Kinesys Sunscreen – A welcomed addition to the DVC

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Kinesys Sunscreen lends their support to The Death Valley Challenge

May 13th 2013

I’m very excited to announce that Kinesys Performance Sunscreen has joined us for this years Death Valley Challenge.

A few weeks ago I started doing some research on sun protection, you might recall from my post about Sungrubbies, and I was introduced to Kinesys via a golf forum that was debating the best sunscreen from golfers. Kinesys wasn’t the only brand mentioned but after doing some reading and research on their product I was very intrigued to say the least. Not only for my own benefit in protecting my skin but for my kids as well.

Kinesys was kind enough to donate some sunscreen for us to use during The Death Valley Challenge and in their shipment I received last week they also included a few other bottles of their sunscreen products. The timing worked out perfectly, this last weekend was our final week of Spring soccer and it was a hot, sunny day, the the ideal situation to try out Kinesys for the first time.

After spending a good 3 hours out in the bright sun of the Vegas valley I’m happy to say that Kinesys is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. It’s not even debatable. Their sunscreens are Oil free, alcohol free and fragrance free which is awesome because you don’t even realize you have sunscreen on. Normally when we come home from a day out on the soccer fields we cannot wait to get in the shower and get some from relief from the icky, nasty, oily mess that we’re covered in, but not this time. I can honestly say that all of us (my wife, mother in law and kids) were very impressed and couldn’t believe how well it performed. Kinesys is an amazing sunscreen that not only protected me from the sun but did and excellent job for my kids as well. My youngest daughter has a mild reaction to the sun where she’ll develop a small rash on her face when she’s been out in the sun for extended amounts of time. After spending two days out in the Sun this last weekend, protected with the Kinesys sunscreen, you can’t even tell that she was outside at all and for me and my wife as parents, that’s great news!

Kinesys Sunscreen

I very happy that Kinesys has joined us for the Death Valley Challenge. Once things for sure, the temperatures may be in the 120’s and the sun may be beating down on us for 12+ hours, but my skin is going to look like I never stepped outside the hotel door!

Thank you very much Kinesys for your support of The Death Valley Challenge and The Wounded Warrior Project™

You can see all the products that Kinesys has to offer on their Website



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