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GolfTec = Awesome!

Lame, I know, but it’s true. What a neat experience. When I got there the pro was ending up a session with another client so I had to wait just a few minutes before heading back to the training room. It’s a nice place. The have a putting green that you can putt on with some very nice putters. Also the Golf Channel was on the TV in the lobby and there were plenty of golf magazines to pass the time.

We got back to the room and he told me to just grab an iron and take some warm up swings to loosen up. While I was doing that he was inputting all of my information in to the computer system they use. After about 15 swings I was feeling pretty good and he said to go ahead and get my driver out. I hit unit we got 10 good drives logged into the computer, took about 15 swings, but I was happy it didn’t take 25!

He explained that now that my results are logged in with my old driver we will be able to compare them to stats with a different one. He used a special shaft that calculates swing speed and shaft flex/torque and logged that in. Based on what I had done with my driver and the results from the swing speed/torque test the computer spat out 5 drivers that it recommended I try. I was asked by the pro if there was any particular brand that I was interested in. My response was

“I don’t care if it says CHUCK NORRIS in the club as long as I can hit it straight.”

He was happy with that response because a lot of people come in to GolfTec with the intent of purchasing a certain club and are disappointed when they can’t hit it. That was some valuable insight he added.

First up was the Ping G15, I have Ping irons so I was excited about hitting this one. It was ok, I didn’t impress too much, hit some decent drives but not too many. Next up was the TaylorMade (I don’t remember the model name) Driver and I hit it arguably the worse out if all of the ones I tried. So bad that it deserves no more mention.

Then he brought out the Callaway FT9. I knew from the first swing I had found my new driver. It felt amazing with every swing. The ball was flying off the face and I was consistently hitting 250-260 yards. I took 12 swings with it and had 12 great shots as a result! I tried the new Callaway Diablo and another TaylorMade, but nothing compared to the FT9.

Everything took about an hour or so to do. The Pro that assisted me was great, had an awesome attitude and was very funny. What fitters are able to do with computers now a days is amazing. As we were wrapping up the session he asked if I would like to take the club that I tested and demo it to see if I would be interested in buying it. I said “Absolutely!” The only problem was I wasn’t planning on playing again until the 11th and they only allowed Demo clubs out for 7 days. “No problem” he said “just be sure to bring the club back as soon as you can.”

Now I’m really excited. I’ve got to get that tee time booked for the 11th of next month as soon as I can.

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