An Introduction to Brickley Golf

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Handcrafted Leather golf accessories, this is Brickley Golf.

When it comes to specialty products in the Golf Community, yardage book and scorecard holders certainly fit the bill. Made from all kinds of materials, it’s likely you can find one in any local golf shop. However, would you pay for a premium handcrafted scorecard holder? Brickley Golf Thinks, you should.

Brickley Golf

Having spent thousands of dollars a year (that hurts my wallet just to type it) in golf equipment, I am the last person to have reservations about spending money on any golf-related items. However, when I was introduced to the world of premium yardage books and scorecard holders, I will admit that I was skeptical. I have never used such a product or found that I needed one either.

Brickley Golf is doing what it takes to changes the minds of players like myself. They were founded in 2017 by Jeff Gaskell and are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve known Jeff from his days as my local club pro, so I decided based on him being a “local” and an overall standup guy that I would let Jeff try to convince me that I needed what Brickley Golf has to offer.

The products offered by Brickley Golf are pure and straightforward.

There’s not a lot of WOW factor when it comes to handcrafted leather goods. Unless you’re an aficionado in the field of leather artistry, the details that go into the products are more than likely overlooked. What tends to happen years later, and I mean YEARS later the merchandise starts to break down finally and then the recipient of the goods realizes “wow, this was amazingly well made.”

Brickley Golf

Across the country and around the world, Scorecard Holders and Yardage Books grace the counters of pro shops. Most of them, and I’m speaking from personal accords here, are cheaply made and have no intention of being used for more than a few seasons. They are more than likely just a merch grab to have as a souvenir from the course you played,

Brickley Golf is not that type of company. With high-quality skill sets and the finest materials, they are looking to make a name for themselves as a premium option for those looking to have a keepsake. In this write-up, I take a look and put to use one of their Scorecard Holders. But, beyond this item they special made for us, they also offer others as well. Here’s a full rundown of what they are preparing for their clientele.

What you can purchase from Brickley

  • Yardage Book Covers
  • Scorecard Holders
  • Pocket Wallets
  • Keychains
  • Golf Flask Covers
  • Field Notes Wallets
  • A line of Brickley Apparel

They also offer fantastic custom work that we absolutely love! (you’ll see why)


The Brickley story in their own words from their website:

Brickley Golf is driven by the sole passion of a PGA Professional and backed by his family.

It all started with the desire to be connected to the greatness of the game of golf. The maker behind it all, Jeff Gaskill, has been a servant to the game since he was a young boy. He began caddying for the local Men’s Club and shagging golf balls for playing privileges. As he went on to play in high school while working in a bag room, he soon realized that he wanted to become a member of the PGA of America. Doing so in 2008, he served as a Head Professional and General Manager teaching hundreds how to play the game and play it better.  In 2017 he began a new chapter in the golf industry, taking his passions for the game and putting it into the products that are crafted for the enjoyment of those that share our love of the game.

Our products are creatively designed to meet the needs of any golfer while sharing our excitement behind being a part of the golf industry. We value authenticity, simplicity, and adventure-based in the Pacific Northwest, Eugene, Oregon.

Now that you have a little background about Brickley Golf let me tell you what I thought of the Scorecard Holder they made for us.

When I first received my package from Brickley, I was honestly a little shocked.

The presentation of the packaging and the overall product was pretty outstanding. As I looked closer, I could tell that the stitching was done right. I mean, it was perfect. No frays, no imperfections; it was flawless. The leather quality was downright phenomenal, as well. What surprised me most was that Jeff had hand-embossed The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog logo onto the leather.


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The first hurdle in swaying me was cleared. I could certainly buy this product as it is premium and looks great! The hardest obstacle would be, could I find value in using this?

Sadly I have to admit we do not have many yardage books in my area.

It’s just not a big item found in the shops here. So to test the Scorecard holder was the most honest thing to do. I should add that this year I have purchased a pushcart and have vowed to begin walking instead of riding. Unless carts are required in scrambles, I will be walking.

I found that at first putting the scorecard holder in my bag after every hole was just a nuisance. In the back pocket, it went just like the pros do. Now immediately, my golf swag went up a notch or two if anything I was looking the part of a real golfer. I felt like a seasoned pro each time I pulled it from my pocket after finishing the hole. The pencil hook worked great, and using this was a breeze.

I am somewhat surprised that I was as impressed by such a novelty item, and I still am. The craftsmanship alone is worth the investment. But a product that serves its purpose and does it extraordinarily well. It’s everything a golf connoisseur could wish for.

In the end, would I game a Brickley Golf scorecard/yardage book holder?

Absolutely. I will carry this product every time. From a local company and superior materials and build quality, you can’t go wrong. The icing on the cake is the owner of this shop is one of the best individuals you will ever work with.

You can follow along with Brickley via their Instagram account @brickleygolf. If you’re a fan of handmade leather goods, their Instagram page alone is worth a follow. Jeff is turning out some fantastic work and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

But don’t stop at their IG page. Head on over to their WEBSITE and see all the products they offer.

Ranging in prices from $45 to $100 for the scorecard holders, you have several options. Add in the value of a personalized or custom made item and you can start to see why a purchase like this can be something you treasure for years.

We’d like to say thank you to Jeff and his team for making us these incredible products. I was definitely a skeptic at first but now I look forward to having my Brickley with me every round going forward.

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