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The Callaway Golf Center out here was having their Tent sale that started Today and runs through Friday. I decided to swing by after work to see if they had any decent deals on anything.

So I get there and start looking around. There was some nice things. None of the wedges that they had out were anything that I needed so I just kept looking. There was some cool t-shirts and other things but nothing that stood out. All of the FT Woods were either senior shaft or ladies so that did work. I walked through the whole tent and didn’t see one thing. I told myself to make one more lap and just make sure I didn’ miss anything.

I get back around to the woods and I see a Callaway FT Hybrid. I snatched it up really quick. After I looked it over I was bummed. It was a neutral setup. Damn it. The sales guy saw me looking at it and came over to make the sale. I told him I was hoping for it to be a draw setup. Then he suggested I go hit it and see how it feels. Good salesman. I headed over to the mats that they have set up demos and started hitting some balls. Wow, this club was awesome. I was carry 190-200 almost every time, with no glove in my work shoes! That’s all it took for me. I looked at the price sticker. It had been marked down from $125.99 to $99.00. Twenty five off was a good deal so I decided to go for it. The girl at the counter rang it up and the price was $62.99 HALF OFF. Very nice. So now I’ve added a hybrid club to my arsenal. I’ve never used a Hybrid before so this should be fun!

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