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High Side Golf is a new company that’s implementing its style to the subscription-based model.

Subscription-based services are growing rapidly, and Golf merchandise seems to be on the forefront. The trend has taken off, and new companies providing a service like this are appearing weekly. Many believe this type of services is the future of business as we know it. I, not convinced the subscription-based model is the future, think there is some good and bad that comes along with this type of service. High Side Golf is going to try and prove me wrong.


If I’m honest with any of you reading this article right now, I’ll say I’m not sure the subscription-based model is the right place for golf. With so many options out there for consumers, it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy. Eventually, a customer is going to be dissatisfied with the results of their delivery and take their business elsewhere.

Where others have tried, failed and are still plugging away with the same old rehashed subscription service, High Side Golf is seeking to be different.

To High Sides credit, I was completely upfront with them about my belief in the business model and told them the services I had reviewed in the past have never come up on the positive side of the conversations.  So even with the understanding that this review may do more harm than good High Side agreed to send out a box to not only myself but JT as well, looking to get multiple perspectives on their version.

So what’s different?

High Side approach is different; I give them that. Instead of aiming for apparel pieces and items you might not use everytime out on the course, they’ve gone the route of usable products. I’m referring to Gloves, Tees, and what I feel is the gem of the service, Golf Balls.

High Side Golf Subscription Service

It’s hard not to like golf balls delivered to your door. Especially if it’s a ball you like and would carry in your bag. But unfortunately, in my opinion, this is the apex of the service.

Back in my earlier years, when I picked the game back up, a ball subscription may have been ideal. It’s just not the case anymore. I tend to buy a couple of boxes at a time, and now, with the Kirkland Ball selling at a fantastic price point, I believe finding customers to fill this spot is going to be a challenge.

I’m incredibly anal when it comes to my glove of choice, and I tend to buy in quantities of four or five. When you find a good glove and go back a few months later to buy a new one, and they’re discontinued or sold out, it’s the worse.

High Side Golf Subscription Service

Golf tees I thought was an odd choice to include in the shipment or within the service for that matter. First off golf tees are pretty much available at every golf course and if not at the range, certainly in the cart.

Golf tees are also where I buy in bulk. I switched to a durable, plastic tee not too long ago that lasts forever, easily three or four rounds of golf. And with online retailers like Amazon, it was a no-brainer for me to purchase a bag of 500 for not a lot of cash. I’ll probably never need tee’s again for the rest of my life. My kid’s life, and perhaps their kid’s lives.

A further look into the Services from High Side Golf

High Side Golf offers three levels of their subscriptions. When you also consider they offer a monthly service as well as an every other month service, it’s a total of six. Here’s a breakdown of the Master Plan subscriptions via the High Side Golf Website:

  • The Players Plan: Starting at $23.00 per month

Where convenience meets quality. This plan includes a Cabretta leather golf glove, your choice of top-tier golf balls, a bag of wooden tees, and “Drills & Skills” that are updated each month.

  • Weekend Warrior Plan: Starting at $18.00 per month

Where convenience meets affordability. This plan includes a Cabretta leather golf glove, your choice of mid-tier golf balls, a bag of wooden tees, and “Drills & Skills” that are updated each month.

  • Bold Plan: Starting at $20.00 per month

Convenience, with an attitude. This plan includes a Cabretta leather golf glove, your choice of colored golf balls, a bag of wooden tees, and “Drills & Skills” that are updated each month.

After choosing your plan, you get to customize your order even further. Using The Players Plan here is the options that are available:

  • Golf Ball:

TaylorMade Tour Preferred, TaylorMade Tour Preferred X

Callaway Chrome

Bridgestone B330, Bridgestone B330S, Bridgestone B330 RX

Srixon Z Star, Srixon Z Star VX

Random Variety Pack

  • How Many Sleeves:

1 (3 Balls), 2 (6 Balls), 3 (9 Balls), and 4 (12 Balls)

  • Glove Model

The Ace (All White)

The Nassau (White and Blue)

  • Glove Hand



  • Glove Size

Men’s Small, Medium, Medium-Large, Large, and Extra Large

(Same Sizes for Women’s)

  • Subscription Length

Auto Renew Until Canceled

6 Month Term (6 Boxes Total)

12 Month Term (12 Boxes Total)

  • Preferred Delivery Date

1st of the Month

15th of the Month

A Little Extra Love

You can see there are quite a few options for each plan. This amount of customization for your chosen plan is the difference and is what makes High Side Golf stand out when comparing them to similar companies.

You may be curious what the “Drills & Skills” portion of the package is? In the box, I received there were two “cards” of Tips and Drills. Printed in weatherproofed material and attached to a key ring the concept is to hang it off your bag to have some go-to tips to review when playing or some drills for your practice sessions.

