PHOTOS: Furnace Creek Ranch Golf Course

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Death Valley National Park, CA • 07/28/2012

The 2012 Death Valley Challenge took place at the Furnace Creek Ranch Golf course. It is the lowest golf course on earth at 214′ below sea level. The course is actually very tough and quite challenging, well, once the temperature gets to 120°.

We were expecting it to be a little hotter than the high temp we got. 118° is still a hot one but I really wanted to see the mid 120’s. Maybe next year.

The course is a lot of fun though. There are some very weird air currents that do some funky things to the ball on certain holes. There’s no way to explain it, you just need to experience to fully understand. It’s crazy though. Playing golf that far below sea level was unique, to say the least.

The Furnace Creek Ranch facility has a lot to offer.

Please visit the Furnace Creek Ranch website to find out more about the course. Including rates and amenities the course offers.

Enjoy the photos!




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