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Technology is ever-changing, and so are golf apps for mobile devices.

It seems like it was forever ago when I posted my first article about the golf apps I had on my phone. Back then I was still new to the iOS world and all the golf apps that were available. But, I was able to find some that at the time I thought would help me out on the course.

Here’s a look at a photo from that post:

Golf Apps

Just a few to start. But then it got out of control, and I had an updated post in regards to my golf apps.

Gold Apps

That wasn’t the worst of it though. At the apex of my golf app addiction, I had at least 20 apps on my phone, and I was always tinkering with them. I was utterly obsessed with finding the perfect golf app that would help me on the course. Be it an informative app or a stat tracking app to even a GPS app. I had it covered. I was getting requests from companies to try out their golf apps, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I found the one to cure all my ills.

A break from the technology.

There was a point where I spent more time on my phone messing around with apps than playing golf. It got bad, like really bad. At one point Andrew said to me:

Dude, you need to stop screwing around with your phone and focus on your game.

It was tough to admit, but he was 100% correct. My obsession with technology and golf apps had become such a nuisance to not only me improving as a player, but it was affecting my friends.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the friend who you just can’t stand to play with because of the actions. An intoxicated ass hole, an angry golfer that cusses at every shot, the slow player that is happy with a six-hour round. Well, I had become that guy who cares more about his phone than playing golf.

After that statement by Andrew, I started to assess my golf apps and decided it was time to let some go and toss technology to the side for a while.

There was no way I was giving up entirely on Golf Apps.

After a break, I sifted through the golf apps on my phone and decided which ones I was going to keep and which ones got the boot,

Not having so many apps to ponder while playing a round of golf was refreshing. Slowly I began to detox from the addiction of always going to my phone to update, input and analyze. Instead, I just played golf.

But like this segments title reads, I wasn’t about to give up entirely on golf apps.

As of this morning, here are the current golf apps I have on my phone that I still use.

Golf Apps

You can see, there’s been a considerable reduction in nonsense apps. I’ll do a quick breakdown in case you may not be familiar with what you see above. (All of the app titles have a clickable link that will take you the app store.)

My current golf apps
  • GHIN – used to keep a USGA Handicap. I like this app cause it allows quick access to your scores, what you’ve posted to generate your handicap. Some stats that are nice to review from time to time. But What I love about it is I can keep track of my buddies and see how they’re doing, even if they don’t want to talk about it. LOL.
  • 18Birdies – This has become the ONLY golf app that I use on the course. End of story. The app has everything. Score tracking, stats, GPS, social interactions. It’s the fix for having too many golf apps on your phone. What makes it ideal is it takes 5 seconds to open the app, input your score, and get on with the game. The GPS feature has come in handy when playing a course for the first time.
  • Rules of Golf – It’s just an excellent app to have when you get that crazy scenario where nobody in your group knows the ruling for a specific situation.
  • PGA Tour – Follow tournament, players. Gets news updates and all the information your brain can handle.
  • LPGA Now – Follow tournament, players. Gets news updates and all the information your brain can handle. This one is for the women though.
  • Golf Channel – Great app for golf news and information. Plus, it’s one of the only TV channels I watch besides Netflix.
  • NoteCaddie – This is the latest golf app I’ve added to my phone. I love the concept, and as the app adds more golf courses to their database I think it will be a useful app. Especially if you play one course quite a bit. The ability to add notes to specific holes in an app is a nice touch. I hope they keep at it and continue to grow their database.
  • Ernest Sports –  Not going to lie, the only reason this app is still on my phone is that my daughters love to see if they can beat their previous best in total distance. The Ernest Sports launch monitor is not as nearly high tech as their more recent models, but it’s still fun to mess with, in the garage.
  • GSA Putt – This has stayed on my phone ever since I did the review on Three Guys Golf. The GSA Putt is by far the best golf app for working on your putting stroke, and I honestly should use it more than I currently do. Just read my post from Three Guys about it, and you’ll see why it’s such a valuable golf app.
  • Revere GC –  I mean if your home club has an app you have to have it, right? COurse apps can be awful, but this one is pretty good.
What’s on your phone?

I love checking out golf apps and seeing what they have to offer. If., by chance, you’re a developer, and you’re reading this, send me an email and let’s chat about what you have created. If you a golf app freak like myself, leave a comment below (with a link if possible) to what you’re using and why you have it on your phone.

It took forever but I’m glad I did an update on this topic.

It’s been just a tad short of six years since I last wrote about this subject. It may not be at the forefront of conversations much anymore but I still feel it’s relevant. As technology advances, I’m sure there are going to be better and more useful golf apps down the road. In the meantime, I’m going to continue using the 18Birides app religiously. In my opinion, it’s by far the best golf app out right now. Nothing comes even close.


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3 Responses

  1. Michael Bentz
    | Reply

    I use the grint. Great app to keep your scores and stats.

  2. Michael Bentz
    | Reply

    I use the grint. Great app to keep your scores and stats.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Michael,
      Have you tried 18Birides? I’d love to hear a comparison if you have one.

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