The Devils Golf Course

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Devils Golf Course, Death Valley, CA

Yes, there is a golf course in Death Valley. However, the one you will NOT be playing is situated dead smack in the middle of the park. And, it’s called The Devils Golf Course.

I spent this past Saturday with the Family in Death Valley National Park. It’s hard to believe but I’ve been out here in the Southwest for 30+ years and I’ve never been to Death Valley. It’s a very cool place with tons to see, and to think we only saw about half of it and we were there for over 8 hours!

When I saw this sign I just had to go see what it was about. They call it Devils golf course because only the Devil himself would be able to play on such a treacherous landscape. The pictures almost contain the ability to express the magnitude of the area. But, unfortunately, they don’t do the Devils Golf Course much justice.

When standing there looking out over the valley floor, the ground looks like the photo in the third picture below. It really was an awesome sight. And, it seems to go on forever.

The Devils Golf Course

The Devils Golf Course

The Devils Golf Course

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