Just The Tip E5: A Drill for Hitting Fairway Woods

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We all struggle with the fairway woods from time to time.

And our friend Joe from Hittingreens has been dealing with an issue where he can pure his 4Wood, but his 3Wood is completely absent for some reason. Ideally, Joe would rater have the 3Wood in the bag, but there’s no way it is going to the course the way he currently hits it.

For this episode, Steven enlisted the help of Matty Mills.

Together they came up with a drill to help Joe that will have him smashing that 3Wood just as well, if not better than his 4Wood.

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  1. Robin Suntheimer
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    Thank you for the great 3 wood tips in the fairway. My husband and I will definitely try the medicine ball method and the magic marker. I have been struggling with my 3 wood and don’t even pull it out of the bag. But now I think it is time to get it back out and try your tips. The first thing I am going to do is change the number to a 4. We both thought that was great. Then we will try the medicine ball.
    Thank you again
    From an average lady golfer who needs all the help she can get.

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