G/Fore Polo’s and Crusader Shoe Review

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G/Fore is a breath of fresh air in an incredibly competitive market for high-end apparel.

Whether you like it or not fashion has a place in the game of golf. G/Fore, in my opinion, is headlining an incredible change in the way we see the sport.

g fore

My first encounter with this company came back in 2013 when I did a review of their now famous gloves. I’m just as impressed with their products now as I was then. Skip ahead several years and what’s taking place at within the company is mind numbing. They’ve turned up the heat on the product line and now offer some of the best threads and accessories in the industry.

Watching this company grow from small brand to solid representation on the PGA Tour has been awesome to see. It started with an occasional colored glove. Now, top-ranked players in the world are looking to G/Fore to add some amazing style to their already ridiculous skill on the course. Most notably Bubba Watson;



There’s a definite trend happening here. You’re starting to see more Tour guys switching to brands not found on the retail store rack. Given a chance to see firsthand what’s going on at G/Fore, I totally get it.


The Patriot Everyday Pique Polo

One of the graphic images for the Pique Polo on their site is EXTREMELY SOFT.


It’s subtle but speaks volumes in the real world. As I’ve become more familiar with higher end fabrics, I’m amazed every time with the feel. It’s almost indescribable. The rich fabric against your skin is such a welcome when compared to other materials. I learned several years ago to not to discount cotton as fabric to wear while playing a round. Before, the thought of playing 18 holes in the desert southwest, while in cotton was pretty much insanity. But with the products coming out today in Pima Cotton-Pique are anything but crazy talk for the course.

G/Fore Everyday Polo

The Patriot Everyday Pique Polo is a classic style golf shirt that is not only extremely soft but is incredibly stylish. You won’t find their logo emblazoned across the chest or placed in a manner to draw attention. Nope, instead, you’ll only find a simple silver logo on the left chest which is riveted in place. I never imagined such a small accessory to a polo could encapsulate the entire line, but it did, and it does so marvelously.


Above all else, this polo is arguably one of the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn on the course. Even in the warmer fall weather here in Vegas, I found no ill effects from walking around in the 90° heat. It’s the perfect fusion of style and performance without all the flash and flares some find necessary.


Not having the Adonis body type I’m always concerned when receiving high-end brands. Without being deliberately discriminatory, they do appeal to a more Euro style fit. Slender and sleek are not words you’d use to describe my physique. Even years ago when I was in phenomenal shape, I’m not sure I could have successfully executed their look. To my surprise though they nailed it with the choices they sent. It certainly wasn’t my best offering when I said I’m a short guy who likes an adult beverage or five from time to time, but I wanted to see how they responded. Perfection is the only answer.


When I put on the polo for the first time, I was thrilled with the fit. To know I was going to be able to represent some style out on the golf course was exciting. More importantly, though, looking like a buffoon wearing something utterly inappropriate is no longer a worry of mine.

The 5.0 Polo

I honestly thought there was never going to be a golf polo that came close to the comfort of the Everyday Pique. That thought lasted about 10 minutes. Right after trying on the Patriot I immediately threw the 5.0 Polo over my shoulders to see what else G/Fore had for in store for this review.

G/Fore 5.0

If you can envision pouring yourself a cold one and cranking up your feet in a recliner and reaching that perfect spot of relaxation, you’ll almost get the gist of how amazing this polo feels. Its satin pajamas meet the childhood blanket you could never get rid of because of how safe it made you feel. This combination of a lightweight Pima Cotton and a Drytex Jersey material is a match made in heaven. The 5.0 is incredibly thin and leaves you with a sense that you need more clothes on! It is as close to naked as you can get, while still being fully dressed.


Even though I consider myself a huge fan of T-Shirts, I do like wearing what would be regarded as a “golf polo” on occasions other than 18 holes. Where most golf apparel you find nowadays scream “HEY, THAT’S A GOLF SHIRT,” G/Fore is showing us all that it’s possible to mix the pleasures of golf with your personal life as well. No longer contained to just the golf course, it’s now possible to take your style to other aspects of your life.


G/Fore stayed true to their subtle ways of limiting their name or logo on their pieces. Again, there’s no overbearing branding going on here. Just a stylish polo with outstanding comfort.

I had a feeling I was going to be impressed with their apparel. Nothing has led me to believe anything other than the fact that G/Fore gets it. Golfers are a unique brand of individuals, and we sometimes require a little bit of pampering. Not only to feed our egos but for our confidence as well. Down the road as I sift through my wardrobe looking for pieces to wear, I’m positive when I get to the hanger carrying the G/Fore gear there’s going to be a smile on my face.


You can view and purchase these pieces directly from their site. The Everyday Pique Polo sells for $95, and the 5.0 polo runs $125. Yes, it’s on the higher end of the spectrum for golf apparel. If this is your niche, however, I couldn’t possibly give a higher recommendation.


The Crusader High Top

High Tops? Again, High Tops?

You can say I was the equivalent of a toddler on Christmas when it came to the Crusader shoes. Where my fashion sense is debatable when it comes to the clothes I choose to wear, my choice in shoes has always been spot-on. At least that’s what I believe. It goes without saying I was thrilled when I opened the box containing the Crusaders.

High Tops have made somewhat of a comeback lately. There’s this kid; you may have heard of him, goes by “Rickie.” He set the golfing world abuzz when he strutted out on the course wearing High Tops and people haven’t stopped talking about it even to this day.

Leave it to Mr. Fowler’s buddy Bubba Watson to trump the media darling when he helped design his rendition of the High Top but with a Masters flare.


