wee bit as well!

Out of the 7 on the list only 6 have been possible for me to achieve and I’ve check 5 of them off so far! That’s not too shabby. I get another crack at Randy this weekend. We’re going to be playing out at Legacy Sunday morning. I expect the course to be in amazing shape. Today is the first day that Legacy opens back up after this years over-seeding and it will be cart path only for the next several weeks. Playing condidtions should be outstanding too! WOO HOO!! GOLF!!


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