Review: FootJoy FURY Spiked Golf Shoe

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The FootJoy FURY is a stylish new addition to the lineup that continues to impress

A few weeks back, we released our review of the FootJoy FLEX. And while that shoe fits nicely into a lot of golfers wardrobes, the spikeless feature isn’t for everyone.

Thankfully FootJoy is aware that the golfing masses still want aggressive traction for their rounds. The FURY is a new design that isn’t a replacement for a put out to pasture shoe. It’s a compliment to an already impressive stable of footwear that specific customers may find more appealing.

How the FLEX is targeted for a particular type of player, be it looks, or function, the FURY is also aiming for golfers who are looking for the ground-breaking performance from FootJoy.

The 411 on the FURY from the Footjoy website


FJ FURY is engineered and designed to provide ultimate athletic performance. Designed from the inside-out, FJ FURY features the proprietary TruFit System, providing stability where you need it and comfort where you want it.



Tour players have made the switch to incorporate FJ FURY in practice and tournaments around the world. The all-new D3 Outsole on FJ FURY ensures a solid, rigid platform for lateral in-swing stability and turf-grabbing traction, while the FTF+ (Fine Tuned Foam) infused midsole delivers incredible comfort and cushioning. The Liquid Metal-inspired Flex Layer of TPU delivers heel-to-toe walking flexibility and crouch flex when reading putts.


FJ FURY’s athletic-inspired upper features a full-grain leather and engineered mesh upper providing breathability and waterproof protection.


FJ FURY generates custom comfort with an OrthoLite Impressions FitBed, comprised of two densities of foam – an Open Cell PU Foam that maintains its mechanical properties and cushion throughout its life cycle, and an Impressions Foam that takes an impression of your foot, creating a custom fit.


Inside the shoe is a soft, stretch, one-piece Inner Fit Sleeve lasted underneath the insole board to provide a secure fit with no tongue slippage, enveloping the foot in comfort and control. The external FlexGrid MLC cage system adds structure to the upper and locks you in as you lace up, offering medial and lateral support and motion control through your swing.


The Laser Plus Last offers a full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel. Thicker insole provides increased underfoot cushioning for enhanced comfort.


FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be 100% waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty).

If traction is your biggest concern, the FootJoy FURY is right up your ally.

Spiked shoes are slowly fading away. I don’t think they’ll ever entirely disappear; there’s still a lot of value in a shoe with spikes. Being that I reside in the Las Vegas valley, the dry air and lack of precipitation doesn’t warrant a spiked shoe for my golf game. So my experience with a spiked shoe is much less than it is with a spikeless shoe. I do throw my Puma Ignite soft spike shoes on occasionally, but mainly in the wintertime when the morning rounds still have a lot of moisture in the ground.

A much as I love the comfort of a spikeless shoe, traction in wet conditions is a must. With the FootJoy FURY, traction is precisely what you get.

The tread pattern is aggressive and plenty. The rounds I’ve played in the FURY the grip in the course has been tremendous. It’s like your feet are one with the ground. With some spiked shoes, there can be situations where the sole of the shoe doesn’t interact at a high comfort level with the bottom of your foot. Discomfort at times, but mostly annoying, the tread even with its massive amount of traction can be troublesome to some.

With the FURY and their amazing insert, I never found any discomfort in direct correlation to the spikes. When you slip on the FURY shoe, the first few steps you take are as comfortable as the last you take walking off the course.

You’re getting a stylish shoe with superior performance

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the DNA when they came out. Andrew is quite the opposite. He has many pairs and believes it is one of FootJoys best releases ever. Because not all golfers think alike, it was nice to see FootJoy embrace a new, flashier look with FURY. In my opinion, FootJoy was off the mark with the Freestyle and HyperFlex. They have corrected the error of their ways and created a much more suitable shoe for golfers who want the looks and performance so many desire.

The FURY comes in four colorways:

  • Navy / White
  • White / Grey
  • Black
  • Charcoal

When you chose the BOA option, you get a different color option. The FURY BOA version comes in a White / Grey / Navy colorway that features a hint of what I’d call orange.

The FURY insert is worth the price of admission

You may recall from my FLEX review; I’m a massive fan of the FURY insert. So much that I rotate them to which shoe I’m playing. I’m not sure why they don’t make this insert for both shoes. I know the price of the FLEX may go up some, but it SO worth it to have that insert in the shoe. It what makes the crazy comfort everyone talks about, like this quote.


The insert, as far as I’m concerned, is the star of the show with FURY.


  Comprised of two densities of foam: a base layer for mechanical support and rebound cushioning, and a softer memory-style foam that takes an impression of the foot for a custom fit.

Yes, I know, that may be a silly statement considering all the other features of the shoe. But, for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of a spiked shoe, above everything else, it needs to be comfortable.

Other aspects of the shoe from the FootJoy website:


Soft, stretchable inner bootie wraps around the foot, securing it down and back in the shoe for both comfort and control.

FootJoy FURY


An external support system that works in concert with the Inner Fit Sleeve. FlexGrid MLC locks in as laces tighten to provide medial and lateral support through the golf swing.

FootJoy FURY


Dynamic Dual Density outsole construction provides stability where you need it and flexibility where you want it.

FootJoy FURY


The most flexible, green-friendly cleats on the market.

FootJoy FURY


    Softer thermoplastic outsole layer provides heel-to-toe flexibility while walking and crouching to read putts.

FootJoy FURY


Firmer thermoplastic outsole layer ensures a solid, rigid platform for lateral stability through the golf swing.

FootJoy FURY

The bottom line and my final assessment

I love what FootJoy is doing. Period. They have added some much-needed styles to their portfolio. Just ask Laura what she thought about the Ladies PRO/SL. They are a powerhouse, and regardless if they came out with new variants they would still sell a ton of product. However, when I see a large company take into consideration the changes going on within the golf industry and not run from it, but rather embrace it, I get excited.

FootJoy could have just stayed the path of providing Tour players their highest line of shoes and say to hell with you common folk. Thankfully they haven’t done that and are taking their tour-proven technology and implementing it into their products. Ones that offer high performance, excellent style and will not bankrupt a customer.

I’m a fan. With the setbacks I’ve had with FootJoy, it’s been a pleasure getting to know their new products. And while I won’t be playing in the FURY as much as the FLEX, I plan on lacing them up this winter when I need a shoe for the damper weather. The 100% waterproofing is something I’ll probably never put through the wringer. But, it’s nice to know I have options when a rain cloud makes its way to the area.

My only gripe is for my foot the toebox is a little snug. I’m more comfortable in a wider box. I was happy to learn they do offer the FURY in a wide version. I’m undoubtedly curious if that would eliminate the snug feeling upfront. If so, they would then be an ideal shoe, in my opinion, and a great purchase.

The details and how to grab yourself a pair

The FootJoy Fury retails for $169.00 If you’re interested in the BOA option, look to spend am extra $30 for that lacing system. It’s pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Most major retailers and several of the smaller stores carry the FootJoy line of shoes. In this day and age, though, where online purchasing is taking over, you can easily order a pair directly from the FootJoy Website. Sizing is always an issue with an online purchase, so here’s what I found.

The FURY runs true to size. My only issue was the tighter toe box so if you are someone who wears a wide style shoe consider that option when you select the shoe.

You will not be disappointed with the fit and feel. Don’t get me wrong. The FURY is a golf shoe. You may be able to hit the mall after a round in the FLEX, but that won’t be the case for the FURY. Theses are meant to be worn on the golf course only. It serves no purpose other than providing you with crazy comfort and superior performance.

Make sure you stay up to date with all things FootJoy by following along on their social media channels!

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