Ben Hogan Releases New Putter Line

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Debuts Precision Milled FORGED Putter Line

Fort Worth, Texas – March 18, 2019 – Ben Hogan once said, “there are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection.” Today, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, the brand founded by the legendary golfer in 1953, introduced its first putter line in nearly fifteen years with the release of a Precision Milled FORGED putter line.

Ben Hogan BHB01

The new CNC precision milled putters, crafted from soft 1020 carbon steel are forged in a multi-step process that strengthens and purifies the molecular structure of the metal. True forging refines and tightens the grain structure of the steel and provides for uniform density across the entire face.  This forging process eliminates hot spots, or dead areas,  and results in unparalleled feel, consistent distance control and “trueness” on every roll.

Ben Hogan BHB01

Complementing the unique design features of the new Ben Hogan Precision Milled FORGED Putters, which are available in four (4) traditional head models with clean, elegant lines, is a proprietary DBM (Diamond Black Metal) finish. The most durable black finish on the market, DBM eliminates glare and generates more contrast with the ball and putting surface to promote better alignment.  Additionally, the face of every Ben Hogan putter is milled for perfect flatness from heel to toe.

Scott White, CEO of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, shares his thoughts on the new line

“A 100% forged, CNC precision milled putter is not the least expensive nor the easiest way to make a putter by any means, but at Ben Hogan Golf we believe it is the best way,”

said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.

“Serious golfers demand precision and performance on the greens, and the new Ben Hogan Precision Milled Forged putters deliver. They look great but perform even better.”

White adds,

“What makes this new line even more special is our factory-direct business model, which provides golfers with an ultra-premium forged, milled putter at a price far less than many mass-market investment cast putters. In fact, while many of today’s leading putter brands sell their top models at $400 or more through retail channels, we allow serious golfers to purchase one of our new Precision Milled FORGED putters for just $250 direct at This is unheard of given the feel, consistency and pure performance attributes of our forged putters, which are synonymous with Ben Hogan’s uncompromising standards.”

The four models in the new line of Ben Hogan Golf Precision Milled FORGED Putters include:

Plumber’s Neck Blade – BHB01

  • .370″ offset, 2° loft, 70° lie, and 355g head weight
  • 50° toe hang to promote an active gate-swing putting stroke

Player’s Blade with a double bend shaft – BHB02

  • .370″ offset, 2° loft, 70° lie, and 355g head weight
  • Face balanced for those who putt with a straight-back, straight-through stroke

Iconic Player’s Blade with a flowing neck – BHB03

  • .370″ offset, 2° loft, 70° lie, and 355g head weight
  • 50° of toe hang, ideal for an active open/close stroke

Player’s Mallet – BHM01

  • Single bend shaft and ½ shaft offset, 2° loft, 70° lie, and 370g head weight
  • Face balanced for those who putt with a straight-back, straight-through stroke

Additional information on the Ben Hogan Putter line.

All Ben Hogan Golf equipment, every iron, wedge, hybrid and now putters is built one-at-a-time, to a golfer’s specifications. Available in right-hand models only, the standard length for all Ben Hogan Precision Milled FORGED Putters is 35.0”, but all can be customized in lengths ranging from 33.5” to 36.5” (in half-inch increments). The standard lie on all Ben Hogan Precision Milled FORGED putters is 70 degrees. Lie angles are adjustable up to +/- 2.0 degrees flat or upright. Additionally, Ben Hogan Golf has partnered with SuperStroke, the leading putter grip company in the world, to offer golfers a choice of three (3) popular grip styles: Flatso 1.0, MidSlim 2.0, Slim 3.0

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company also offers a number of consumer-centric programs. Including free domestic shipping on orders over $250.00. Flat-rate international shipping, a low or no-cost financing program, and no-charge customization of all clubs. And, recognizing that most golfers want to personally experience equipment before they purchase. Ben Hogan Golf offers a simple, risk-free Demo program, as well as a Trade-UP program. Golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. The Company reports that over 70% of people who try Ben Hogan Golf via the Demo Program end up buying equipment.

Ben Hogan Golf’s line-up of Precision Milled FORGED Putters, which sell for $250 each, are available for purchase exclusively on the Ben Hogan Golf WEBSITE.

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About Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company manufactures premium golf clubs and golf bags. The company is committed to continuing Ben Hogan’s reputation of innovation, performance and classical designs. The company, based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan’s longtime home and the site of the original Company. The Company offers its premium products online only. The Company’s cost structure is minimized by eliminating the retail middleman. Consumers can purchase high-quality golf equipment at factory-direct prices. © 2019 Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC.

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