Introducing the BBGB Token Ball Marker

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We’re thrilled to be bringing this new and exceptionally well-crafted ball marker to our site.

For a few years now JT and I have wanted to bring a product to the website. One that would create a little buzz but also, one that has some functionality. T-shirts have been a fun way to help get some exposure out there but in no way have they accomplished what we want to do.

After seeing some of the products Josh at CNC Creations has done of late, it was a no-brainer to reach out to him. He loved the idea, and with the Token concept (credit to JT for that one) the first Breakfast Ball Marker idea came to life.

Today we’re excited to release the BBGB Token Marker to everyone who’d like to purchase one. They will sell for $55.00 (plus shipping), and you can buy them directly on this website by clicking HERE.

We’re hoping the BBGB Token Ball Marker is a big hit.

After the very successful Pocket Change post from JT, we both realized there is a demand for high-quality items like we featured in that post. Then after receiving my Arrowhead marker, I knew we needed to step up our game and get something done.


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Yes, we’d love to sell enough to retire, but we’re not that naive. Honestly, we wanted to bring a product available to our readers and fans that they’d love to have. Be it for their collection or something they’ll use on the course. From concept to design and then creations, the process has been outstanding. I knew after seeing the first photos we were in for a surprise. However, I wasn’t fully aware of just how well they came out until the first batch arrived at my house.

After getting them in my hands, the work blew me away. The detailing is just SICK. It’s something that needs to be seen to fully appreciate the work. Josh is a master at his craft, and we’re thrilled to be partnered with him for this project.

There will be more offerings

This entire process has our minds in a tizzy. I’ve been chatting back and forth with JT, and other about future ideas and I’m positive there will be more to come. We have another anniversary headed out way and JT, and I have already had talks about utilizing CNC Creations to help with this year’s celebration. I can’t believe nine years is almost here. It seems like just yesterday I was typing away on a site with big aspirations.

Stay tuned for those ideas and JT and I both hope you enjoy this first release from CNC Creations and The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog.

Until then, grab yourself a BBGB Token Ball Marker and have it ready for your crew the next time your out on the course!

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