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I can remember WAY back in 2009, when I started this blog, how excited I was to find out that I could send messages to my Facebook friends, automatically, letting all of them know about a new post I had just made. That was so cool in my eyes and was pretty much my first interaction with the craze that is Social Media.

I’m a freak when it comes to gadgets and gizmos. I can walk through the isles of Best Buy and Fry’s for hours just looking and tinkering with all the electronic devices that are available. From TV’s, to camera’s and even coffee maker’s I love my gadgets. Most if all though I freaking love my iPhone.You want to have some fun? Find my phone lying around and hide it from me. Pandemonium will set in and the chance of me having a panic attack will soar to 100%. Good luck though, it’s never more than three feet from me at all times and no, that is not a challenge! One of the many things that I love about my iPhone is how it has allowed me to be more active on the social media platforms that are out there. Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Viddy the list goes on and on. Facebook is still a little puzzling to me. I’ve tried for a couple of years to get my page to be more active but I think for my content it’s just not the format that is appropriate for what I’m doing with the site. You can easily just go to the web site and view the material rather than read about parts of it on a Facebook posting.  Twitter on the other hand is a life source for the blog.

I love Twitter. I could literally watch my Twitter timeline for hours. There is so much great content on Twitter, yes there is also a lot of  junk but I don’t mind. I love reading it. The interactions with people in the golfing industry is a lot like having a back stage pass to the world of golf. Reading about the rounds of fellow golfers, seeing some of the photos from new clubs that are about to be released, getting updates about new post to the many golf blogs that are out there, Twitter is amazing for all those reasons and some of the best contacts that I’ve made since the start of The Breakfast Ball have been made via Twitter. It a fantastic ways to promote yourself and events. The Death Valley Challenge was, in my opinion, a success and a lot of that had to do with what I did and how I promoted it on Twitter.

You would think with the above Love Fest for Twitter it would be tops on my “Social Media” list, but that’s not the case. Instagram has quickly made its way past Twitter and is currently my favorite social media platform. It’s hard to find things not to like with Instagram, I mean pictures do tell a thousand words, right? As with my Twitter account on Instagram I mainly follow people in the Golf Industry or golf related material. Some of the photos that come across Instagram are outstanding and have actually swayed my perception of some things. Mainly food! Yeah, there is tons of pictures of dinner plates that’s for sure and I’m not shy about posting some of my favorite brews, mainly Dogfish Head.

You can and should follow accounts like Rickie Fowler: therealrickiefowler, Golf Digest: golfdigestmag, Matt Ginella: matt_ginella (honestly some of the best course pictures you’ll see) Stephanie Wei: stephaniemwei, Nathan Crace: nathancrace (some outstanding photos come from Nathan all the time!) Trey from Shankopotamus: shankopotamus (more Scotty Cameron pics than you can handle) Fresh Golf: freshgolf (more great course photos) Lexi Thompson: Lexi of course Three Guys Golf: threeguysgolf and yours truly The Breakfast Ball: thebreakfastball.  The list of things to follow seems endless and it can be.

Twitter and Instagram work together seamlessly. Upload a picture and gets posted to Twitter as well. That for me is a great feature. No need to go back and forth between applications to get the content out. Easy, simple, fast and fun. I think of Instagram as Twitter but with pictures instead of words. It’s also been refered to like this:  “Twitter is stupid and Instagram for people who can’t read” no, I don’t agree with that by any means but it was a funny quote. The fact that primetime network comedies are now including names like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into their dialog really says something about how relevant social media is in today’s world.

It’s amazing to me how fast new ways of doing things come and go. I used to be obssesed with Facebook and I was certain the world was going to revolve around it. A year later, eh, it’s just something I checkout every now and then. Who knows, the way technology advances this day and age Instagram may be history by April. I hope not though, my Pebble Beach trip takes place then and I cannot wait to share some of those photos with everyone!

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