5 things to help scratch the golf bug while on lock-down

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I think we can all agree, this lock-down and quarantine life we’re in right now stinks.

It’s a tough time for the world and also for us golfers who are stuck inside just waiting for the round we can get in. Our courses in Nevada remained open for a short period of time when our “stay home” orders hit. Just recently our governor put in to place a more strict order which closed down our golf courses for the time being. This got me thinking, how am I going to survive this quarantine with skills in tack?

So I have comprised a list of 5 things I am using to make it through this quarantine.

1 – A Putting Mat:

Ok, as a golfer this should be something you already own. It is probably the first “training aid” that we get, and even if you don’t own one carpet and a cup also works nicely. There are so many mat options out there these days, mats with variable speeds, mats with lines on them for drills. Well, putt also makes an app to help you with skill training and drills. Whichever mat you choose it will only help your game coming out of lockdown.

2 – The Puttout:

This can be used as an accessory to your mat. If you haven’t yet seen the Puttout it is a training aid that requires pinpoint precision and speed. The object is to get your ball to sit in the little notch on the ramp, now it sounds easy but only a perfect putt with the right speed with get it to stay. The first time I used one it took me quite a while and would not stop until I nailed one. When I finally did, it gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment. When I use mine I can’t stop until I get one to sit. I went and got one the day our lockdown began and I have been using it nightly, definitely a good thing to have during the quarantine.


3 – YouTube and Chill – Youtube/Golf Channel

Ok, this may sound like a layup sort of pick but it’s hard getting through with no live golf to watch. Me I place bets on every tournament and making it through the Q without any action is tough, so tough I placed a small wager on Russian table tennis the other day, I lost of course. I know it’s tough to watch older tournaments but it personally gets me motivated to jump on the mat/net to practice and get some swings in. You can jump on
YouTube and discover new courses you want to play when we get out of lockdown and start planning those trips. Watch the new Hittin Greens video at Wolf Creek (shameless plug ).
Check out your favorite instructors and try some new things to get dialed in. This way you can take all the skins when this is over.

4 – A Hitting/Chipping Net:

Here is one of you are a golfer you should definitely own, especially a chipping net. Chipping nets are cheap and can be used in the house without too much danger unless you tend to thin the ball. When I am feeling confident I use real balls. If the confidence is not there I use foam ones since I’ve already have put a couple of dents in the wall. Chipping and putting are essential skills for bringing your score down so spend some of this time dialing in that wedge.
Also, if you have room in the garage or backyard you should own a full size hitting net. This is where you can practice your ball striking, now you won’t see the flight but you can generate the feel. Use some foot spray on your clubface to see where you are striking the ball and try and bring that close to the middle. It’s so nice to be able to get off the couch and be able to go hit a ball when you get the itch.

5 – A Launch Monitor

A launch monitor is the priciest of all the lockdown items, but this can help you really dial in. There are options out there that are not too crazy expensive I.e. Flightscope Mevo coming in at $500. The ones with simulation are better for scratching that itch to play a round i.e. Flightscope Mevo+ or Skytrak coming in at $2000. There are far better options out there but you will have to shell out quite a bit of coin for a GCquad or Trackman.
I personally own a Mevo+ and it’s great to head to the garage and play a round or just practice one club for a distance or practice shaping the ball. This is the granddaddy of items to own for this lockdown season, if you are able to get one it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal. If you have any questions about the Mevo+ you can reach out to me @HittinGreens on IG.

What do you think?

I hope you enjoy this little list of things to help you get through this unprecedented time. If your courses are still open you are one of the lucky ones and may not need this list. For us others this list will help you scratch that itch for the time being until the open up the gates.
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