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Are you looking for an excellent golf sock? Take a look a the Kentwool Socks, arguably the best in golf.

What can be written about a sock that has already had everything said about it? That’s the dilemma I’m dealing with in writing this review of the Tour Profile Kentwool Socks.

I thought for sure that I’d be able to come up with some witty catchphrases and blurb out golf pun after golf pun about this product, but after typing out several attempts at a product review, nothing came across the way I felt about the sock.

I went digging into my heart for a way to get my view out on how I felt towards the Kentwool Sock

To get that done, I had to go back in time a little bit. I’m trying to remember if this took place 1996 or 1997, but regardless it was a while ago.

The day started off the typical way back then. I put in my 10hrs at work, went home to clean up and the headed out to meet up with some friends. Ah, to be 24 again! Anyway, I went over to our friend Mike’s house to meet up with everyone, and when I got there, they had just thrown a movie in VCR (ok, that dates me a little too well) and they were all watching it. Back then my movie bug wasn’t present. I wasn’t into going to the theater or hanging out watching a flick, but I was in the minority in this situation, so I sat down and watched.

It was a decent flick, but nothing that made me wish I wasn’t out at a bar by any means.

It was a strange little love story set back in 14th Century Scotland; I wasn’t overly impressed with what I had seen so far but, Mel Gibson was in it, so I figured what the heck and stuck it out.

Braveheart from that moment on has been, and I believe I will always be my most favorite movie of all time. I had missed the opening scene when William Wallace as a young man stumbles into the barn with all the villagers hung from the rafters, so I had no idea about the graphic nature of the film or what was in store.

When William Wallace’s wife has her neck slit, drops to the ground and dies my jaw hit the floor. I was stunned, shocked, overwhelmed. It was completely unexpected and then the scene that follows where Wallace plays off surrendering, WOW, it was unbelievable to watch, and for the next couple of hours, I didn’t move.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, I was hooked. My love for movies took off after that experience, and it’s a moment in my life that I cherish. Everyone has that moment in their life where a film grabs hold of their soul and never lets it go; that was mine.

So how in the heck does that relate to a sock review?

Well, it’s not often that you’re completely shocked by something. Of course, there are things you see on the internet and stories you read about in the paper that shock you. But on a personal level, it doesn’t happen as often as you think. It is however, what took place when I put on my new Kentwool Socks for the first time.

First impressions are critical! M

y first impression of the Kentwood sock when I took it out of the package was a good one. You can tell right away that this isn’t your typical run of the mill foot coat. Heavy, durable and wow these things are going to make my feet feel like they’re in an oven.  Those were just some of the thoughts that were running through my head. Any negativity I had towards the sock (mainly that my poor little piggies were going to boil in them) went away though as soon as the fabric touched my skin.

You can see from my Tweet to @Kentwool that I was pretty impressed.

I was utterly amazed at how comfortable the Kentwool socks were.

I never imagined that a sock could feel so good on my feet. Once I got to the course, I slipped on my golf shoes and walked around for a second. Still surprised at the comfort level the real test was to take place over the several hours. Golf in the 100° heat is a great way to test a wool sock!

Riding in a cart the socks didn’t get the abuse that they could have. But, I can honestly tell you that once I got home I didn’t want to take them off. They feel that good! The heat wasn’t a factor at all. That’s was impressive. Wearing black socks on a hot day in the middle of the desert is usually a death sentence for your feet but not in this case. The Kentwool socks are amazing! Once I complete a round of golf, the shoes and socks come off, and the sandals go on, but not this time.

I kept the Kentwools on my feet, and I even paraded around Whole Foods wearing my Sandals with the socks on, yep I was that guy and didn’t care one bit. Because I knew not one person in the store, that was looking at me oddly, was as comfortable in their socks as I was in mine!

Kentwool Socks

Yes, sir, I can highly recommend the Kentwool socks

I suggest that you go to their website and buy some right now! You will not be disappointed. I know that I’ll never play a round of golf again without them on my feet, and I cannot wait to have these bad boys on for The Death Valley Challenge.

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    Now that is how you write a review! Great stuff!

    • Mathew
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      Coming from you that means a lot!! Thanks!

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