First Look: Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Tech

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The Stability Shaft is making waves; we got our hands on one to check it out.

First Impressions

Before using the Stability Shaft, I thought it was going to be obtrusive and distracting to use. I was very wrong. The graphics look fantastic. Even though it’s “busy,” they in no way affected the way I was able to putt. The weight is also very misleading. You would think by looking at the shaft the size or “girth” of it would transfer to a heavier shaft. That is not the case. It feels fantastic when you hold it, and the stroke I was producing was fluid and smooth.

First Outing was a success

After this first round I played with the Stability Shaft I’m eager to get back out on the course. 25 recorded putts! That is not a typo. I had a career-best 25 putts, and every stroke I made with the Stability Shaft felt like a million bucks! Was that round an anomaly or will the next round I play see similar results? Guess we will have to wait!

What are we hoping to find out about the Stability Shaft?

The central “want to know” is simple. Is there a need for a $200 shaft in the putter world? The easy answer is yes because it works. The tricky part of assessing this question will be is it the Indian or the arrow? Aarik had a great point during our round yesterday. If you suck at putting, you suck at putting. There’s no way the Stability Shaft or an amazing putter, will help you if you can’t putt. For those who have some skillset with putting, it’s going to be a great question to get answered. Ryan and I are going to do our best to bring you all the facts diligently. From there, you can decide if you think there is validation.

Stability Shaft

Stay tuned for more updates on our social channels as well as the Podcast. It’s sure to get some mentions over the next several episodes.

And a big thanks to Breakthrough Golf Technology for getting us the shaft to test out!

If you have any questions or have something specific, you’re looking to find out, leave a comment below.

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