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TRUE Linkswear adds a MAJOR player to their lineup.

I love the new TRUE tagline, “This is MAJOR!” The truth is there probably hasn’t been a shoe TRUE Linkswear has released that I haven’t impressed me. That’s a bold statement, and I stand by it. Even in the early days of TRUE when the shoes weren’t exactly “stylish” they still brought something new to the table.


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Back then it was the birth of the “Zero Drop” revolution. Still a major part of the company’s ideology today, the zero-drop feature is a something I don’t feel TRUE will ever eliminate from their portfolio. What they have gone away from is trying to be a unique and different shoe brand. They have embraced their individuality and have restructured the brand to now be a MAJOR player.

The new MAJOR debuted on Tour.

Last year, we reviewed the KNITS from TRUE Linkswear and let me tell you those are utterly amazing! The team at TRUE took the sole of the KNITS and built an entirely new golf shoe. In my opinion, it is the best fitting, best looking and all-around ideal golf shoe.

The first time I saw them was on the PGA Tour. Former UNLV golf standout and Las Vegas local, Ryan Moore, was wearing them during his rounds at the Shriners. We watched Ryan’s warm-up and then followed him for several holes during the final round.

I knew TRUE was planning a new shoe, but this was my first look at what they were going to be releasing. As much as I wanted to ask Ryan to come over to the ropes and give me a detailed examination, the best I could do was snap some crappy zoomed in iPhone photos.

What’s new with the MAJOR shoe?

As I said, this is an entirely new shoe. The sole is the only familiar thing.

Here’s the skinny on the MAJOR from the TRUE Linkswear website:

 “Our first ever Tour Issue shoe has arrived in style. Major is our finest crafted performance shoe to date. Inspired by years of discussion with our Player Advisory Board, the major is truly inspired, tested and built to spec for some of the greatest players on Earth – and now, worn by the rest of us.”

“It is designed and built to stand up to any weather, last longer than any shoe in our history, yet feel like your favorite sneaker straight out the box. Our toughest water-proof leather, shoe/shag bag packaging and instant-flex toe are just a few of the reasons Major has earned its name and reputation”

“In 2017 we launched our first shoe designed for Tour players – TRUE Outsider. Some may think we’re crazy, but we tore that model apart after receiving a nearly perfect 5/5 ratings over its lifespan and found the following ways to improve the design:

  • Premium waterproof full grain leather and outdoor grade nubuck suede
  • All new 80k step dynamic waterproof and breathable 2-year guarantee
  • Signature instant flex zone for dynamic movement and fit
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning, 12.55mm
  • Sock fit liner for crazy comfort
  • Paracord lacing system with reflective rope lace
  • Transitional (minimal) drop – (4-6mm dependent on size)
  • Forever cushion premium inserts


You can see this is a MAJOR change

The Outsider is an outstanding shoe. We also reviewed it back in 2018. In a side by side comparison, you can see the changes.

What I noticed right off the bat was how much they improved the overall look of the shoe. Yes, you can wear the MAJOR’s anywhere, it’s not limited to the golf course, but the changes TRUE has made to the design has me only wanting to wear them on the golf course. I mean, after all, this is a golf shoe! Where my KNITS are on my feet nearly every day, the MAJOR will be a golf course only shoe for me. They’re too good to waste on pavement and sidewalks, no matter how long TRUE says they’ll last.

Aside from the visual changes, the MAJOR has a fantastic fit. I agree with their assessment that if you are uncertain of your shoe size to go up a ½ size. The first pair of MAJOR’s I picked up were at the PGA Show. Those were a size 8 and ran just a tad bit tight. The new black pair I just got in I requested in an 8.5, and the fit is flawless!


There are similarities between the two. It would be hard not to implement some of the features that earned you a near perfect rating from your customers. The sock liner, for instance, is very similar and it is something I love. Puma is using the same type of sock on their shoes, and the level of comfort that comes from the liner is outstanding. I’m sure other brands will be going to this style soon, it’s just too good not to implement.

The waterproofing TRUE has incorporated into their shoes is remarkable. Like I said in my review of the Outsider; being based in the Pacific Northwest, you better have a clue when it comes to creating a waterproof system. TRUE does, and they continued their expertise in the area with the MAJOR.

