Going Over The Top No More
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Looks like we made it! Welcome to 2014 everyone! I hope you all had a safe and happy start to the New Year. The … Read More

The Amazing Wade does it again!
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Thanks to a swing refresher courtesy of Wade a few nights ago, I think the problems that took place over my Father’s Day weekend … Read More

My new approach to Putting, again.
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I was practicing the other night on my putting green at home and after spending a good thirty minutes doing so I just couldn’t get … Read More

Moving Forward
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I hate to admit it but my blogging has been relatively weak of late. The swing change I’m going through has completely consumed me … Read More

Things ARE getting better!
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Henderson, NV –  February 28th 2013 Its taken 10 weeks, 4 days and 5 hours but I’ve finally managed to have a practice session … Read More

A New Approach to Chipping
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I have what can be perceived as a very important week taking place over the next 6 days. On Sunday I’m headed back out … Read More

Update on My Swing Change
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Progress Report: Swing Change Henderson, NV 01/16/2012   I knew when I started this little adventure to learn a new swing I was going … Read More

Connectivity, what the heck is that?
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Learning about Connectivity Henderson, NV 12/19/2012 Swing changes are a lot like going on a diet. You want change in your life or in … Read More

Change is good, right?
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Change is good. I knew that when I decided to take lessons that there was going to be some changes made to my swing, … Read More

A new chapter with Dustin starts… so much to talk about!
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First lesson with Dustin shows some promise. I’ll try my best to keep from rambling too much but like the title says I have … Read More

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