Loudmouth Ladies Active Skort Review

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It happened quick, but I’m now a fan of Loudmouth Golf

If you’re a woman golfer, you know how hard it is to find something that is a) not pink b) functional and c) looks good on the course. It’s kind of like a weird game of Sophie’s Choice. You can choose one but not the one you want. If it’s functional, it doesn’t look right. If it looks good, it’s not practical and might also be pink. Don’t get me wrong, I wear a lot of pink on the course, but I like to have choices. Golf wear companies, please repeat after me, do not “shrink it and pink it.”

If I’m going to wear a men’s polo on the course, I’d like to wear a men’s polo on the course (which I occasionally do). If you look at the women on tour, for the most part, they don’t wear a lot of pinks. Besides Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis, the colors out there are pretty neutral. Pink is the women’s version of the red polo for tiger. Everyone thinks they’d like to wear it, but then they put it on and realize that only Tiger can pull off that look. Well, Tiger and Ron Swanson.

Don’t get me wrong, I like pink, but when it’s your only option, it gets rather dull after a while. So, when I first came across Loudmouth Golf’s women’s line, you best believe I was excited about what they had to offer. Loudmouth Golf is a brand that, at first glance, you might confuse with someone like Shinesty. If you’re familiar with them, they are a brand whose motto is to make guys clothes (menswear would be too much of a compliment) and then complete the look with something risqué for the guys’ girlfriends as a complete and utter afterthought.

Loudmouth Colorado Rockies

Loudmouth has taken the time to create a women’s line.

Their golf line includes activewear, skorts, Bermuda shorts, mini shorts, and polos. Being a Colorado native (if my reviews have somehow become a weird drinking game, you can drink every time I drop the word native), I jumped at the chance to grab a Colorado Rockies golf skort from this line.

loudmouth Skort

They offer lines from nearly every MLB team as well as some collegiate teams, the Dallas Cowboys, Hello Kitty and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Yes, I said PBR. I’m more of Coors girl (because I’m a Colorado native, you know), but I won’t judge whatever it is you choose to drink, or wear, on the course. But you’ll never see me with a PBR in my hand. And why the Cowboys? Because they’re America’s team! I want Loudmouth to make a Broncos line, but I get not everyone wants to wear the orange and blue. And Hello Kitty? I’m not even going to venture a guess because that’s way above my pay grade.

Loudmouth Skort

OK, time for a rant.

Another thing I’d love golf companies to know about women is that we love sports just as much as the guys do. We might like them more. I’ll bury you under the table with my knowledge of sports trivia, which it is safe to say, I have and will likely to continue to scare dates away with the amount of sports knowledge I possess. And I know I’m not the only girl out there like this. So, when companies release lines that feature any professional American sports team, and it doesn’t come in my size? I’m a little mad. So, I’m always happy with any company that’s going to acknowledge my mania for sports AND help me look good while playing my favorite sport. Loudmouth checks both of those boxes.

Rant over.

Loudmouth Skort

The Loudmouth skort is as fresh as it is functional.

It is perfect for the course. It’s not too long, not too short. It’s the right amount of stretch and the right amount of cover. The fact that it’s a skort leaves you knowing that you’re going to be, well, covered. The pattern is the classic Rockies logo, which of course, is the best in my opinion. Loudmouth also offers a cute argyle pattern for the Bermuda shorts with the Rockies logo which I might go for the next time I’m on the lookout for shorts.

Loudmouth Skort

The skort itself fits true to size, so you have no worries when ordering online. I ordered an XS, my usual size, and it fit perfectly. I washed and even dried it, and it still fit the same. I’m always a bit nervous to order women’s golf clothes online (because who knows how it’ll fit), but sometimes this is the only way. If anyone knows of a local place for this Colorado native to go (you can take a drink again), please let me know.

Here’s some product info from the Loudmouth website:

• Made in 88% poly, 12% spandex
• Built-in short so you can enjoy your activities without worries
• Waistband key pocket
• Right side back pocket
• Flat seams for comfort

• Mid-rise, wide waistband
• 3” inseam on inner-short
• Slight A-line
• Front of skort lengths (inches):
o XS – 15”
o S – 15.25”
o M – 15 1/2”
o L – 15.75”
o XL – 16”

• Machine wash cold, hang dry

Skort size chart:
XS – sizes 0 & 2
S – sizes 4 & 6
M – sizes 8 &10
L – sizes 12 & 14
XL – sizes 16 & 18

It looks good on the course, as well as off.

I can’t say I’d go to the gym wearing it (a little fancy for that occasion), but I could run errands after playing 18 without worrying that I might look a little too much like Payne Stewart at Whole Foods.

The best part about this skort is that it won’t break the bank as you wear it all golf/baseball season long. Priced at $45, this is something that will make you want to steal home when you compare to things like Ralph Lauren, Peter Millar, etc.

Their golf line gets a bit pricier when it comes to Bermuda shorts, but I wouldn’t mind splurging for more if it meant that I felt this comfortable on the course at all times. The fabric is perfect for warmer days. If I had teed off in the morning when the weather hovers around 45-50 degrees here, I probably would have been more uncomfortable, but I can tell this will be perfect for summer.

One of the best parts of this piece of clothing is the Loudmouth logo.

Placed at the top of the waistband, the LM logo is a perfect monogram for my name. Definitely a bonus, at least in my opinion.


The only thing this skort leaves me wanting more of is pockets. Girls, or at least this girl, always want pockets. I have a terrible habit of putting many, many tees in my pockets so much so that when I do the laundry, the bottom of the washing machine looks like the first tee box at a nice course. There is a back pocket and a so-called “key” pocket, but they don’t allow for you to put any Breakfast Balls in the back pocket. Perhaps I should take less of those anyway.

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Loudmouth has a ton of new items in the works for 2019 and we hope to share more of the new releases in the near future.

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