Where the MAJOR wins the battle against the Outsider is the Suede. It adds a style to the MAJOR the Outsider was lacking. The suede adds some class and elegance to a shoe that didn’t need it to be a success, but after seeing it, you understand why they went with it on this release.


TRUE stuck with the “Traditional Drop” as they did with the Outsider. The stability is a must have for a Tour player and us recreational golfers as well. I do feel the MAJOR has more of a zero drop feel compared to the Outsider. With the Outsider you could tell this was something new from TRUE, not being a 0mm, it was different. Even though the MAJOR has the same 4-6mm traditional drop, it feels “flatter” than the Outsider to me.

For a more detailed look at the OUTSIDER, check out our review HERE.

The gameplan was simple. Improve an already outstanding shoe.

And, they nailed it.

The MAJOR has quickly become my favorite TRUE shoe, and it’s not even close. Ryan, who’s been wearing the KNITS from TRUE, was blown away with the improvements they implemented to create the MAJOR and frequently I find him strolling around in them.

The comfort is there, and now the overall look is something people will be talking about and not just overlooking. In the past, even I can admit the style fell short in comparison to this new version. Players I feel were more willing to ignore the style cues of the previous releases (aside from the KNITS) because it because the fit and feel were so damn good.

That’s not the case anymore, and these new shoes are head turners without a doubt. The simple accents are attractive and compelling at the same time. The classic white T enclosed in the Red rectangle underwent an update with a more subtle black and white version. But, you knew TRUE wasn’t going to let that iconic Red badging disappear entirely. On the Black versions, the reflective heel strap screams TRUE as does the red eyelets for the paracord laces.

A fresh new way to ship

Typically the way a package arrives at your doorstep isn’t something that earns its section in the review. However, TRUE is doing something very different with the MAJOR release, and all of us here at the blog think it’s brilliant.

Instead of a shoebox inside a box, TRUE has introduced their reusable shoe/shag bag.



The shoe bags are sick. That about sums it up! Deciding to put the shoes in a reusable bag was a phenomenal choice. Eliminating the shoebox is a great way to save on costs per unit, and it adds value to the customer. I’ve used mine more than I ever thought I would. We recently took a spring break trip to California, and the shoe bags were ideal for storing our sandals after the beach.

TRUE has now shown that eliminating shoeboxes has an advantage. TRUE has now been able to include FREE Shipping on the MAJORS. That may not be a show stopper for everyone, but it is a nice change. You’re saving yourself around $10 in shipping and getting a unique additional item that you can use in a multitude of situations. Nicely done TRUE!

Three Colorways for the new MAJOR

The MAJOR comes in three colorways. As of today.

  • Open Black
  • US Grey
  • Masters White

When they were released, there were only two options available. The Open Black and the US Grey. Recently TRUE announced the latest colorway the Masters White. It was a hit, selling out very fast. The good news is the Masters White should be back in stock as of today.

There are also two other exclusive colorways planned: a PGA Brown and a version called Tuxedo. Yes, I can’t wait to see those colorways either!

A tip of the cap to TRUE Linkswear

A few years back TRUE Linkswear attempted to go in a different direction. Choosing to go with a style overhaul that I feel, fell flat. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but thankfully they have righted the ship and are now killing it with the KNITS and the MAJOR. And, there is still more to come.

Coming soon is the TL-01, a low profile, lightweight shoe that is going to be a massive hit in my opinion.

Congrats to TRUE Linkswear for their evolution and they desire to create a better shoe with each new release. It always a pleasure to see companies take chances and try to improve. TRUE could have easily just released last years shoes in some new colorways. Instead, they went back to the drawing board and came up with a fantastic shoe. That’s impressive for a smaller company.

The MAJOR is a significant player for this golf year.

Golf shoes are not always at the forefront of every golfer’s mind. With the spikeless movement, I see more Nike running shoes on the course than actual golf shoes. But for those of you who love “new” shoes and are continually looking for the better or the best ones on the market, you need to give TRUE a look this year.

The MAJOR is going to be making some serious noise out on the courses. It is a highly functional golf shoe that offers a distinctive look on the course. I’ve had more than a few of my friends grab themselves a new pair and the feedback has been outstanding.

If you’re looking to add the MAJOR to your closet this season head on over to the TRUE Linkswear WEBSITE and grab yourself a pair, the MAJOR shoe sells for $199 and like I said earlier that will include free shipping and the Shoe/Shag bag. It is an excellent value in our opinion.

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