Goat Grips – Can this unique putter grip improve your stats on the green?

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Goat Grips, a new company in the flooded Putter Grip marketplace,

wants to know what makes a putter grip special. Is it the appearance? Is it how it feels? Or does it come down to how well it performs on your putter?

Here’s a short intro video from their website, www.goatgrips.com



Golf companies have been putting out different versions of putter grips for years.

In a fledgling attempt to make every golfer happy. Skinny, fat, long, cork, yup, that was a thing, trapezoidal, and even aluminum. I won’t get into that one! For the most part, though, the grip hasn’t changed. There’s the classic pistol shape, which many players still use, even the great Tiger Woods. Then, when the SuperStroke revolution hit, grips started getting fat, then fatter, then longer. Some were adding a flat surface to the top line, and some brands went wild with their concepts. The Palm Grip comes to mind. And, as how players grip the club has changed over the years, golf grip companies are now making their products based on that! If you use the Claw grip to putt, you can now find a putter grip conducive to that setup.


It’s hard to fathom how many grip variants there are.

I change how I grip the club too often, and it’s wild to think I can find a putter grip for me based on how I hold the club. When Goat Grips reached out to us to check out their product, I was met with some reservations, but I decided it was at least worth a try. You never will know if something works until you install it and roll some putts.

What makes Goat Grips different is “where” they have their “flat” spot on the grip.

I was a little confused and had to contact them to ensure I installed it correctly. Their “flat” side is not on top, where your thumbs would be. Think about a Flatso from SuperStroke, then turn it 90 degrees to the left for a righthanded player. That’s right, their grip installs with the flat side of the grip towards the target. An even more unique feature is the borehole, where the shaft goes into the putter, is offset, and where it is, allows your lead hand (right-handed putter, so I’m speaking about your left hand) to be closer to the shaft and in turn, closer to the ball at the moment of impact.

Here’s an Instagram Reel from when I received the Grip and just before I installed it on my Scotty.

How does this affect your putting Stroke?

I found that when the grip’s flat side faces the target, your lead hand is very square. There’s no way to grip the club and NOT have your lead hand in a near-perfect position.

I will say it feels bizarre at first. And when I’ve handed the putter off to a playing partner to get their opinion, most hand it right back. I get the “No, thank you.” from them. Golfers. We’re a finicky group. Haha. Being different is the challenge most new products face. And when you take a new product and radically change the makeup of it, players will be hesitant. I was reluctant, but thankfully, I have way too many putters in my club stash, and I could install the grip and head right outside to my putting green and try the grip.

I can tell you this: when holding the putter with the Tour Blackout, it’s impossible not to feel correctly set up to the ball for a putting stroke. Yes, it’s very different, and for several days, I was messing with how I was applying my grip to the putter. After a few days, though, I came up with what I felt was a valuable way to hold the grip and put it in play for several rounds.

Here’s another Instagram Reel out at my local club rolling my Scotty with the Goat Grip:

While some will balk at the different look and feel of the grip

I think they are worth a look. I’ve been putting “left hand low” for a while now, and even with a blade putter, the goat grip fits exceptionally well for me and how I apply my hands to the club.

Here is some information about the Tour Blackout Grip we received from the Goat Grips Website:

Experience TP performance in this + size perforated Tour Blackout. TRU Performance Technology is designed to take your confidence and game to the next level.

Grip rides ultra low on the shaft, the shaft bore is moved forward to maintain offset, your putter’s natural flow and consistently time impact. The deep well shape sets the trail hand deeper behind the face increasing stability and control.  Collectively, it ensures you can Own the Face when you need it most.

Accepts most any modern gripping style.

I believe $32 for a premium-made, high-quality grip that has the potential to improve your putting is worth a shot.

I played several rounds with the grip and my Scotty. Then I put one on my newest putter, the TaylorMade Spider GT Max. Also known as the “Game Improvement Putter.” Since the Tour Blackout is more suited for a mallet, I wanted to ensure I got the best assessment I could get out of the grip. I had fine-tuned the GT Max to my liking and put it in play with the Goat Grip for the next couple of rounds.

My opinion of the Tour Blackout from Goat Grips

Is it an effective putter grip? I think so. Will some people hate it? Yes, there will be haters. But, at the end of the day, it is another viable option for golfers looking to find comfort in their putting game.

You’re going to have to take a risk. I’m sure many of you wouldn’t mind dropping $32 on a grip if it would help, but that’s the risk. Do you get rid of your current grip, grab a Goat Grip, and see how you do? I would suggest yes if you fit into one or more of these categories:

  1. You’re a tinkerer like myself and love trying new things
  2. You suck at putting and are looking for an answer. Obviously, I’d first suggest a putter fitting, but I know how golfers think.
  3. You’re frequently changing how you hold the grip and are searching for comfort and calmness.
  4. You putt Left Hand Low and are looking to be more square at impact

The Tour Blackout will not make you a world-class putter and have you going from 33 to 26 putts per round. It is, however, a unique product. It is made VERY well, and it has some science behind it to make you a more consistent striker of the ball with a flatstick.

“Tru Core and the Deep Well shape provide unrivaled face awareness and stability so any player can deliver the face with increased consistency. It’s about Owning the face! “

– Goat Team

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How to reach Goat Grips and order one of their putter grips

The easiest way is to order directly from their website: https://goatgrips.com/store/

You’ll find out that the grips install very similar to a SuperStroke: A lot of grip solution, push hard, and be fast. Because of the makeup of the grip, I had no success removing it to try out on another putter. I did end up cutting the one I had installed on the TaylorMade, but the Scotty still has the Goat on there, and I have no intention of taking it off.

Goat Grips as a company is new, and they have not fully dived into the muddy waters of social media. If you would like to contact them, I would advise using the CONTACT form on their website.

Grab yourself a Goat Grip and OWN THE FACE!

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