Episode 1: Welcome everyone to JUST THE TIP.

A new series we’re bringing to you here on The Breakfast Ball via our YouTube channel.

Stephen Noland, in my opinion, has a unique gift. One that allows him to bring the golf swing’s highly complicated actions down to a level us recreational golfers can relate to. Stephen and I have been working together since October of 2019, and I have seen such a dramatic turnaround with my game.

After discussing it with him, we both agreed, as people who want to better the sport, why not give everyone who wants it some insight into his golfing mind. This is a video we wanted to do to get the ball rolling and introduce Stephen to all of you.

Our Intro Video to Just The Tip

In our first video for the new series, Stephen and I discuss our plans for the show. We also discuss why Stephen is someone you should even consider listening to when it comes to swing advice. Stephen has an extensive background with the game and is easily one of the most talented golfers I know. Not only on the course but in his teachings as well.

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We highly encourage all of you, if you’re struggling with one or more parts of the game, to leave us a comment on what you need “Just a Tip” on, and we’ll be putting out those videos. Thanks so much for checking this out, and we cannot wait to begin!

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