Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection Review

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By now everyone is well versed in what Loudmouth Golf is and what they bring to the table.

They are vibrant, LOUD and yes outrageous golf attire that allows a golfer’s personality to be on full display throughout their round.

For years I’ve been a fan of what Loudmouth Golf has been doing. Their carefree attitude I feel has been a refreshing change to the golfing world. Not everyone gets it, and that’s fine with them. Not everyone got Payne Stewart’s knickerbockers either. For every critic, there’s a fan, and for every player who looks on at a fellow golfer having a blast out in the course and rolls their eyes, there are hundreds more visiting Loudmouthgolf.com to purchase the next energetic pattern to hit the store.

I have several pairs of Loudmouth apparel in my closet. Shorts, pants, a few bags, and other items as well but for this article, I’m going to focus on a new version that I believe is a game changer.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

Loudmouth Golf Launches Premium Apparel Line: The Woodworth Collection

From the press release:

Loudmouth Golf, the worldwide leader in bold and bright golf and sports fan apparel, is setting a new standard for performance golf wear with the introduction of their new clothing line, The Woodworth Collection. Made from meticulously sourced high-quality fabrics, combined with innovative sportswear technologies and craftsmanship, this collection features a modern fit that is comfortable and breathable for the stylish and fun-loving golfer.


The Woodworth Collection features the patented TekFIT® waistband. TekFIT® offers 1-2″ of invisible stretch by using a patented compaction and fusing technology, giving you a custom fit with continuous stretch and recovery. TekFIT® waistband also features a gripper to keep your tops neatly tucked in for all 19 holes.


The Woodworth Collection bottoms are made with stretch-tech poly fabric offering moisture control for optimal comfort. In addition to being fade resistant, these bottoms also offer the convenience of an anti-wrinkle and shrink-free garment making them perfect to pack for golf trips and vacations.


Many of our customers love the feel of cotton. But others requested a modern care-free poly. So we developed a virtually bulletproof pant that will look as good in 25 years as they do today,” says Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody. “They are a high quality product, and well worth the investment. Imagine the joy on your son’s face when you pass down these beauties!


The Woodworth Collection has already been tried and tested on tour. Two-time major champion, and Loudmouth-sponsored golfer, John Daly recently tweeted, “Newest line that I’ve been wearing – great fit & feel! Luv’em!”


The Woodworth Collection is now available for men in pants and shorts; And women’s skorts. New and classic Loudmouth patterns available include: Shagadelic White, Stars & Stripes, and Flagadelic. In addition, two new patterns will be added to the collection later this summer, Particle Accelerator and Lava Flow.

John Daly even chimed in:

When I found out, Loudmouth was about to release a new fabric for the clothes I was beyond thrilled.

While the bold colors and colorful patterns are eye-catching, there’s always been some constructive criticism towards the materials used. Pants or shorts for that matter containing 97% cotton can be unforgiving in the summer heat if you know what I mean.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

I do consider myself a patriot and because I’ve wanted to pick up several of the flag-themed pants including the Declaration of Independence pattern so you can image my excitement when the package from Loudmouth arrived and inside was a pair of the Stars & Stripes and the Flagadelic. I’ll say my attire for the pro-America days throughout the year is set in stone now!

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

At first glance, it was easy to see the shorts were constructed using a new material.

There’s a definite “shine” to the new fabric, and the colors are even more alive than ever. The new stretch-tech poly fabric is 100% polyester, and while it looks outstanding, it feels wonderful. It’s unlike anything loudmouth has put out to date and it’s an upgrade made to perfection.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

Aside from the material the addition of the new TekFIT® waistband was a pleasure to see. Practically ever clothing manufacturer has gone to some “shirt stay” function on the inside of the waistband so I was happy to see Loudmouth has implemented this into their designs.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

Comparing the previous version from Loudmouth, I’d say the Woodworth Collection is very similar.

The sizing was exactly like my other pairs, and the overall design stayed true including the golden paisleys you find on the inside of the shorts. The new material is very flexible and moves with you seamlessly. I never found myself adjusting or “rearranging” because of a little malfunction. You can tell from the moment you put these on you’re wearing something special.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

You’ll see a jump in price compared to the regular pants, but in my opinion, it is justified.

Yes, they’re that much of an improvement. The new shorts have a price point of $110.00 while the pants come in at $130.00. Which is very competitive in the high-end apparel market.

When Loudmouth created the Woodworth line I believe they had several things in mind. One, keep intact the iconic patterns that turn heads. And two, add a performance level to the clothes that they never have incorporated.

Hats off to Woody and the team for that, because they nailed it!

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

The first day I put the new shorts into use was Memorial Day.

I wish it would have been a golf outing, but instead, it was spent around the house doing some chores and spending time with the family. No, it’s not your ideal testing grounds for some golf shorts by any means, but honestly, I was impressed. The shorts are comfortable as hell, and I had no desire to take them off at all. Plus my kids love them!

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

That day proved the new gear was legit. It is right up there with any of the high end short I have in my closet. Thankfully this isn’t a “Mr. Mom” blog, and I’m sure there’s just a few of you reading this who are wondering if they performed well out on the course. To that, I answer with a resounding YES!

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

I picked a perfect day to throw on the Flagadelic shorts.

I paired them nicely with a new Travis Mathew White Knit Prestige 77 polo. Then took a ride around Chimera on a GolfBoard. The temperature when we teed off at 6:50 am was already getting close to 90° with the afternoon ahead of us. The heat had no signs of slowing down.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

Before we made the turn, the mercury was hitting the century mark, and I was a hot mess. Luckily for me, I thrive on days like this. I was playing some of the best golf of my life. Had to be the shorts right? Well, no. Haha, as badass as the new gear is there’s no way I could justify it was solely them for my performance.

They did, however, maintain the comfort I felt when I had put them on that morning and in no way at all did they hinder my game. Maybe it was the shorts!



Overall the shorts are very impressive.

They took on a hot spring day in the 100’s and a Golfboard outing and came out like a champ. Not to mention they look cool as hell!

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

I believe Loudmouth created, with their new Woodworth Collection, a pant/short that will perform on the course just as well, if not better, than all the top high-end apparel you find out on tour. As John Daly says, great fit and great feel.

Loudmouth Golf Woodworth Collection

Visit the Loudmouth Website

Click on the link to visit the Loudmouth Website and see the new Woodworth Collection for yourself. If you consider yourself a fan, you are going to love this new line. And, if you’re not, there’s a great chance just might become one!

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