Duca del Cosma Vinci Golf Shoe Review

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Love at First Lace; A review of Duca del Cosma’s Vinci golf shoe

Hey everyone! Captain Obvious here with some breaking news!! Golfers love golf gear.

So settle in, and let’s chat about one category of golf gear near and dear to my golf-addicted heart; GOLF SHOES.

I am all about golf style.

Finding the perfect pair of golf shoes is the cherry on top of every golf outfit. Golf shoes are a crucial element in any golfer’s game and can speak volumes about the golfer before he or she even steps up to the tee box. Spikes or spikeless? Classic Saddle Oxfords or worn-in sneakers? Waterproof for the all-weather golfer or on-trend shoe that transitions to the 19th hole? And, maybe the ultimate test of a shoe, walking or riding?

I have a wide variety of golf shoes, but a few characteristics remain true. That is a classic design with on-trend detailing, maybe a pop of color or metallic for that little something extra, quality materials, and above all, functionality with comfort.


I like a shoe that provides style, stability, comfort, and also sparks a tiny bit of envy from my playing partners. Hey, whatever helps my game, right?

I had the pleasure of trying out a pair of golf shoes from Duca del Cosma.

SPOILER ALERT, these shoes check all my boxes.

Meet the Vinci golf shoe. A classic white sneaker style meets a touch of animal print with oh-so-perfect metallic finishes. Two sets of laces give options to change up the look. Man, oh man, I am a sucker for a refined white sneaker with high-end details.

Of course, as I’m drooling over the look of the shoes, I’m still wondering, “How are they going to feel?”

I did not hesitate to break these babies in on the course! My initial worry was that the fit was going to be too tight, but the Nappa leather and high-density memory foam softened up nicely, and they fit like a dream. I played multiple rounds of golf and hit the range with no need for a “break-in period.” The Airplay VII outsole is spikeless, but with oversized nubs that provide fantastic support and traction throughout my game. And the constant compliments from other golfers may have led to my lowest round this season surely not a coincidence!

When looking through the rest of Duca del Cosma’s women’s styles,

there are a few options for different style preferences.

Prints, logos, colors whatever look you are going for, you can find it with Duca del Cosma. However, I tend to lean towards a preference for minimal logo real estate on clothes and shoes, so I am not a huge fan of several of the women’s options. I did spend some time going through the men’s styles, and as per usual in golf, there are lots more options for men!

The classic styling still shines through, alongside unique color stories and on-trend pops of color. I would love to see more opportunities for women with styles that are similar to the men’s.

Price points may be slightly higher than your standard, big brand sneaker, but these shoes offer so much more than your run-of-the-mill golf shoe.

The rundown:

  • Duca del Cosma offers a high-end, sophisticated golf shoe with fantastic fit and comfort details.
  • Supple neoprene and Nappa leather offer flexibility and stability at the same time.
  • Waterproofing increases versatility and longevity.
  • The insole is breathable and molds easily to your feet.

These shoes have no problem holding their own on the golf course and transitioning to drinks and dinner after the round. There are more style options for men than women, but the unique detailing and reliable performance means better rounds for you, as long as you don’t mind a little extra attention!

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