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The belt. It’s a staple in the golfing apparel realm. If you believe that then JT Spencer is a name you need to consider when choosing a belt for your wardrobe.

JT Spencer

For me, the belt has been a love-hate relationship, and I’m hoping JT Spencer can be a fix. I love the look of certain belts, and when you pair it with a fancy buckle, i.e., 59 Belts, it can be an item that makes a statement. The hate part comes into play when you take a peek at my body type. I’m not exactly beating away the offers to pose in GQ and show off my impeccable waistline. Yeah, the dreaded beer gut has me hiding my belt, and it’s buckle under a mass of me.

It’s been pointless to shell out some money for a high tech or unique buckle. So I’ve been content wearing the cheaper belts you can find at Kohl’s just to maintain a shred of decency on the course. At least I’m wearing a belt right? Back when I started, in the cargo shorts days, a belt was the last thing I had on my mind. Nowadays I do my best to dress the part of a legitimate golfer.

What had me searching recently for a new belt was a wardrobe failure from one of those Kohl’s specials. I ruined a brand new pair of white Puma shorts when my leather belt rubbed against the shorts. Forever stained to a point where even an OxiClean infomercial could clean up this disaster. Even worse the following round the same thing happened to a relatively new Travis Mathews polo. As my anger and frustrations grew, I began my search for a better, more functional belt.

How do you know if an embroidered belt is right for you?

Andrew had turned me on to embroidered belts when we were in Cabot last year. He picked up a Cabot themed belt in their pro shop and that’s when I noticed he was wearing one. It may not have all the glitz and glam about it like the many belts out there, but for me, it’s about function. With my problems with being uncomfortable in a belt with a large buckle and the wardrobe malfunctions, I was ready to give an embroidered belt a chance.

I did some research on different belts but in the end it I kept on going to one particular site multiple times. That site was JT Spencer.

JT Spencer

Their collection was amazing, their site was stunning but most of all I had the confidence from Andrew that I wasn’t going to be disappointed in choosing one of their products. So I took and shot and reached out to JT Spencer to ask them about their belts.

I never realized an embroidered belt could be the answer to my belt issues. It may not be the belt for everyone. And, if you’re like me, physically, then you may want to check out an embroidered belt to see if it’s right for you.

Why JT Spencer?

At first look, the belts have incredible character. Their design is simple, but the logos they do separates them from the rest. States, Colleges, Sports, Beer Pong, you name it I swear they have an option for you.

JT Spencer

Best of all tough they are 100 made right here in the United States using material from home. Knowing they take Made in the USA seriously added to my desire to wear a JT Spencer belt.

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt

Here’s a little bit more about JT Spencer from their website:

JT Spencer began with a dream of manufacturing high-quality custom logo belts right here in the USA that could be sold at high-end golf and country clubs.  The Original Embroidered Belt hit the market and quickly began to gain momentum with pro shops all across the country.  After establishing a strong foothold in the golf market JT Spencer forged a partnership with Peter Millar who made our company an official licensee of their brand and greatly expanded our customer base in the golf business domestically and abroad.

Based in Richmond, Virginia our team takes great pride in offering our customers the highest quality belt made from only the finest materials.  Additionally, we strive to have the best customer care team in the business and to make sure that our customers are always happy when they do business with us.  Building this company has been an amazing journey and we only have all of our customers to thank for that.  Our mission is to continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices and to do it all from our manufacturing facility in Virginia.

Those statements had me sold on their product. I could not wait for the belt to arrive to see if this was my solution to my problem. More importantly, though, Andrew’s credibility was on the line!

The Breakfast Ball embroidered belt from JT Spencer

One of the best aspects of JT Spencer is the ability to customize a belt. There’s no doubt with the vast selection on their site; you’ll find one you’ll want. But, getting a personalized one carried a ton of appeal for me and it’s why I went in that direction.

I went with a black belt that features white logos and The Breakfast Ball script in one spot.

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt

The process was much quicker than I expected. From the day we agreed on the design until it arrived at my doorstep was less than two weeks. To me, that’s a great timeline for custom work. The box arrived two days after I was told it had shipped coming first class via the USPS. They were kind enough to include a few little goodies in the package as well. A JT Spencer beer koozie and a sticker. Wonder how they knew I’m a sticker guy?

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt

The belt features a solid brass buckle that has a brushed nickel finish. The buckle is kept in place using a full-grain mahogany leather. The same leather used for the belt loop near the buckle, and on the other end of the belt also. Where the punch holes to accept the tongue are found. JT Spencer belts are 1.25″ wide and are created using premium luxury cotton.

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt

The quality is outstanding. The white stitching adds a nice bit of contrast to the leather and shows off JT Spencer’s craftsmanship. My favorite feature, other than the logos is the material on the backside of the belt. An afterthought for most belt makers, JT Spencer, adds a great look to the inside of their belts. The vertical white and blue striping are a perfect addition the belt. It features the JT Spencer logo about every six inches. It’s completely unnecessary but adds so much the belt.

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt


So, was I right to go with an embroidered belt?

Without a doubt.

I knew I had made a right decision when after playing my first round of golf in the new JT Spencer belt I couldn’t tell I was wearing it. The cotton material moves and flexes with your body. An entirely different experience for me. It’s not uncommon for me to rip off my belt as I’m coming off the 18th green! During my trip to Cabot, the belt came off after nine holes. You can only tolerate not being comfortable for so long.

JT Spencer Embroidered Belt

With several rounds under my belt now, pun intended, I’m beyond pleased with how the JT Spencer belt has done. It’s not limited to a golf outing. Work, social outings, hell, even lounging around in the house on the weekends. It has indeed become my go-to belt

If you’re considering a change in the belt you wear, you need to give JT Spencer a look.

JT Spencer belts start out at $85. Not bad for a high-quality belt that’s going to last you a long time. Some of their special editions go for $95. They also offer key chains or FOBS on the site as well. Starting at $20 it’s a great gift piece or addition to your keys or a backpack.

JT Spencer

In the end, Andrew was right. Man, it hurts to type that out.  An embroidered belt is exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t be happier. So a tip of the cap goes out to Andrew for peeking my interest in them. I know I’ll be adding more to my wardrobe in the months to come.

I encourage you to visit the JT Spencer website and see for yourself their collection of belts. If you’re open to wearing something other than a leather belt, you’ll be quite pleased.

If you’re looking for a custom belt, such as the one I received, they start out at $105 and go down from their based on quantity ordered. A setup fee will be added if any logo or unique font is required.

Be sure to give them a follow on their social media pages as well. They’re very active and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way to keep up with their products and new releases.

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  1. curvytops
    | Reply

    States, Colleges, Sports, Beer Pong, you name it I swear they have an option for you.

  2. Richard Barras
    | Reply

    wow – the custom made belt for breakfast ball looks really cool and of great quality. The key chain also looks cool. Will check out the JT spencer website for thei entire range

  3. Rob Pepi
    | Reply

    Nice article. I am a big fan of their belts as well. Great quality and made in the USA.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks Rob. I’m so glad I was able to find a high quality Made in USA belt that performs for me on the course!

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