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The return of some good, must see, Golf TV

Breaking Par is a show that I found to be incredibly entertaining and very well done.

This past weekend I came across a post from one of my favorite accounts on Instagram. The @Cartbarnguys

I had no idea that Fox Sports TV was doing this new show called Breakin Par. Needless to say when I came across this post from The Cartbarnguys I was interested right away. I’ve been a fan of the Cartbarnguys feed for a long time. I’m not claiming to be an original follower or someone who was onboard before their InstaFame kicked arrived. But, since one of my first job in the golf industry was working in a cart barn I’ve has a connection to account since I first found it.

I love the feed, and I’m always happy to see when Kyle likes one of my photos or leaves a comment.

Seeing the rise of an Instagram account is fun to watch. Seeing that account get some notoriety in the for of a segment on this new TV show is awesome! Before getting too much into the show here’s a YouTube clip from the Cartbarnguys segment:


Breaking Par is the golf TV you’ve been looking for

You can see the video was done very well and Kyle is a natural on camera. Taking a look at what goes on for some of the video clips and getting to know a little bit more about Mr. Maze was executed perfectly. Had just this segment been good I would have been happy. But, to my surprise, the entire episode was outstanding.

The opening segment was equally as good. Cheyenne Woods and Ricky Barns took on the 16th and 17th holes at TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium course in a way never before seen. It was a blast to watch. Here’s a YouTube video of the entire episode. Bookmark it, save it, share it, and watch it! The production quality is top notch, and as a golf fan, I’m thrilled to see this kind of Television!



Go Follow Breaking Par

With only two episodes so far I’m completely hooked. It’s good TV, and I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

Aside from the Fox Sports Arizona broadcast, Breaking Par can also be found on social media as well.

Give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,  & Facebook.



Breaking Par Cartbarnguys


And, don’t forget to give The Cartbarnguys a follow too! HA, like you’re not! Everyone is!

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