Sneak Peak: The Bettinardi BB Series

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We’re very excited to bring you this sneak peak at the Bettinardi BB Series

Every once in a while there will be a super cool product coming out, that everybody is anxiously waiting to see. They can barely sleep at night, as it wonders their minds. Why do pre-orders have to take so long? Why do they make us wait so long? My life just isn’t complete….We have all been there! Whenever this sort of thing is happening, there is always that guy online, that knows a guy-that knows a guy, and they come up with said product before the masses. Today, we are that guy!

We were fortunate enough to get our greasy little paws on one of the most eagerly awaited putters of 2016, the Bettinardi BB series, in particular the BB1F. There has been quit the buzz over this BB series to hit the market. They really put together a prime product for, in my opinion, where the high end putter market is going. Everyone wants a personalized, custom shop feel. They want vivid paint fill and art like detail and brought just that in the new BB series.

Bettinardi BB

Here they discuss the new 2016 BB series;

Enhanced aesthetics and refined characteristics are found as each putter head receives a proprietary Midnight Black treatment, reminiscent of Obsidian glass, with muted rainbow crescents transpiring from the pocket. The face retains our Hyper-Honeycomb mill pattern while the paint contains accents of subtle silver and lime green completing a strong and stunning appearance. No aspect of technological advancement is overlooked, as each BB Series putter comes fit with a step less, brushed nickel shaft for improved feedback and reduced glare. Completing the cohesive transformation is an exclusive deep-etched lime green grip from Lamkin and a matching Velcro head cover. The BB1F includes a neck that is ridge-milled and fades right into the head of the putter itself; allowing for a conventional smoothed out stroke. The appearance at address of this highly desired model is pure, flowing down to the shaft, while keeping our focus on the ball without any distractions. The slightly displaced Bettinardi text to the right side of the pocket gives all the BB Series putters a striking designer appeal.


Immediately after we opened the box, we knew instantly that this wasn’t anything like we’ve seen in the past from them. Not that we are complaining about those, but this was different. Much different. Pulling out the bright lime green jumbo grip with large engravings, this club wants you to notice it! The lime green accents, simply put, just work really well. They have went with a brushed stainless steel shaft, which is certainly different than most manufactures right now. We had a hard time deciding if the brushed stainless shaft or the black coated head, that offered a hologram type effect in the sun, took the cake here.

Bettinardi BB

Bettinardi is no stranger for true quality. The fit and finish holds true to the brand that has built such a reputation for craftsmanship in the industry. But what was most impressive, is that they are watching trends. The masses are all craving the custom and detail driven product, and this is about as wild as it gets. We are thankful to be one of the first in the country to get our hands on this bad boy. We are certain it will fly into tons of players bags in the upcoming season.

Pre-order information can be found on their website HERE and tons of build pictures of the studio can be seen exclusively on their Instagram account.

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  1. Richar
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    Great review. Makes me want to go and try it as well. And you’re absolutely right. I see this being added to a lot of players bags soon!

  2. Chris N
    | Reply

    The putter looks great! Nice feel, forgiving.

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