It goes without saying, but I’ll say it – a star was born.

Putting all style cues aside, the Crusaders are clearly at a rock star level in that regards. I was anxious to get them on my feet and see just how my swing responded to a High Top shoe. Could they perform as well as they look? Does a High Top shoe enhance your swing or is it simply a fashion statement? Do these shoes require you to partake in a pick-up game after your round? All good questions, at least per Andrew. He’s quite the skeptic.

G/Fore Crusader

The pair of Crusaders I’ll be talking about, while not as profoundly incredible as the Master’s version above, are the black and white style they call Onyx. You can also find an all-white-with-red-accent “Snow” option. Or if you’re up for turning some heads the special edition “Patriot” version (Red, White & Blue with Stars) is another choice. Being of sound mind, I was happy to rock the Onyx mainly because I think it’s a fantastic looking shoe.

G/Fore Crusader

I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw the player in orange mentioned above in his High Tops I thought it was an utter disaster. Figure a player of Bubba Watson’s nature would be the one to convince me otherwise. Perhaps it was the long pants covering the most of the shoe that gave a massive advantage to the Crusader. Whatever it was I knew the moment I saw their High-Top for the first time I was a fanboy.

G/Fore Crusader

First off the packaging is spot on. High-quality boxes and bags that house the products are incredibly durable and add to the overall vibe of the gear. I’ve seen some original shoe boxes in my years of review products. It was nice to see the Crusaders box was on par with the quality of the shoe.

OK, enough fluff. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

The Crusader has a unique insert. Should we call it ribbed? Maybe ridged is a better, has less gas station bathroom sound to it. The ridges run left to right and when I first put the shoe on I was a bit perplexed. After wearing for a little while, it’s virtually unnoticeable. My initial thought is the unusual pattern was more uncommon and not what I’m used to feeling under my feet. I do plan on taking a further look into it though to see if there is a purpose. Thankfully the unfamiliarity was just a minor concern because of the overall comfort after I broke in the shoes, is fantastic.

G/Fore Crusader

G/Fore used a very lightweight sole which is a must considering the amount of mass involved. The first time I put on the shoes, I was surprised at just how lightweight they are. I wasn’t expecting that at all. The sole of the shoe is very flexible. I put it through a crazy set of obstacles just to test out its functionality. Rocks, hillsides, bunkers, a little bit of water and some cart path was several of the areas I took note of when I was playing. Deliberately taking some silly paths to my ball just to see how the Crusaders performed left me beyond pleased.

The traction is ridiculous, just look at the bottom of the shoe!

G/Fore Crusader

The traction is, of course, a major asset. Grip in slippery conditions is a must, and with the number of teeth you find on the bottom of the Crusaders, you’ll step into any lie knowing the shoes is just going to perform.

Andrew asked me after a round how I felt about the support so high up on the ankle. He said it would be impossible for him to play in them because of the reduction in motion. For me though it was just the opposite. I have an unfortunate tendency to roll my right ankle in the process of my back swing. That move is a power killer and it’s something I’ve been working on for years. Much like a training aid to help me learn to keep the ankle from breaking the Crusaders prevented this from happening. I call that an added perk… one I certainly wasn’t expecting. Maybe, just maybe there was more the methodology than just creating a bad ass shoe.



I’ll admit I was a little concerned when I first put on the shoes. But after a few rounds and getting a feel for them I’m beyond impressed. I’ve been a loyal follower of True Linkswear going back almost five years now. I never thought I’d find a shoe that questions my loyalty to True. Foot Joy failed, Nike failed, Sketcher failed (I could honestly go on) but with the Crusader, I’m putting my TRUE’s away for the winter. Those of you that know me may now pick your jaw up off the floor and return it to its natural placement.

G/Fore Crusader

Shoes – more importantly, golf shoes – can certainly be game changers. It’s happened to me in the past, and I know I’m far from being done with getting blown away by a shoe company. It’s a discredit to label them a shoe company, though, they bring so much more to the table. They’re a golf fashion company that offers a high-quality golf shoe. But, they’re miles ahead of even the competition that only sells shoes, and to me that’s impressive.

Is this shoe a must have? No. But is there one? I’ve yet to find a shoe that’s solely responsible for taking strokes off my game. I’ve shot better barefoot than in one of my favorite pairs so for me it’s debatable. This shoe will take strokes off your fashion HDCP though, and I firmly believe it will perform up to par with the best golf shoes on the market. If you’re anything like me, you see something, and it’s a must have, then you can’t go wrong with the Crusaders. They have a look, comfort, and performance; it’s all there. It’s a fantastic golf shoe.

G/Fore Crusader

To step inside this luxury plan on spending at least $250 for the Onyx Version and a little more for the special editions. Not unheard of for a high-quality golf shoe by any means but still enough to make it a tough decision. Hopefully, with my powerful words of persuasion, you can get a better idea of the what and why when it comes to the Crusaders.

Be sure to give G/Fore a follow on their Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts. All of which are great places to interact and see what’s on the horizon for the outstanding brand that’s turning heads everywhere!





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  1. Golf Life
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    Our review will be out soon also. Def geared for the hip skinny golfers. Loved the shoes!!!

  2. Mike Hallee
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    I found the fit to be a little snug as I as well don’t have a slender body type…… very comfortable materials but sizes we off for me

    • The Breakfast Ball
      | Reply

      I was impressed with the material, you’re are right though. They run a little tight for the “rounder” fellas.

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