Who’s Ready To Go Back To Golf School.

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I’m all signed up, have my books and I’m ready to dive into some Golf learning.

This may not be the kind of school you’re thinking of though. The classroom for this school will mostly take place inside a fitting studio.

Anytime I have an opportunity to get some education on this crazy ass game we play, I’m always up for it. Be it club design, course layouts or apparel performance, I’m a sponge when it comes to obtaining any new knowledge I can. My addictive personality tends to always get the best of me in these situations though as I have a way of “over” doing it so to speak. But, this choice of mine to finally learn something that I’ve wanted to be knowledgeable about for years is just too good to pass up.

For my latest endeavor in golf education, I’ve decided to take on a topic that has perplexed me for years. I’ve been more scared than anything to learn about it mainly because the information is mind-numbing. But, in order to be as reliable as I can be as a golf equipment reviewer, I felt it necessary to put my fears behind me and jump in feet first. Please join me as I take on The all mighty golf shaft!


Golf School


First off let me just say right out the gate, I’m not going to be showcasing some groundbreaking news when it comes to the golf shaft. If you know exactly what’s going in when it comes to this piece of equipment then you can end your reading now. Or, make a wise choice and head back on over to the home page and search for some more highly entertaining golf content.

This should be fun

For those of you who stuck around, first off, thank you. I hope you’re going to like what I have in store. I have planned is a series of posts that revolve around me getting fit for the right shafts. Now, for some, this may be boring as hell. For those of you who are thinking exactly that, BORING, don’t feel bad. I’ve been there and felt the exact same way. And, it wasn’t too long ago. Recently though, I had an epiphany when it comes to the golf shaft and I’m hoping in my articles that follow my excitement for this highly advanced piece of equipment, most of us shrug off as “good enough”, will change your opinion and have you just as excited as I am about them.

Introducing Sam Harris from Impact Custom Clubs

As is the case for most classrooms you need an instructor. Thankfully, Sam Harris is a new friend of the blog and he’s going to be helping me with the majority of the information you’ll be reading the articles scheduled to follow.

Sam is a club fitter for Impact Custom Clubs. The company is based out of Utah and has recently expanded to the Las Vegas market. All I can say is thank God. This town is in desperate need for more places to get your equipment dialed in correctly. I’m not saying there’s nothing available here, I’m just glad there are now more choices for the local golfers.


Anyways, I spent a Saturday afternoon hanging out with Sam and going through the what they consider a full fitting. My knowledge of the fitting process received a serious upgrade that day. I’m thrilled to know that in the near future I’m going to be playing with the right shafts for the first time ever.

Why this has me so excited

I was talking with my friend Dan the other night and I was explaining what it was like going through the fitting process. Dan loves the game just as much as I do and he also loves learning about new equipment as such. When I was telling him about it he could hear the pleasure in my voice. I’ve been writing this blog for almost eights years now and the information I took in from the few hours I spent with Sam was mind-blowing.

It one of the amazing things I love so much about this game. It’s an ever-evolving sport and there is always something to learn. I had never experienced that so dramatically until that afternoon I spent in the fitting bay at Impact Custom Clubs.

Look for the articles to start coming soon.

I’ve been working on the first article and hope to have it out soon. Stay tuned…

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