BroBasket. The Best Gift For Men, Period.

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The BroBasket is a new concept in gift giving where the fellas take center stage

I’m sure some of you out there are like me. Your emotions are mixed when you hear the word “Bro.” Instantly, you might get visions of college jocks shot-gunning beers with ridiculous chest bumps and over the top handshakes. Or for the more mild mindset perhaps Barney Stinson, the lovable character played by Neil Patrick Harris on “How I meet your Mother,” is what jumps out of your memory banks. Regardless of what action comes to the forefront when you hear “Bro,” one thing is for certain, guys have Bros.

Be it an actual Brother or a friend so close he has taken on the brother role. Pretty much every guy I’ve ever meet has a friend or a Brother they’d step in front of a bullet to save.

Showing your appreciation for those guys has always been simple. “This round in on me” or a simple “Thanks, Brother.” typically gets the job done. But where that will get you by 90% of the time there are certain events in peoples lives where you just want to do more. The fist bump isn’t enough, the cocktail doesn’t cut it and in no way will our testosterone allow us to purchase a gift. The men out there needed another solution.

A new company that goes by the name BroBasket felt there was a void in the system for situations like this, and started creating some excellent gifts for the guys out there.


What is a BroBasket?

That’s probably the easiest question to answer. But, just cause it’s me, I feel the need for an elaborate comparison.

Think about anytime you’ve been at a birthday party growing up. When the time comes to open up the presents, everyone gathers around and the birthday boy (no offense ladies but we’re sticking with fellas on this one) starts ripping into the gifts. When they open up the coolest, baddest, most excellent toy in the bunch everyone oohs and ahhs and wishes it was theirs to take home. The next few presents are ok, but nothing like the best one so far.

You can feel the anxiety building as another gift is opened. Everyone is itching to play with that fantastic, incredible toy. Before the last gift is even opened the parents are scrambling trying to find little Johnny to finish opening the remaining present, but he could care less. He’s fully engaged with the most incredible gift he has ever received, and all others pale in comparison.

That awesome, amazing gift, well that’s the BroBasket.

OK, Seriously. What is BroBasket

Alright, I’ll succumb to the masses and tell you, point blank, what to expect as a buyer or a receiver of a BroBasket.

The concept is simple. You visit the BroBasket Website, where you can select from a multitude of pre-built baskets or create your own. I wasn’t kidding when I said a multitude of basket options. As I type this, there are over 60 different baskets offered on the site. These all vary in themed products like Beer, Whisky, Cigars, Chocolate, Tequilas, NFL Teams with Beers and glasses. The list goes on and on.


Surprised by all the choices, it did catch me off guard; it goes back to the “Bro” in the name. However, I was nothing but impressed with the collections. Had they only offered let’s say ten or fifteen choices it would be a great concept, but 60! That’s amazing. And, the quality of the contents was equally impressive.

The Breakfast Ball BroBasket

For this review/article, the fellas at BroBasket sent us one of their newest creations The Golfers Delight Golf Gift Basket

Here’s what the basket included:

  • 1 BroBasket black golf towel with bag clip
  • 1 BroBasket golf tee holder
  • 12 White and red plastic Golf tees
  • 1 Three pack of Callaway™ golf balls
  • 1 Divpro™ – The Ultimate multi-purpose golf tool
  • 2 BroBasket Beverage appropriate glasses
  • 1 Set of Whiskey Stones with carrying pouch
  • 1 Pack of beef jerky
  • 2 KIND™ Fruit & Nut Bars
  • 1 Spanish Cedar Lined, Leather Cigar Case
  • 1 Triple Torch Lighter
  • 3 Nicaraguan Cigars
  • 1 Cigar Cutter
  • 1 Reusable BroBasket Crate
  • 2 BroBasket Coasters
  • 1 Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch – 750ml bottle
  • 1 Greeting Card with your special message on it


That is one hell of a gift basket.

The golf balls, divot tool, tees and ball markers along with a golf towel are all items golfers can use on the course. Add to that a few snacks to get you through the round and you’re sitting pretty good. For the extra curricular actives that take place, you’re covered as well. Three fine cigars in a cedar lined leather holder with a 3 flame torch. Afterward, share a drink with the fellas in a logo etched glass with some Scotch from a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. Not too shabby if you ask me.

To maintain a bit of the surprise, after they had contacted me and let me know what they intended on sending I never visited the website. When the package arrived, I was clueless about what was inside. It made the experience so much better. It felt like I had received this package from a friend.

I had it sent to my work, and when I opened it up, a small crowd started to gather to see what was in the box. At least five people chimed in stating “Hey if you don’t want that I’ll take it.” It was hilarious. What made it better was those individuals, who had no idea this was a review I was working on, kept saying “Man, someone sure like what ever it is you’re doing!” I was dying inside, but it goes to show you just how well the basket is put together and how much passion goes into making it a fantastic gift.

So who are the customers for BroBaskets?

Honestly, anyone.  I had to make a bunch of copies of their flyer, which came in the box because several of my co-workers were so enamored with the concept. So many people were interested in having a look at what they offer. Men, Women and even a handful of the Millennials.

There’s no doubt in my mind they have a basket for everyone. But, just in case you have that hard to please person, much like a few of my family members, you have the option to build a basket from scratch.

That option, to create your own, it an outstanding idea.

They are truly for everyone. Well, not necessarily. On the receiving end the baskets are most definitely for the guys, but on the giving end, it’s completely open. I’ve seen wives excited about the idea of a gift basket for men. I’ve seen Mom’s consider one for their kids. There was even a Grandma that told me she thought it would be a perfect gift for her husband. He’s in his 70’s and plays at least three times a week. She said, “He’d love something like this.” The gift baskets are really for anyone.


Let’s not forget about the Bros though. After all, this concept is designed around them.

I already have a few friends or “bros” in mind and I plan on surprising them with a basket. It’s a fantastic way to show appreciation or better yet, congratulations with an added personal touch. You can pretty much guarantee your friend will remember this gift for years to come.

Golf Courses are another potential buyer for the BroBaskets. Ones who host a lot of tournaments, which is practically all of them. Tournament gifts are a big part of hosting events, and it’s not uncommon for the person who sets up the events to spend time putting together the gift baskets. The BroBasket would eliminate a ton of work and still provide a personal touch with the ability to customize.

With so many options and situations to send a BroBasket, I think they’re going to be at this for a while.

A BroBasket is a great idea that has filled a void in the gift given area. The ability to customize or pick a basket from their vast selections shows me they get it. From top to bottom, the entire package is put together perfectly. It surprised me, and I knew it was coming. I can only imagine how some will feel when they open the box, remove the basket and see what’s inside for them.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to their website and see what BroBasket has to offer. The basket range in price from $39.95 to $189.95 so there are options for everyone. It is not just for the big spender.

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  1. Jill
    | Reply

    Ordered a Father’s Day gift to be sent out of state. First time ordering with The BroBasket and even made a note on the order that was placed weeks in advance that it was a Father’s Day gift only for ITEMS TO BE MISSING upon arrival! I have been going back and forth with customer service for over a week because they take days to respond back for each email about correcting the issue and I have continuously been given the run around. They have not even suggested any options other than RETURNING THE OUT OF STATE GIFT PURCHASE (a week after it was delivered to recipient remember) if I want a refund. I will never order from them again and I will absolutely make sure everyone I know is aware of the scam this company is.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Wow, Jill, That’s a shame.

      Hopefully, you can get someone to take care of your problem. I hate hearing bad things about the items or companies we review but it happens from time to time.

      Please let us know if they resolve anything.

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