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My newest obsession on the golf course comes from the Ace of Clubs Golf Company.

They make beautiful putter grips, belts, wallets, and all sorts of other leather goods. Currently, I have an alligator driver headcover and scorecard holder from them.

I used the same scorecard holder since Gary Player gave me one back in high school at the First Tee Open, so it had obviously gotten its use, and I definitely needed a replacement.

I started looking around and came across the Ace of Clubs co. (thank you, Instagram). Their holders come in so many different colors and styles, I had a hard time picking one out, but since purple is my favorite color, I kind of had the decision made for me in the end. I love the alligator finish, too. I spent some time living in Louisiana, and my golf course neighbored a swamp. Hence, every time I use my scorecard holder, it makes me smile, thinking of middle school memories and those dinosaurs like creatures meandering around Southern Trace CC.

I’ve had my holder for a few months now, and it is holding up like a champ.

I’ve tried a few others, but they tend to be made of soft leather that gets scratched up when I throw it in my golf bag. (Obviously, I have to always toss it in with my tees rather than ANY other pocket on my bag).

If you don’t use yardage books and replay the same course with a non-standard card, this holder probably isn’t for you. But, they fit most of my yardage books swimmingly, and the standard tournament scorecard fits perfectly in the straps, so it doesn’t fall out. And it actually fits in the back pocket of most of my skirts – which if you have ever seen a ladies’ golf skirt, you know this is a feat of absolute magic.

I also have the black and white alligator driver headcover from Ace of Clubs co., which is very classy. And I really like that you can personalize them. My sister and I have matching “Swing Like a Girl” logos on ours. There was a Metlife commercial-like five years ago that had a guy walk up to the golf course with 14 drivers in his bag; I laughed at the time. And then we got into Long Drive and became that guy. So it’s nice to have some different covers to mix it up in our bags.

The inside of the headcovers are super soft, and I love the protection they give my clubs.

They’re also long enough that my shaft isn’t in danger of getting scratched up by my 4iron. Which, of course, is only something you think of AFTER you’ve done it. (twice).

The only issue I have with their headcovers is that there is no handle to pull it off my driver. Which probably isn’t a huge problem for any guys out there. You can get a nice hold of that alligator skin and pull it right off the clubhead, no problem. That’s how I was at first, and then I got my nails done to go to a wedding last weekend. Then I realized just how snug that headcover was. I actually had to have my boyfriend unsheath my Mizuno every time I went to the tee box. I couldn’t get a grip on the cover with my cute pink nails. Fashion won over function last weekend. But I’m back to golf winning that battle and can actually uncover my own driver like a real adult!

I encourage you to go visit Ace Of Clubs

Head on over to their website and have a look around. If you like what you see, go ahead and show your support by giving them a follow on their social media pages. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  1. Peter
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    What do you think of the driver cover leather? I’m assuming it’s real leather? Is it thin or thick? How is it holding up over time?

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Peter,

      I apologize for the delayed response, but Alex is no longer writing for us, and she’s the one who did the write-up. Sorry that I can’t be of any assistance to your question.

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