Cleveland TFI 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter Review

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Cleveland Golf Comes out Firing on all Cylinders with the TFI 2135 Release

Cleveland Golf has been a staple in the golf community for years with irons and wedges. Recently The Breakfast Ball had the opportunity to test out Cleveland’s New TFI 2135 1.0 Putter with their new face milling technology.  Being someone who has an odd obsession with putters, I was ecstatic when I found out Cleveland was allowing us to test out one of their new model putters. I had previously never used a Cleveland putter and was honestly not very knowledgeable with their putter products. Only being told by Mathew about their new face milling pattern on the new line.  I was heading into this review very green.

There are plenty of models to choose

The TFI 2135 putters come in 10 different variations offering different grips and head shapes. From your standard blade putter to the mallet and everything in between. When it came down to my decision on which putter I chose to test out, I had to go with the traditional blade with a standard grip. I have tried putters of all shapes and sizes, but when it came to wanting to be able to get an accurate review, I had to go with what I feel most confident playing.

I have used putters from Taylormade, Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron and Odyssey in my years of golf. Never before have I rolled a Cleveland Golf Putter, so I was anxious, to say the least about having this opportunity. Plus it couldn’t have come at a better time because I was hitting rock bottom with my putting before receiving the Cleveland 2135 1.0. Once I knew the putter was on its way I did some research about their new line and the new technology they have integrated into this product.  With what I had read online about the face milling and how the ball reacts off of the new technology I was anxious to see if it were true. Along with the visual images, I saw I was more than ready to get my hands on it and knock the rock around.

A kid on Christmas I was when I returned home from a golf trip to find this bad boy waiting for me. The unboxing process was amazing because this is an entirely new product for me with having never used a Cleveland putter. The look of the club was better in person than what I saw online. The milling jumped out and caught my eye right off the bat! The headcover alone could have a review written on it. Gray with blue and black on it tying the entire putter together making this a stunning piece. The thickness of the headcover is unreal, and unlike any headcover, I have ever seen/ felt.

Without having hit a putt and purely off first impressions it was my favorite part of the putter. Finally having the putter in my hands seeing it in person was one thing. However, I needed to get it out and put it to use. All the technology I had read about and the excitement of the new piece of equipment I couldn’t wait any longer.

Let’s start with the overall looks of the putter from top to bottom.

The Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 is a beautiful flat stick with many features that catch your eye! Starting with a bright blue standard size Cleveland grip with an incredible feel. It has a ribbed like back to the grip that enhances the connection your hands have with the putter.  It’s a soft but firm grip that floods you with the confidence of being able to go into each putt with confidence because the feel within your hands is second to none. As your eye line heads down the shaft and into the essential part of any putter, the way it looks behind the ball.

Confidence with a putter is the most critical aspect when it comes to being a great putter. The way a putter looks to the individual is THE MOST important thing to look for when buying one for yourself. With the Cleveland 2135 in Satin, the black added to the back of it is very appealing to the eye. It may seem to have a lot going on with the different colors, but it has advantages in my book. The black reduces glare from the sun and for some reason I had an easy time lining the putts up. The white guiding line on the back is raised up and not milled into the putter like most alignment lines. Overall, the aesthetics of this putter is top notch in my book except for the shaft.

Shafts often play the most significant part of all golf clubs from putters through the driver in every player’s bag. I have my own opinions on irons shafts and shafts for my woods, and yes I also have a preference with my putter shafts. This Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 Putter came with the well-known Plumbers Neck, and while some may prefer this, I, unfortunately, do not. I have grown into a straight shafted putter style kind of a guy. It’s a cleaner look in my opinion, and I’m more confident looking down the line and it going dead into the putter. For me, this was the first minor problem I had with the Cleveland putter.

Now onto the face of the Cleveland 2135 1.0 and the new technology they added to their putter new models. After reading about the putter before receiving the club, I was excited to see how it would perform. The newly optimized milling in the face is going to offer more forgiveness on mishits towards the heel and toe. The milling pattern allows the golfer to roll better putts even with an inconsistent strike. Appealing yes, but would it work and how would it feel coming off were a few of my questions.

My first putts with the TFI 2135 out of the gates was a little unnerving.

A sleeve of new Chrome Softs and the new Cleveland Golf 2135 1.0 Putter found themselves at the putting green ready to be tested. I began rolling it from around 10 feet or so on a flat part of the green. First impressions were not as I expected with hope for better results to come. The combination of the chrome soft and the new face milling together may have been too much. I went back to my bag and grabbed a sleeve of Pro V1x golf balls.  I mean what’s more efficient than doubling up my research than striking two different ball brands I use to be able to get more data for my final results.

