Get Your Waggle On! Waggle Golf Polo Review

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When it comes to comfort and style, Waggle Golf has you covered, literally.

I’m a fan of wild prints. I’ve been rocking Loudmouth Golf gear for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about putting on a vibrant or “wild” print and having some fun out on the golf course.

Waggle sent us a few Polo’s, one for Ryan to check out and also one for me to test out and see what we thought. I received the Cocky Roster print and Ryan the Flamingo Sunrise.

Wild and Vibrant has never felt so good

Immediately, the first thing I noticed about the Waggle polos was the feel. The fabric they have implemented is outstanding. It’s like touching the finest linens in a high-end retail store. It’s a combination of spandex and polyester that allows the polos to stretch but still maintain the look.

They are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Blown away is so overused, but in this setting, it’s 100% accurate. With a lot of polos who use spandex, there can be a clingy feel to them while you wear them. I haven’t found that to be the case with Waggle. If not for the elaborate print, you’d wear this out for an evening where comfort is a must. However, if you’re like me and could care less what others think of your ensemble, then the Waggle line of polos might be perfect for you.

Luxury and style do not have to come at a high price point

I’ve been familiar with the Waggle brand for a while now. So, it wasn’t a surprise to me when I looked up the retail price for the polos they sent.

Their polos retail for $59. Which I feel is an incredible value. In this day and age, where the high-end apparel can reach upwards of $200 for a golf polo, it’s nice to see Waggle not join the slew of companies charging obnoxious prices.

Competitors in this space, the wild and vibrant prints, charge around $30 more than Waggle. And the excellent prices are not just limited to their polos. They also offer Quater Zip pullovers that retail for $79 and several varieties of t-shirts that are a respectable $25 and hats that carry their logo, or some of the prints.

The hats sell for $29


And Ladies, Waggle hasn’t forgotten about you! They also feature a line of fancy prints for female golfers as well. It’s also an excellent way to pair up with your partner for an event where matching polos is needed. Or just to have some fun on the course.

If you haven’t checked out Waggle Golf, why not?

If you’ve made it this far into the article, you’re hooked. Right?

I can tell you from first-hand experience the polo is a fantastic option to wear for a round of golf. As I mentioned earlier, it’s lightweight and flexible. But it’s very breathable as well. You’ll turn some heads for sure; not everyone is privy to this much style on the course. Most importantly, though, it’s a great way to showcase your carefree attitude and highlight the fact you like to have some fun out on the course, something this sport could certainly use a lot more of, in my opinion.

Here’s me rocking the Cocky Rooster out at Reflection Bay here in Vegas (it’s actually Henderson)

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Be sure to check out Waggle Golf via their website and Social Channels

Click HERE to be taken to their site where you can view all the prints in their product line beyond what we showcased here. Then make sure to GET YOUR WAGGLE ON!

They are also very active on Instagram and have a Facebook page as well, but it doesn’t seem to be updated very often.

I like to thank Waggle for introducing us to their brand. I’m a fan, bigtime. The pricing is spot on for some fantastic apparel, and the wild and vibrant prints are something I very much enjoy wearing.

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