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The new Dallas Cowboys Fancy Polo from Loudmouth golf is for the BOYS!

When it comes to Loudmouth gear, I love it when they come out with products that showcase the teams I root for; I tend to get a little excited!

The Yankees items I have are fantastic, and I’ve wanted to grab some Cowboy gear for a while now. Well, with the release of the Dallas Cowboys Fancy Polo it was time. And like a well-oiled machine, Loudmouth Golf delivered without hesitation on this great-looking polo.

Loudmouth Golf isn’t for everyone.

It’s been heavily documented on this site that Loudmouth Golf isn’t for everyone. My good friend Andrew even refuses to play with me if I even think about showing up with some Loudmouth attire. I get it; it’s not for everyone. But, for me I love it, and I love showing off the crazy patterns even more so when my teams are involved.

Let’s take a look at this new design from Loudmouth Golf.

Loudmouth Golfs spectacular Fancy polo shirts are the perfect complement to solid pants of any color. They also look great with your favorite jeans! Slim, athletic fit.

Loudmouth Golf Fancy Polo

* 100% Super slinky 4-way stretch poly
* Wrinkle free

* Back of shirt is a solid color with the Loudmouth logo stamp on back yoke
* Three-button placket
* Self-collar

Loudmouth Golf Fancy Polo

Fit & Care:
* Slim, athletic fit
* Standard length
* If between sizes, go UP a size
* Machine wash, tumble dry low

* S = Chest measures 34″ – 36″
* M = Chest measures 38″ – 40″
* L = Chest measures 42″ – 44″
* XL = Chest measures 46″ – 48″
* 2XL = Chest measures 50″ – 52″
* 3XL = Chest measures 54″ – 56″

I have some explaining to do.

I always have to explain my affiliation with the Cowboys. People tell me “You’re from Las Vegas, why do like the Cowboys?” It’s a rather straightforward explanation though. My mother attended ASU around the same time Danny White did. She started rooting for them when he made his debut with the Cowboys years later. My Dad was much more of a baseball fan than football, so the Cowboys were who we rooted for growing up. It’s very similar why I’m a Yankees fan. My father grew up in Jersey right across the Hudson River from the old Yankee Stadium.

Back to the Fancy Polo

The material is a little denser than the lightweight polos out there now. But, it’s still very comfortable. I wore it around the house to put it to some real-world use, you know, chillin on the couch watching golf. The next day I met up with Ray, and we played out at Revere when it was a timid 106° out.

loudmouth fancy dallas cowboys

The Fancy Polo didn’t disappoint at all. I was sweating (insert any heat driven analogy here) my ass off and was pretty comfy the entire time. As comfortable as you can get with the heat kicking your ass on every tee box.

It’s a head turner too!


As a Yankee fan when you encounter a hater, 90% of the time it’s a Bostonian, which I can handle. The hate is mutual, but they’re a solid franchise. As a Cowboy fan, however, it’s very different. Everyone either loves the Cowboys or hates them. There is no in between; there is no middle ground. It’s HATE or LOVE. That’s it.

loudmouth fancy dallas cowboys

So naturally, the interaction with others on the course was either snarl’s of disgust or virtual high fives from across the fairways. Those interactions make it a fun polo to wear.

The Fan Section at Loudmouth Golf is worth a look.

Beyond just sports teams the Fan Gear section of the Loudmouth Golf site has a wide selection of “fan” apparel. Check out some of the other offerings:

  • MLB
  • College Teams
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Corona
  • Modelo
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Hello Kitty
  • Coca-Cola
  • Fields Of Honor
  • Cheese Guys
  • Indy 500

As far as the Fancies go, there are 13 variations on the website.

The Dallas Cowboys Fancy Polo is a great way to rep your team and enjoy some golf.

The Fancies sell for $79.95 and can be purchased directly from the Loudmouth Golf Website. I’d love to see some to the MLB teams make it this line. The comfort is top notch and rocking a Yankees one would equally as entertaining in my opinion. I do plan on grabbing a couple of others in the Fancies though. The wrinkle-free attribute is a bonus.

I like to thank Loudmouth for getting this out to us so quickly for this write up. I’ve been a fan of their products for a while now, and they’re a company I enjoy working with. Go ahead and give their site a look.

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    Got to have these shirts, the fancy silver cowboy shirt

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