It’s not an element of the subscription that won me over and had me considering a purchase, but it’s a nice added touch, especially for new players to the game.

But Wait, There’s Still More From High Side Golf

The three plans I outlined earlier are not the only Golf Subscription they offer. What High Side Golf calls their Smaller Plans is an excellent variant to the Master Plans.

  • Range Rat Plan
  • The Tee Party Plan
  • TaylorMade Plan
  • Callaway Plan
  • Srixon Plan
  • Bridgestone Plan
  • Volvik Plan
  • Wilson Plan

Each one of these plans offers the single item; Glove, Tees or Balls on a subscription basis. So if you’re a player that can make a glove last a full season, it would be silly to continue to receive a glove every month or every other month.

Ideally, I think these Smaller Plans are a great gift idea if you have a golfer in your life. The plans are very affordable; the golf balls come from legitimate manufacturers, and you could totally win over a golfer with a gift of golf balls for a few months.

One thing I love about  High Side Golf is their logo. The merchandise they sale I believe the logo looks fantastic, The towel especially. The packaging of the shipment was well done and having the ball shipped in a package emblazoned with the High Side Golf logo was smart. It adds a small personal touch that is executed quite well.

Your Honor, We Have Reached a Verdict. Well, Kind of

If High Side Golf was on trial for claiming to be different in the subscription-based business, I feel they could easily win over a jury of their peers.

They taken a fast-moving trend, added a few tweaks of their own to it and have created a model that just might make it.

Is it enough to win over this golf blogger? Eh, I’m still in deliberation. I will tell you this, though; When I first decided to take on this review, I was 100% sure there was nothing High Side Golf could do to persuade me into believing the subscription-based business had a place in golf. While I’m far from convinced, I do get what they’re doing, and I think they do have a chance at making it a success. That’s down from 100%, so in my mind, High Side has done a decent job.

I do wish them all the best! Without a doubt, they do have a tough road ahead.

As I mentioned before, JT was included in the review as well so let’s see what he has to say about High Side Golf with his take.

JT takes a look at High Side Golf

When Highside approached us, I was super intrigued by the concept. The only subscription service I participate in is shaving razors. I had a lot of thoughts comparing the two, to be honest. When I first subscribed to my razor service, it was from a comical marketing campaign. The purchase fun diminished after the first month or two, and it is now no different than a household necessity. When Matt told me about what Highside was doing, I didn’t understand who that would benefit. But the more I thought about my thought process in comparing my razor subscription service, it totally clicked.  Do I jump for joy over getting razor heads in the mail? No, but I get super ticked off if I go to open a fresh blade and I am out, left with either nothing. Light bulb!!


High Side Golf Subscription


No matter if you are an active golfer, or a holiday shanker, male or female, this product makes sense for everyone. Almost everyone can appreciate that after a long, exhausting day on the course, they toss their bag up and don’t pick it up again until the next tee time. The odds are not double checking things like new balls, tees, or a new glove. So typically this mean you are left hunting for overpriced goodies at the club house of your next excursion. High Side Golf fixes this issue and does it with customizable options.

I love how you can mix and match balls. Ideal for people going through a trial phase to find the best ball for their game (without having to rely on marketing). I think this service in itself markets to beginner to advanced golfers looking to dial in their game ball of choice. Or if you already know your poison, click and done. Your ball of choice is delivered to your house as much or as little as you demand. Accompanied by tees, gloves, towels, hats, or even training aids.

There are definitely people this golf subscription service fits

For me, this is a subscription service that packs a punch long after the first shipment. The convenience of having these on a scheduled subscription will hit home to anyone who has paid the price of forgetting your tools and having to go shopping in the clubhouse. The ball selection will attract the golfer who believes a ball, is in fact not just a ball. And will have a blast opening four different select brands at a time if they so choose. And throwing a hat, towel, or tees to your subscription service from time to time, will shake things up, all while keeping things convenient.

Does High Side Golf change the way we buy golf equipment? No. Have they thought of a solution to a problem that almost every single golfer around the world has had at least once? Yes, absolutely.

So maybe this is for you?

If you think High Side Golf is the missing link to your golfing woes in term of usable gear, then, by all means, head on over to their WEBSITE and see for yourself all the options available.

And of course, you can find High Side Golf on the usual social media outlets. Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


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  1. Joel L Hochman
    | Reply

    Did High Side Golf go out of business? My son bought me a gift card last year (not yet used) and I can’t seem to find them.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Joel,

      We received a ton of traffic last month from people searching them out on Google. We figured something was up. I’ve reached out to find out what happened but we havent heard anything back as of yet. Not sure what’s going on.

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