Legacy Golf Club

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Legacy Golf Club

Henderson, NV 07/23/2010

Now that was fun.

Legacy is blast to play. The course is a great layout. It’s not easy by any means and the $25 green fee was awesome! I showed up right as Randy was coming out if the clubhouse so we hopped in a cart and headed out to the first tee. There was one guy getting ready to tee off as I got all my shit together, while I was getting on my shoes, getting out my golf, stretching out a bit the guy on the tee proceeded to hit three drives over the fence into the neighborhood. We were doomed.

So we’re standing there on the first tee waiting while this guy looks all over the place for at least three different golf balls. After about, what seemed like, five minutes of searching for them he threw his arms up in disgust, grabbed a ball out of his pocket and slammed it to the ground, which just so happened to be the cart path. Another ball over the fence, it was priceless. I said to Randy “So what’s he hitting now 9?”

Finally we got to tee off. I went first and with my brand new, never been swung, beautiful Callaway FT-9 iMix 9° driver I hit a fantastic drive right down the middle of the fairway. My approach shot was 150 out. I hit my 8 iron fat and chucky and left it short of the green by about 30 yards. A bad chip, a better chip and a putt later I had my 5. I was a little disappointed, but that went away after my next tee shot. I hit a great, probably the best, 6 iron I’ve hit. It landed about 30 feet from the pin. Birdie opportunity on hole two, this is what I needed. What I didn’t need is what followed. A terrible three putt for bogey, which just sucked!

The next hole I had my first, and hopefully last, really bad tee shot, I came over the top of the ball, pulled it left and very short. Not what you want to do on a long par 4 hole. What made it all better was the crazy guy in front of us was up to his old tricks. He was off in the desert to the left looking, I can only assume for a ball, when he again just threw up his arms, grabbed his bag from his cart, proceeded to kick the cart and start walking towards the green. What the hell was he doing? So after we hit our tee shots Randy walked over to the cart got in it and drove up to the hole where crazy guy was waiting. “It wouldn’t start.” That was his reasoning.

Legacy Golf Club
Legacy Golf Club

I ended up shooting 52 and 50 for a 102. Two blow up holes on the front, only one on the back. I did feel something that felt so right when I hit the ball. I was really making great contact with my irons on the last couple of holes. My second shot on eighteen I really felt it, I was shifting my weight to the front a lot better, I could feel the transfer of weight and it felt right. Before that shot I hit on number eighteen I was trying to concentrate on keeping my left foot firmly on the ground, and the weight transfer was just happening. I really focused on that with my second shot on number eighteen. It felt good. I had an amazing out of the greenside bunker on number seventeen. That felt good. I hit 50% of the fairways. That felt good. 37 putts wasn’t what I need to do to hit the 90’s but 2.1 per hole isn’t terrible. All in all it was a good day, except for Randy.

Randy was having a good round too, until we got to hole number fourteen. We both hit really good drives I was 244 off the tee in a nice little area of the fairway. Rangy got me by about 15 yard but his ball had rolled off the fairway and into a little grass bucker area. I hit my ball and then Randy lined up to hit his. First off let me say he absolutely tattooed the thing. It was a laser. It came screaming out of the grass and was headed right for a house. Yep, he pulled it, and pulled it bad. It was so solid, if he hadn’t have made such good contact it probably would have came up way short of the house, but he crushed it.

Time kinda froze as I watched the ball carry the fairway, the rough, the hills and the fence. I can’t describe the sound it made, it was almost a crashing thud if that makes any sense. It was a direct hit in a large bay window facing the fairway. You couldn’t have drawn a bull’s-eye on the glass walked up and hit it with a hammer more center then it hit. The worst and best part came next. The owner came out the house and hollered out. “YOU GONNA COME SEE ME!” Randy, waved his hand and replied “YEAH.” During the cart ride over I tried to lighten the mood, I told Randy I’d give him ten bucks if he asked for his ball back. Attempted humor but it failed he was pissed. What made it worse was the guy was being a complete ASS. Randy with due diligence apologized profusely and told the home owner that he would take care of everything for him. Randy works in the new home industry so he has some great connections. Yet still, the ass hole was persistently being a dick. At one point I wanted to yell out “HEY ASS HOLE, YOU LIVE ON A GOLF COURSE, ON A PAR 5 HOLE IN PERFECT RANGE FOR SECOND SHOTS TO HIT YOU HOUSE IF THEY GO BAD. STFU!” but my better judgment prevailed and I kept my mouth shut. Randy gave him hi drivers license to copy and his cell number to call him so he could schedule the repair, and the guy was still being an ass.

Legacy Golf Club
Oops. Randy had a little snafu on the Par 5 14th

I have to give it up to Randy. A lot of people would have handled that differently. I would like think that I would have done the same, but until that moment you never know. He was all class and it was awesome to see. It could have very easily turned into a war of words but he did the right thing and for that I’m glad to call him my friend.

That event kinda ruined the last several holes for Randy and just when we about to get it off of our minds Mr. Ass Holes calls to make sure the number Randy gave him was legit. Dick.

I’m not going to do a course review or ranking, I didn’t get any putting or range time in, I didn’t step foot in the clubhouse or the bar afterwards. So I’ll do that the next time we play there.

On a side note the group that was two ahead of us had some little kids playing with them, and by the 6th hole we were along with crazy guy waiting for them to finish up. So we decided that the three of us would be better than two and one. Crazy guy turned out to be a decent fellow, don’t know if his meds kicked in or what, but on 6, 7, 8 and 9 he was light out! Strangest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

So I have recorded my lowest round to date with tonight’s 102. Yeah for me.

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