The Breakfast Ball Picks The 2018 Masters Champ

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It’s that time of year, The Masters is here!

There’s are some many things I love about April. It’s my birthday month, the weather in Vegas is typically amazing but above all that, as a golf fan, The Masters is hard to top.

It’s my favorite Major of the four and if there was only golf tournament I could watch the Master would be the choice without any doubt.

When it comes to picking a winner I have a terrible record. You can go by history, stats, who’s playing the best, who’s due, who’s returning! The way to may a pick is as easy as throwing a dart at the field, you honestly have a great chance of picking a winner. LOL. OK, maybe not but as awful as I’ve been in years past it’s something I’ve considered!

Time to add some others to The Masters mix.

I thought it might be fun to ask the other members of the Breakfast Ball team and get their picks, so I’m singled out as having no clue what I’m talking about! LOL, you know this means someone in our group is going to pick the Masters champ!

So here are our 2018 Masters Champion picks (in no particular order)

  • Mathew: Bubba Watson
  • JT: Rickie Fowler
  • Alex: Justin Rose
  • Jake: Ricke Fowler
  • James: Tiger Woods
  • Andrew: Dustin Johnson

So there you have it. Four Americans and one Euro player.

For me picking the Volvik-less Bubba Watson was pretty easy. He’s been on a tear lately and I’d like to see him work his crazy magic around Augusta one more time.


Who’s your pick?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our picks and make your own as well!

Enjoy the week everyone! It’s one of the best golf weeks of the year!



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7 Responses

  1. Emma Wangrycht
    | Reply

    At least bubba was in the top ten

  2. Dennis Silvers
    | Reply

    Alex is the only smart one! I wouldn’t bet Bubba even with your money!!??️⛳️?

    • Sure you would!

    • Cody Allen
      | Reply

      Right! Who would bet on a guy who has won there twice, can shape shots all over Augusta and who has recently won twice and re found his form?

    • Cody Allen and most important he is Volvik-less. Lol

    • Dennis Silvers
      | Reply

      Right. No colored balls for Bubba. Still, he won’t win! ⛳️?️?

    • Well, Dennis Silvers, I’m happy to announce MY pick and the picks of The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog crew turned out to be rather solid (minus James’s Tiger Woods pick and Alex’s pic of Rose as well) Our picks of Fowler, DJ, and Bubba all did better than Rose. AND, an American took home the title. ??⛳

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