Loudmouth Golf Adds New Gym Shorts

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It was just a matter of time before Loudmouth added some Gym Shorts to their resume

Sometimes, you want to be loud at home, on your couch or in the bed. Other times you want to be LOUD when you’re at the gym or the park with your kids. For those other times when you feel the need to be LOUD outside of the golf course Loudmouth Golf has come up with a line of gym shorts to fill your void.

Made from 100% Sublimated Tricot Polyester, these gym shorts feature a 9′ inseam. Two pockets and an elastic waist band finish off the specs on the shorts. They are also officially licensed by both the NCAA and MLB.

I’m sure you’re aware I’m a big fan of Loudmouth by my previews reviews;

I love what they do and have been a fan for a while now. And yes, I know they’re not for everyone. Personally, I have friends that would refuse to play with me if I were to show up for a round in them. Regardless of their transgressions, I think what they do over at Loudmouth is great and I plan to keep on supporting them for as long as I can.

My New York Yankees gym shorts are a hit around the house

While I’ve been eyeing the New York Yankees pants from Loudmouth for some time now, eventually I’ll pull the trigger, I just couldn’t resist reaching out to Loudmouth when I saw this new collection. The weekends around my house are hectic. Which can be just a little bit stressful. Honey Do’s can be the nail in the coffin, but nothing beats doing your “honey do’s” in some relaxing clothes. Especially when we’re talking about gym shorts and flip flops. Now I get to strut around wearing some Yankee Swag as well as showing off my Loudness to the neighbors and my kids. The kids love the print and want a pair of their own. HA HA, no chance, theses are all mine!

Loudmouth Gym Shorts

I’m sure everyone here has a pair of gym shorts they love and have worn until they’re unmentionable. With that being said there’s really no need for me to go into much details about what “gym shorts” are or why there is a need for them. If you don’t know by now chances are you’ll never need to know and I’m cool with that. Gym shorts are not for everyone and most definitely, Loudmouth gym shorts are not for everyone.

A well-made gym short that adds some flare to your day.

I do like how well they are made. I’m not sure of the licensing bodies of the NCAA or MLB have any say in the matter, but they’re constructed very well. At a price point of $39.99, which I believe is a fair price for some officially licensed clothes. They need to have some weight and durability to them. There’s no question the shorts are built to last. Much like all the other Loudmouth items I have in my closet, you can tell right away these have some life to them. One wash cycle isn’t going to end your love affair with the shorts at all.

Loudmouth Gym Shorts

In fact, I’ve had mine for several months now and after tons of weekend wear, they still look as good as new.

Most important though, they are quite comfortable. I know, it’s hard to screw up a gym short. But, I’ve owned my fair share of these types of shorts and let me tell you, they are not all made the same.

Loudmouth Gym Shorts

The elastic waist band is constructed very well. I can wear these without the drawstring and they don’t fall to my ankles like some of my other gym shorts do. You can see from the stitching they were built with the idea they last more than one summer.

Loudmouth Gym Shorts

Rep your team in style

As of now, the teams available are:

Alabama, Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Cardinals, Clemson Tigers, Chicago Cubs, San Fransico Giants, Cleveland Indians, LSU Tigers, Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals and my favorite the New York Yankees.

These gym shorts have been a great addition to my Loudmouth collection.

The golfing apparel is great and I have a lot of fun with it, but branching out from just golf attire was a simple choice. As their collection of goods expands I plan on grabbing a few more items to have around the household. Like the new aprons they have. Perfect fit for those lazy Sundays around the BBQ pit!

Spend some time on the Loudmouth Website and see for yourself just how vast the products have become. Who knows maybe with a simple purchase here and a little purpose there you’ll find your inner John Daly. Then you can start rocking the Loudmouth gear out on the course as well!



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