Comparing side by side with the two different golf balls, I had the same reaction. Too soft and it felt as if I had to give it a full shoulder turn to get the ball to the hole. The roll of the ball itself was just fine, but I was not satisfied with how hard I felt I had to hit it. I came to a quick conclusion that this putter and I would never get along, but I knew I owed it more than just one night at a practice green.

With my shaky first impressions, I nervously talked with Mathew (The Breakfast Ball) about my first-time findings. I was unsure how to go about a product I couldn’t find myself getting behind after a quick decision to me. After some great tips and knowing just how much golf I play I knew by the end of this adventure I would have a great performance review on this putter.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have put this putter to good use.

Trying to leave my negative thoughts of our first encounter behind me was challenging. A wise man once told me things change over time with golf products (The Breakfast Ball himself). At first, I found myself thinking the same thoughts, and I convinced myself it’s too soft. Having trouble getting the ball to the hole, and fixing that problem on a few by blowing it by leaving myself comfortable 5-6 feet for par. Loving the way the putter looked all I wanted was for it to feel as good as it looked. Knowing in most cases, it’s getting worse before getting better I kept finding myself pondering the idea of giving up. Taking it out of the bag and replacing it with ye ole faithful.


Not only would that have been unfair to me, but to anyone reading a review on a halfway tested product. I powered through, and I found that you have to dig deep. You have to get to know someone (or something) in this case. It’s like a relationship because you have to put in the time and effort, you’ll have your ups and downs, but all that matters is at the end of the day you both want to make each other better. The more time we spent together, the stronger our bond became.

Getting into a groove with the new putter.

What do wine and Jennifer Anniston have in common?

Jennifer Aniston

They only get better with time, and with that said let’s add this putter to the list.

After a few rounds, I became one with the soft face and the feel the Cleveland 2135 1.0. I became confident with the feeling it has and offers every time you have contact with the ball. Heel, toe, and center the feel is identical, and Cleveland hit the nail on the head with the milling technology. The rolls I put on the ball were fantastic time after time, and I began to putt the ball surprisingly better. Questionably better than ever and it couldn’t have been better timing.

With my old college team in town for a golf reunion, the Cleveland 2135 lead me to a clean sweep. Which included a round with eight birdies carded after starting bogey-bogey.  Everyone who claims “it’s Indian not the bow” well they have never hit a putt with this model putter. They haven’t felt a ball come off the face of this new technology. Simply put they haven’t experienced a well-struck putt with this money maker!

This putter honestly grew on me and will stay in the bag produces results as it has as of recent. I have had a tough go with putters in the past. However, I am a believer this putter will hopefully be kind to me for the foreseeable future! Adapting is the name of the game with golf, and that’s all it took for this putter and me. The next time you’re in the market for a new flat stick keep Cleveland Golf in mind. Do your research and find what is best for you but give these new TFI models a chance. That’s coming from someone who never thought about using a Cleveland putter. So now, not only having one now, but it becoming possibly my best Club in the bag.

Cleveland has a winner on their hands with TFI 2135

Cleveland Golf has a reputation as a great golf company. Mostly known for their superior wedges amongst amateurs and PGA players. With the new milling, they now offer in their line of putters I feel the tables may turn. Becoming a powerhouse in different aspects of any area in any sport is not an overnight change, but you will see Cleveland rise as a go-to putter. The look, feel, and just performance is too good not to test out and see for yourself. I advise all of you to look into the new Cleveland Golf TFI models.

Please do not mistake their lack of acknowledgment in recent years of great putters as them not being able ever to produce one. They have, and I promise you it will take you by surprise once you try it out with an open mind. Don’t let the soft milling face fool you at first because with time as I have noted comes the greatness.  Do yourself a favor and stick with it long enough to reach it!

IF you get the opportunity, you need to give the TFI 2135 a try.

Finally, I want to thank Cleveland Golf for allowing me to pick out and review a product of theirs. I enjoyed every moment of this process, and hope to have more opportunities in the future.

Cleveland Golf is VERY active when it comes to their social media accounts. Behind the scenes photos, upcoming releases and product shots that tantalize the golfing world. Give them a follow; you will not be disappointed. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, be sure to head on over to their website for any additional information.

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    I just recently purchased the 1.0 putter, and I am anxiosly waiting for it in the mail. Putting is my kryptonite, and I hope that this putter turns things around.

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