Carbon Putters “Wife Use Only”

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So unless you have been living under a rock, by now you should have heard of or at minimum seen coverage of Carbon Putters.

Oh perfect, another boutique putter company. Isn’t this space getting a bit crowded by now? Did these guys just pop up, what gives?

Well, it didn’t take much for me to be intrigued by Carbon Putters, after all they took the coveted 2015 Most Wanted crown dished out by My Golf Spy so they’re obviously getting something right.

My love for curiosity, along with my growing boutique collection of flat sticks had me rolling a Carbon Putter much sooner than I had anticipated. Long story short, I freaking love what they had created for me. An all-black theme, personalization, custom sight dots, etc. But that’s not what this particularly post is all about. This story is about the marriage after the first date.

Carbon Putters


Carbon Putters

I use this terminology because as a repeat consumer of golf gear I feel like you have different stages in dealing with a company. You have the dating stage where you check it out, decide if the equipment is worthy of a purchase, and typically that goes dictates the future business you do with said company.

With Carbon Putters, I was blown away I leaped headfirst into the marriage stage.

In fact, after leaving the 18th hole from my first round with my new putter, I shot them a message to see if they were up to the challenge in regards to a distinct project I’ve had in mind for that special someone in my life.

When I presented the idea of making my wife something special, Dan at Carbon did not even blink. You see, this was the difference. Carbon was not simply, just another putter company. A little south of Denver Colorado sits a small machine shop & metal finishing company dedicated to manufacturing premium putters.


Our putters are made in our shop, each one evaluated and tested to ensure it was made to the exact specification. Because our putters are made on site, we can bring a level of personalization that is unparalleled in the industry. Our shop is oriented around our customer having a direct to manufacturer relationship. When you buy a Carbon putter, your putter is made to your spec.


In fact, this isn’t their first rodeo by any means.

The brothers run a very successful company in Denver already. Some of you may have heard of it, some have not. But let’s just say customization, refinishing, and making golf clubs art, were all skills they brought to the table when founding Carbon. Dan literally took on the challenge with eagerness and kept stressing to “make it my own”. So in other words, he did not tell me to choose 1 out of 10 stamping options and tell me where I could put them. It was more so, think of your craziest dreams of a putter, put the ideas on paper, and let me do my magic.

We wanted to make sure this was special. We wanted it to be different and unique. And we wanted my wife to love it! My wife is a real trooper, she picked up the game when we started dating 6 years ago. We go to tournaments, golf outings, and go in every golf shop we drive past. She encourages and understands my sick passion for golf equipment. So when the idea of making something cool for her came to mind I was extremely excited Carbon was just as eager as I was to get started.

So our canvas was a Carbon Ringo ¼. This has been there most successful putter, and the same model I have.

About the putter:
The Carbon Ringo is a classic heel-toe weighted design with a three-plane sole. Carbon putters are machined from a single block of carbon steel right here in the U.S.A. The 1/4 long neck produces a more face balanced putter with less toe hang.

Once we had the model picked out, we started talking about the customization.

Add ons:
  • Standard wide face milling
  • Diamond ring engraved on face (White paint fill)
  • Single dot milled in heel to promote a visual balance (turquoise paint fill)
  • Wedding Anniversary engraved on neck (White paint fill)
  • Dancing nickname engraved on neck “Jaxx” (White paint fill)
  • Small Carbon Logo added on bottom of putter (Turquoise paint fill)
  • “Wife use only” engraved on bottom of putter (White paint fill)
  • Satin polished finish
  • Chrome shaft
  • Turquoise Iomic Grip (Midsize)

Once the details were worked out, Dan put my ideas to work.

He spent some hours producing my ideas and presenting them to me in CAD sketches.


He went over multiple options from font choice, placement, and colors. We spent about a day going back and forth, and then it hit production. It was so unreal for an enthusiast to watch such a personalized idea come to life. It meant the world to me that Dan was so excited about this surprise present for my wife.

Carbon Putters Wife Use Only

As you can see from the pictures, the outcome was a brilliant execution.

It was exactly what I was looking for and truthfully probably better quality than I ever could have asked for.  Dan’s brother, Dave, does all the finishing and building for Carbon and he is unreal at his trade.

Carbon Putters Wife Use Only

The colors are so vivid, while the finish looks like a precious metal. It is a high level of craftsmanship.

I truly cannot say enough about these two brothers. They are so passionate about what they do but are so extremely nice to their customers, you just want to do business with them. And probably bring so much more experience to the industry than most realize.

Carbon Putters Wife Use Only

If you are wondering, the wife absolutely loved it.

And more so, she loved the way it rolled. She had moved on from an insert and was ready for a higher level gamer. This was both sentimental and useful for her game, which to me was a big win. Carbon took an idea and transformed it into a gift for my wife she will cherish for many years to come.

Carbon Putters Wife Use Only

This won’t be my only post about Carbon but this creation was too special for me not to share. I encourage everyone to check them out if you have not. They have a great website that outlines every model they have in production on their website.

Carbon Putters Wife Use Only


Value is a huge asset with Carbon Putters

All of their models are at a price point of $340 and come with a beautiful PureGrip of choice and a wide selection of head cover options.  If you would like to go down the customization route, which I obviously encourage, pricing obviously will look a little different. But what I can assure is, it is miles away from the price points of other companies that offer full custom builds. You can follow Carbon Putters on social media, at both Instagram and Twitter, for a behind the scenes look at products being built or customization projects in the works.

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  1. E
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    That’s unreal and an epic gift.

  2. James
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    Love this Article – What an awsome project.

  3. nick
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    Wow! I am a fan of all things customization as far as golf goes, and that really looks good! Funnily enough, my putter is about the only thing that I haven’t messed around with, but I will be taking a look at Carbon Putters. It is nice to know that the end product really lives up to all the hype. thanks.

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