Blysters Silicone Finger Sleeves Review

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Blysters is a fantastic new product who’s simplicity will amaze.

Back in April of this year, I took some time off to celebrate my 40th birthday which was supposed to take place at Pebble Beach, hence the week off, but like you may have read that didn’t happen. Luckily for me, I did get to spend a couple of great days playing some excellent courses here in Nevada and Utah.

The sad thing was I had a little too much time on my hands and spent a good deal of that time at the range working on my game. Stepping up from my usual 1 or 2 buckets I went three straight days and hit close to 400 balls each outing before the first round I played on my birthday.

My fingers got obliterated by all the swings I took and by the end of last round I played that week the act of holding a cup of coffee was a bit of a challenge due to the blisters and ripped skin across the majority of my digits.

Please allow me to defend myself a bit before I get to the good in this write-up.

I’ve been an “over-gripper” for a while, and it’s something that lately I’ve been able to get a grip on (sorry, bad pun) but at the time I decimated my fingers I was in the first stages of a dramatic swing change that was completely consuming me. I was in a panic to get a playable swing before playing the exclusive Cascata Golf Club and risked damaging my hands to do so. Stupid move I know, but I’ve never claimed to be smart when it comes to fixing my game.

Because of my “over-gripping” ways, there was a special booth at the PGA Show, which took place back in August here in Vegas, that caught my eye.

The name was simple and as I found out, so is the product. I approached the booth I was greeted by the lone gentleman standing behind the counter, we struck up a conversation about their unique product, and I found out how by accident his creation came to life.



The brainchild of the Blysters product is one Mr. Francis Houle.

After hearing a little bit about his product and company, I was eager as I could be to put those little sleeves on and take a swing.



You can see from the photos the product is a silicone sleeve that slides over your finger and acts as a barrier between the grip of the club and your skin. What makes the Blysters, so fantastic and superior to any other form of finger protection is how it stays in place and is virtually non-existent on your hands while you play.

Mr. Houle told me about how he had horrible blisters and how he couldn’t find anything to help. A story I know all too well. Not tape, not Band-Aids nor blister band-aids would work. Sweating most of all were the culprit for the failures. It causes the tape and Band-Aids to roll off and it’s just not comfortable. Mr. Houle couldn’t believe that there wasn’t anything on the market that dealt with this issue.

One night while study Mr. Houle was flipping through the pages of one of his books.

“I used a rubber finger to flip pages. Then I looked at it and cut the tip of it, slid it down and it felt somewhat right.”

There you have it, an instant solution to a painful problem. Mr. Houle went on to say he knew right away it was not going to roll off and that it felt unbelievably comfortable.

He began to do some research and found out there was nothing comparable to his concept. So the search began to find someone to help manufacture the sleeves.

Sounds too easy right! I have to give credit to Mr. Houle though; there isn’t a huge market for an item like this, but that didn’t hinder his pursuit at all.

The durability of these little silicone sleeves is unremarkable. I’ve been using the same pair for two months now at home to practice with, and it’s impossible to tell the difference between a brand new, never-been-used piece than the ones I have logged close to 10,000 swings. Seriously! Take a look at the below photo. Two months of non-stop abuse from me, and they look the same as they did when I opened the package!



There’s been an added benefit that has come along with the Blysters that I wasn’t expecting.

I wear two on my right hand when I’m playing. The extra layer that the Blysters provided has allowed me to weaken my grip strength. I no longer apply the grip of death with my right hand. It has provided me with a calming effect and relieved my right side of the tension I’ve been swinging with forever!

I’m not going to say my recent success is all due in part to the Blysters. I’ve been working my ass off. But, it has allowed me to practice every night in the garage. And, I no longer worry about hurting or damaging my fingers.



Available in white they sell for $9.99 and come 3 to a pack.

The Blysters are so well made you might not ever have to buy another set!


Don’t think that this is strictly a golf product, though. There are many uses for them from multiple sports to the everyday construction worker. If what you do cause any form of blisters on your hands, then you’ll want to consider some.

For many years blisters were frowned upon when it comes to golf, not any longer! With these little bad boys, you can say goodbye to the other Blister word. Then you can start enjoying your game so much more! I know I have!

You can visit their website for more information and sizes, and you can also order them online at

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4 Responses

  1. jerry boutin
    | Reply

    I use these and can personally attest to how helpful they are. I’m always finding another use for them, even used them when raking today! golfing, my hands feel great after hitting a couple of buckets. Great stuff!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Jerry.

      I never thought about using the Blysters for things like yardwork! That’s a great way to use them and now I’m kinda looking forward to the pile of rocks in my backyard I have to relocate.

      Nah, I cannged my mind. I’m not looking forward to it all!!

  2. Mathew Wangrycht
    | Reply

    Thanks for the comment Ricky!

    I found them walking the floor of the PGA Show that was held in Vegas back in August.

    I’m so impressed with these little guys I had to let everyone know about them.

  3. Ricky Potts
    | Reply

    I don’t have an issue with blisters, but that is a great product, a great name and a great idea! How did you find these guys?

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