Emma’s First US Kids Golf Tourney.
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Boulder City Golf Course – Boulder City, Nevada 5/11/2014 Yesterday was a pretty awesome day and not just because it … Read More

PHOTOS: Shadow Creek Golf Club
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Shadow Creek Golf Club • North Las Vegas, NV There are certain days you know are just going to be special. … Read More

PHOTOS: Wolf Creek Golf Club
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Wolf Creek Golf Club • Mesquite, NV Sunday, April 27th, 2014 Nestled deep in the hills, or just a few … Read More

A lengendary Weekend Awaits
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This is going to be a weekend to Remember… I hope. Nah, there is no way the next three days are … Read More

The Highs and Lows of a Weekend Golfer.
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This past weekend I was allotted some time to go out and play a few rounds with a couple of … Read More

Spakesology Ball Marker & Sight Line Tool Review
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I’ve been using the Spakesology Ball Marker, and so far I’m a huge fan of what I’ve been able to … Read More

My Putter Carousel
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The last round I played, which seems like forever ago, I went through some growing pains with a new putter … Read More

Southern Highlands Collegiate Masters 2014
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Southern Highlands Golf Club – March 8th 2014 Last weekend I got to experience firsthand some of the most talented, … Read More

How you wish you could play Desert Golf staring Victor Dubuisson
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It takes Skills to play Desert Golf! Yesterday for a brief moment in time I fell deeply in love with … Read More

PHOTOS: Streamsong Resort – Blue Course
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Streamsong Resort • Golf • Spa Back in January, I got the pleasure of playing one of the most fantastic … Read More

Putter Wheel Training Aid Review
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The Putter Wheel was one of the unique training aids I came across at the PGA Show. Being completely obsessed with … Read More

Walking my way to a better game
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So I experienced something last week that profoundly changed my outlook on the game of golf. Even though this life … Read More

The 2014 PGA Merchandise Show
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Oh my, what a week it was for me in the Sunshine State. Spending three days in southern Florida visiting … Read More

Throw those magazines away!
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Today feels like a good day for a rant. I’m taking to task the Golf magazines that grace our bookshelves. … Read More

Countdown to Florida
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The countdown to my Florida trip has begun! Who am I kidding? I’ve been counting down the days for months! … Read More

Going Over The Top No More
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Looks like we made it! Welcome to 2014 everyone! I hope you all had a safe and happy start to … Read More

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So long 2013! Technically it isn’t officially a new year until midnight tonight but hopefully by then I’ll be either … Read More

Goals for the 2014 season
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Each year near the end of December I like to look back and reflect on the past 12 months. As … Read More

My 2013 Golf Highlights
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Oh my, what a year 2013 has been for me and The Breakfast Ball. The year didn’t start off the … Read More

A year with the Ballard Swing.
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Sunday marks the one year anniversary of my relationship with Wade and my new swing. I cannot belive how fast … Read More

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BRRRRRRRRRRR Most of my friends on the east cost (southern east coast not included) and others in the mid-west may … Read More

Happy Anniversary to my Amazing Wife
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The old adage goes Behind every great Man stand a great Woman. If that were truly the case I would … Read More

Golf Galaxy Grand Opening
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Golf Galaxy Grand Opening Henderson, NV November 1st 2013 For me there’s nothing more exciting than an awesome golf store. … Read More

Next up The Winter Classic!
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What a month of golf October was, not only for me but the game in general! The new 2013/2014 season … Read More

PHOTOS: Southern Highlands Golf Club
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Southern Highlands Golf Club October 20th, 2013 Nestled gently in the southern hills of the Las Vegas Valley is one … Read More

Blysters Silicone Finger Sleeves Review
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Blysters is a fantastic new product who’s simplicity will amaze. Back in April of this year, I took some time … Read More

Where are the roses?
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I wish I could stop and smell them but chances are I’d step right over them as I head off to my next … Read More

A Great Day at Boulder Creek Golf Course
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I tell you there is nothing more satisfying than going out and playing a good round of golf. This past … Read More

My Love for the Slow Motion drill
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This past weekend I took the hour and twenty minute drive to Mesquite, NV to partake in what I was … Read More

Southern Highlands: No.1 on my Vegas Bucket List
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I did some revamping of my Vegas Bucket List page the other day and realized I’m almost done! Hard to … Read More

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