Asher Golf: Making a Name For Themselves, Again

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Welcome back Asher Golf

Several months back, when I started seeing social media posts from Asher Golf again, I had a feeling something great was about to take place. Now, many months later, I’m patting myself on the back. Not only has Asher Golf returned from the tragedy that had them disappearing from the industry, but they’ve come back with inspiration, passion, and seem destined to leave a mark in the game.

The Return of Asher Golf

After the passing of Asher’s founder, James Roundy, Asher Golf found itself in an unlikely situation. Their leader and inspiration behind the company was gone, and even though they had been growing their presence in the industry, they were far from “killing it.” Every golfer on the planet would understand had Asher Golf packed everything up, shut its doors, and said farewell to the business, which almost happened.

Thankfully the return of Asher Golf has been a wild success. With the simple rebranding of the logo and a new approach to their marketing strategy, Asher Golf off and running with even more buzz than in years past.

Reaching out to influencers and blogs (like this one) Asher Golf has found themselves, what I would call, very socially active in the world of online marketing. Their Instagram account is quickly approaching 5,000 followers. The list of influencers they have on board, repping their gear, is growing. Most important though, above everything else is the gloves are better than before.

With a Healthy Lack of Respect for the Mundane

How Asher Golf gained recognition years ago was vibrant colors, affordable prices, and gloves that had character. Gloves like the Death Grip and the Birdie had them giving the bird to the glove industry. Boring was tossed out the window and bringing style to what you wore on your glove hand was alive.

With the new line of Asher Golf gloves, the same desire for expressing yourself is present. Even though we’ve yet to see the return of the Marley inspired “One Glove” or the finger expressing “Birdie” glove their new line still allows the golfer to express themselves. Which I feel is a fundamental aspect behind Asher.

What’s new with Asher Golf?

As I mentioned earlier, Asher is capitalizing on their social media marketing. It’s been a much more aggressive approach with the new team in place. It’s getting to a point where it’s nearly impossible to go through my Instagram feed and NOT find someone sporting an Asher Golf glove.

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Beyond the marketing presence, the glove itself received an overhaul. Better materials, a new stitching pattern and a revamped Velcro strap have increased the gloves dependability. If we’re speaking honestly, what’s the point of going through all the motions if the product is substandard. The premium line is just that, premium. The high-quality leather is evident when you place the glove over your fingers. The fit is damn near perfect and, so far, I’ve had little issues with the durability.

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The Chuck is still a chuck

As far as the Chuck line goes, I have mixed feelings. The quality isn’t there for me to utilize the glove as one I’d wear out on the course, which is a bummer. I love the look. The vibrant colors are something I like seeing out on the course. Being able to express yourself is one facet of the game I love.

While others feel the game deserves more than flash and glam, I have no qualms with people showcasing their flair, as long as it maintains the dress code the courses set in place. Let’s not disrespect golf. Asher is by no means disrespecting the game with their onslaught of wild colors. They’re allowing golfers to add some pizzaz to their outings and who am I to say no to that.

The Chuck is a great glove considering the price point is a very low $12. But I’ve had issues with the gloves not lasting very long. The pad on the inside of the glove wears down very quickly and ends up tearing from the stitching. I had a similar issue with the original Chuck from several years ago which is why I decided to give the premium glove a try. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Premium is the way to go for the diehard golfers in my opinion

With the premium Cabretta glove, you can’t go wrong. Asher Golf has done a great job adding some new looks the line, and I’m sure down the road they have plans to keep the latest versions coming. At $22 you can’t go wrong. Other high quality “premium” gloves go anywhere from $28-$40.

Looks, performance, and affordability, there’s not much else you can ask for in a glove.

Asher Golf is going beyond just the glove market.

Golf t-shirts are a trend taking place that has my wholehearted support. I’m a t-shirt guy, and my collection of golf tees is somewhat of an obsession. The only thing that comes close to my t-shirt collection is my golf hat collection. I’m out of control, to put it lightly.

You can imagine the joy I felt when I started seeing Asher promoting their new line of hats. What a great way to add to your brand by adding more branding products. And, just like their gloves, they’ve come out the gates swinging with this new line of lids.

Asher Golf

Asher Golf

Asher Golf

Ummm, I’ll take one of each, please!

Along with the hats, Asher Golf has a few T-Shirts as well:

Asher Golf

The new logo is sharp and looks fantastic on both the t-shirts and hats. I’m hoping they keep this up and add new styles to the t-shirts as they have done with the lids. Sticking with their affordable aspect the T-Shirts and hats both retail for $24. Again, a great price point for some excellent quality merchandise.

