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Most of my friends on the east cost (southern east coast not included) and others in the mid-west may slightly disagree but it is FREAKING COLD AS BALLS out today!

This winter storm that has set in has brought some mighty chilling weather with it and we’re seeing some crazy temps for the Vegas valley. It was 27° degrees this morning when I left my house and for this desert rat that’s beyond comfortable.

As I dove into work earlier today I drove by The Revere Golf club, Rio Secco GOlf Club and Desert Willow Golf Club and every single one of them was frozen over! So sad to see but I’m sure glad I wasn’t in the clubhouse waiting for a tee time. Frost delay was in full effect. Ah, who am I kidding, a cold ass day out on the course beats a warm day at work any day!

Update on my backyard:

The work has started up again to finish up the new putting green I’m getting installed in the backyard. The crazy rain storm that hit the valley and more notably my neighborhood for three straight days made it impossible to do any further work so everything had to come to a halt. The good news is that the cold doesnt effect the install and as long as it stays dry (come-on mother nature you owe me one) we should be completed and putting by Saturday morning!! WOO HOO!

Hello Sunny Florida

Only 6 weeks until I pack my bags and head to the wonderfully warm sunny skies of Southern Florida to visit Pat for a few days before I head up to Orlando for the 2014 PGA Show. I’m too excited about going top this years Expo, the real one, and mingling with all the amazing people who are involved in the golf industry.

Back on the Links

I’m probably not going to get back out  on the course for a while. This cold front has dug itself in pretty well and plans on being here for while. I’m going to play around with my new backyard for a while and do some reviews for Three Guys before I head back out on the course. That means I’ll be spending my free time in the garage working with Wade on eliminating some of the costly errors that wrecked my chances of winning the Winter Classic this year. Which is never a bad thing,

Stat warm everyone

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  1. Mathew Wangrycht
    | Reply

    Lucky for me I have my hitting stall at home or I’d probably be throwing my clubs in the closet until March! I hate the cold!

  2. Golficity
    | Reply

    Now you know how we feel! It’s cold here for at least four months of the year. But, if there’s no snow on the ground and it’s warm enough to swing a club, you can bet we’re out there. Otherwise, we’re in a nice warm simulator with a hot cup of coffee waiting around until spring!

  3. BputtersGolf
    | Reply

    Don’t tell me you’re going to the range?! 🙂

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