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We’ve gone through some structural changes over the last several weeks in an attempt to make the show better. No longer do we have a dedicated website for the show. Instead, we’ll be posting all relevant show material here on The Breakfast Ball and on this page.

I’ve decided to discontinue the Twitter page but I’ve reinstituted the Instagram account and the Facebook Page is also still active.

The podcast was moved from the dedicated website over to a podcasting hosting site called Anchor. So far I’m incredibly happy with the move. It’s opened up a lot more opportunities for us to get the show out to more formats and the ease of episode uploading has dramatically increased. These changes are going to make it much more simple for us to release more episodes in a timely fashion. That has us both very excited for the future.

Most recently Joe Keith from HittinGreens has joined the show as my new Co-Host. With Ryan moving the East coast and it being very difficult for us to get a schedule that works I asked Joe if he’d like to sit in and it’s been a great addition. Recently we started a weekly show tentatively called “The Weekly Walk” and continue to gain new ideas on how to improve the podcast.

We appreciate all of you who have tuned in and listened. We are grateful if you have stuck around through the changes and we’re looking forward to bringing you more shows!


About the Show – The Chasing Daylight Podcast

The Chasing Daylight Podcast came to life when Ryan and Mathew decided in the ever-changing world of Blogs, Social Media and the Golf Universe, they needed to evolve in order to stay relevant. With so much to talk about in this amazing industry limiting the connection, we make with our readers on The Breakfast Ball to articles only needed to change. With the launch of the Chasing Daylight Podcast, we look forward to bringing you a new level of content most of you already enjoy, just with our spin.

Mathew Wangycht – Show host

My name is Mathew Wangrycht (for those of you who are a little confused about my last name, it’s pronounced Wayne-Right). I started The Breakfast Ball website back in 2009. I look forward to working with Ryan as we start this new adventure with this Podcast. Thanks for checking us out and please subscribe if you like the show!

Joe Keith – Show Host

I am born and raised in Las Vegas and love my city like no other, huge Golden Knights fan. When I was a young kid I used to go golfing with my dad at Angel Park, shortly after starting I wanted to clubs and I didn’t get them so I put down the sticks. Close to 23 years later I have been back at it and couldn’t love the game of golf more.

What and Who’s on deck for upcoming Chasing Daylight episodes

  • Bandon Caddie Scott Dunlop
  • Josh from CNC Creations
  • Jordan from FN3P
  • Tim Brand from the SNGA (Southern Nevada Golf Assoc)
  • The Buttsy

And many many more!

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