The 2015 Saguaro Amateur
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      Even though my 2015 is off to a slow start, a continuation from my lack of playing … Read More

Starting 2015 with a new adventure.
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Tomorrow is the official five year anniversary of this blog. [pause for applause] It seems like it was forever ago … Read More

My Top 18 Golf Instagram Accounts
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Here’s my list of golf Instagram accounts you should be following! The social media world is an ever-expanding one. New … Read More

Those Damn Mental Roadblocks
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I’ve recently found out, over the last several rounds I’ve played, a few things about my game that I’m quite … Read More

The Punchbowl at Bandon Dunes Resort
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Bandon Dunes is a must play resort, but do not forget about the Punchbowl! With all the negative talk these … Read More

There is no butter on this roll!
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Let me first start by saying Bandon Dunes Resort is everything you could ever hope it to be… and then … Read More

Relax you big dummy, it’s just golf!
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Revere Golf Club – Henderson, NV 07/19/2014  When I shot 84 the last time I played a few things happened … Read More

Finally, some successful golf to talk about.
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I hate to admit it but I’m going through a tough patch lately. Aside from work and home being a … Read More

I need some deodorant for my “Funk”
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I hate to admit it but I’m in a funk and it’s not a good James Brown funk. It’s a funk … Read More

A lengendary Weekend Awaits
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This is going to be a weekend to Remember… I hope. Nah, there is no way the next three days are … Read More

The Highs and Lows of a Weekend Golfer.
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This past weekend I was allotted some time to go out and play a few rounds with a couple of … Read More

My Putter Carousel
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The last round I played, which seems like forever ago, I went through some growing pains with a new putter … Read More

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