Yes, I’m a fanboy

It’s a no-brainer. Show me good quality, great looks, and affordability, and you’ll have my business. Add to that an understanding of how social media works in the new age of business and I’m not only a fanboy but a supporter and loyal customer.

Asher Golf is a company you need to check out. Even if it’s just for a simple purchase like a golf glove, who knows, maybe you’ll turn into more than only a glove purchaser and find yourself repping the Asher gear on more than just a golf course.

But, don’t just take my word for their great products. Asher Golf was kind enough to provide some of the other members of the Breakfast Ball crew (sorry Jake, this was before your joining us) with some gear as well.

What Alex Phillips has to say about Asher Golf gloves:

I’ve been around golf for a long time, that means that I’ve gone through A LOT of gloves. There are three things I’ve learned to look for in a glove; fit, durability, and feel.

Titleist and Callaway are two of the biggest OEMs, and because of that they usually have some of the most accessible products, so I’m going to use them as a comparison for those of you that haven’t tried the Asher glove yet. Titleist makes a glove that fits a little tighter than the style Callaway makes, but the fingers are longer. Whereas, the Callaway glove has shorter fingers almost to the point of squishing your thumb (especially if you are wearing fake nails, which currently I am still rocking from getting all done up for my sister’s wedding).

For men, most companies have the option of moving to a cadet size for shorter fingers.

Us ladies have to find a different company entirely and is why so many women choose one company and kind of stick to it. The Asher Glove fits just like the Callaway. It has the snug fit, with the shorter fingers. If you tend to wear long nails I wouldn’t recommend this glove because there’s not a lot of giving in the material, but if you keep your beautiful nails a little more functional in length then and like the shorter finger length, then I would say the Asher fits pretty good.


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When it’s as hot as it is in Las Vegas, you sweat through gloves just like in the swampy summers of Florida.

Some gloves can withstand that, others get hard and unusable after just a couple of practice sessions. Thankfully, the Asher glove I got to try out has lasted for a while in the summer heat. The only problem I found is the reinforced material over the thumb left some black residue over my thumb from sweating it off. But that’s not a significant issue; it washed off in the ladies room on my way to the 19th hole.

The material of the Asher gloves feels soft, even with how durable it has turned out to be. Some gloves tend to get too thick to where you can barely feel the golf club, but the Asher glove feels good on the grip. And more importantly, they look good!

My mom always says “look good, feel good,” and Asher has figured that look out. So many gloves look like they shrunk the men’s gloves to fit a ladies hand, and they look real manly. But Asher has great color options, and their gloves will help you feel good on the golf course.

What JT Murphy has to say about Asher Golf:

I was excited to try the Asher brand. Like so many names popping up right now via social media channels, I wondered if this was just a flashy colored/low-quality hype brand. As picky as I am about the gear I proudly wear, Asher has been a part of my weekend costume now for about a month.

Asher sent over a white Wasatch 110 Players hat, and it is stylish as it is functional. Is a hat functional? Bro, let me explain. The hat is unbelievably light and comfortable. If you know anything about Texas heat or Vegas heat, a golf hat after a few sweaty rounds can realistically get destroyed. The lightweight fabric seems to absorb the sweat, and it’s just flat out comfortable, no way to dress that up.

The premium glove is precisely that. From the dual leather color pattern to the branding detail on the glove. It is a premium option through and through.

Again, like the hat, I judge my wear and tear golf items by a simple standard.

Do they look awesome? And, at 5-8 rounds a month, how long will they hold up? The Premium glove looks exceptionally sharp, and with its color offerings, it can be paired up with most golf outfits. The quality of the colors, markings, and material stand out against most bargain glove options without even trying.

Now as far as durability goes, I have put in about four pretty hot Texas rounds with the glove, and I have yet to see staining or the material change its softness. Everyone dreads putting on that crunchy glove after you forget how soaked it got the week prior. This product seems to hold up very well in the durability department.

Asher seems like a brand that will continue to grow. It is more fashion-forward but not overdone in most cases. The glove held up in weather conditions and priced at $22 they are within most golfers budgets. For these reasons, I support Asher in a big way. I look forward to seeing what’s coming down the pipeline from Asher, and I encourage you to check out one of their Premium gloves at a minimum.

Where to find Asher Golf

Be sure to give Asher Golfs website a visit and also follow along with their social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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