Happy Anniversary to The Breakfast Ball

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Another year has gone by, and today I’m celebrating, along with JT, the 7th Anniversary of The Breakfast Ball.

I’ve always had big expectations for this site. Bigger than reasonable in some faucets. Regardless of what I do and do not accomplish wth this site, I’m proud of the last seven years. So today I’m, we, are celebrating the anniversary.

7th Anniversary

What started as a stress relief tool to ease my mental anxieties has become, in short, my golfing life!

2016 was a bit of a struggle for me. I took a new “real” job after spending 16 years at my previous employer. Trying to be a better, more dedicated employee I’ve put the blog on idle for most of the year. The change to my daily activities also put my contributions to Three Guys Golf on pause as well. Not ideal for a guy running a golf blogging site but hey, sometimes life gets in the way.

Thankfully, JT has been an incredible addition to this site. Not too many of you out there know this, but we couldn’t be more opposite regarding EVERYTHING! We’re the perfect Golf’s Odd Couple.

JT has a passion for sport just like I do and our contradictory opinions have been excellent for the blog. JT has filled a much-needed void on the site, and I’m thrilled to have him as a part of The Breakfast Ball team.

As far as an anniversary goes, a seventh isn’t something to be overly excited about. But I don’t care; it’s fun to celebrate even the small things in life.

What’s in store for 2017

Together JT and I are going to do our best to make 2017 another successful year for the blog. We already have some interesting reviews lined up. Andrew has a couple of courses in the Top 100 he’s going to be crossing off his list. James is plugging away at his final year at Pacific and is excited to share some if his stories as he sets his sights on a career on the PGA Tour.

There are a couple of golf trips I’ve been invited to go on that I’m seriously pondering. One came today. It’s a Wisconsin trip so you can only image what’s in store if I head there. Like some US Open type stuff! PL

Whistling Straits


Not sure if it will happen, but if it does. Wow.

The 20017 PGA Show is, unfortunately, a not going to happen this year. Yeah, I’m bummed. But, I do plan on attending the Vegas version that takes place here in town at the end of summer.

Other than that I plan to keep plugging away at my game to see if I can hit a single digit HDCP. There is much work to do, though, I’ve been anything but active with my golf game of late. Time will tell of course.

Bring on 2017

So bring on 2017 okay! 2016 has been getting a bad rap lately, and yeah, some of it is deserved. The US did reclaim the Ryder Cup this past year, and for me, that makes it a fantastic year in my opinion.

JT and I would both like to thank all of you who have clicked on an article of ours, a tweet, an IG post or any other way you’ve engaged with us. We’re excited about this upcoming year and promise to do our best to bring you excellent content covering the game of golf!


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