G/FORE Golf Glove Review

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With the G/FORE golf glove adding style to your game is as easy as it comes.

Ask any golfer you know what is the most critical factor in finding the perfect glove to play in and 99% of the time the answer will be how well it fits. It’s hard to argue that unless a golf glove fits properly and performs its intended duties any other aspects or features are irrelevant.

G/FORE is a golf glove manufacturer that has the other 1% in mind. With quality craftsmanship and incredible feel, the G/FORE line of gloves has taken a step forward by not only creating a fantastic glove but also making it a viable fashion statement.

Add a little color to your game is the headline you’ll read when you go to their website and colors galore is what you’ll find. The color choices available remind me of the paint section you see at Lowes, a full-color wheel of options that even the most stylistically challenged golfer will find appealing. I received the Midnight colored glove from The Collection and instantly knew when I put it on that I was wearing a high-quality product that was a perfect fit.

NOTE: The G/FORE gloves do run on the small side so be prepared for that. I usually wear a Men’s Small, and with the G/FORE, the Medium fits perfectly.

 G/FORE golf glove

Made from premium AA Cabretta leather the feel of the G/FORE golf gloves is outstanding. My hand wasn’t limited in any way, and the grip was vice-like when I grabbed my club for the first time. The Cabretta leather locks onto your grips and removes any concern of slippage or movement during the swing. The Velcro tab is made very well and holds the glove firmly in place. You won’t find yourself readjusting the glove at all, once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere.

The embroidered logo is a nice touch

It’s not overdone or bulky like other gloves. It could easily be a nuisance. Instead, it just adds to the style of a well-made product.

G/FORE golf glove

Fit and style aside, three of my closest friends and decided to put the G/FORE golf glove to the ultimate test when we used them during my fundraiser the Death Valley Challenge. 75 holes of golf in 125° heat would test the merits of any product, but for a glove, it was most certainly a death sentence. 

I kept waiting for the glove to break down but round after round the G/FORE held its ground. After we had completed the 75 holes, where the temperature at one point got up to 132°, I looked down at the glove and was so impressed to see that it looked much like it did the first time I removed it from the packaging minus a few sweat stains of course.

Four rounds of golf are not the exactly a lifespan for a glove

But, considering the conditions we faced it performed flawlessly. I’ve used it several times during my practice sessions after the Death Valley outing, and it still has maintained its look and feels. That says a lot about how well the gloves are made. 

If you’re looking to add some flair to your golf wardrobe but don’t want to sacrifice performance I can highly recommend you give G/FORE a try the next time you’re in the market for a new glove; you will not be disappointed.

Retailing for $35.00 you can see the entire line of G/FORE golf gloves on their website.

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