The Breakfast Ball is a golf-based blog that has been around since late 2009. Mathew Wangrycht started the website, and he manages it to this day.

What started as a personal site for Mathew has grown into a blog that now features golf product reviews, photo galleries, tips, and an occasional rant from one of us. JT joined the team in December of 2015. He brought a fresh and invigorating viewpoint to the website but has since decided to pursue his golf website, and we wish him well.

At The Breakfast Ball, we are dedicated to bringing our readers content they’ll find entertaining and informative from the perspective of the average golfer. We’re passionate and dedicated to the sport of golf and want to share our experiences with the products we review with our readers.

Mathew is the primary content creator for the site.

However, we also have a great supporting staff who contribute occasionally or were members of the team at one time. Here is the list of current and past contributors.

We are all, in one way or another, involved in the game of golf. Be it professionally, just as a weekend hacker, or as a career. Each of us has our uniqueness within the game.


Excellent Content

There are so many golf blogs out there and just as many review sites. To compete, we have to be different to land the products we review. We strive for perfection and feel we are a leader in our content. You’ll receive an in-depth look at not only the product we feature but also when fitting, a detailed look at the company or brand.

We support the little guys just as much as the larger companies. Getting to know the people behind the company/brand, their passions, and work ethics is what brings our articles to life. It’s challenging to be unique in every review we do, but we firmly believe the work we have done to date, shows our passion as well.


The other areas where we can differentiate our work from others is our photography. Mathew comes from a  photography background with a lot of experience and knowledge. This brings high-quality photos to the articles and allows us to showcase the fine details often missed in unique products:

Google Rankings

Our articles rank very well in Google searches. Often landing on page one. This is without paying for our placements. It is entirely based on content. Occasionally, we’ll put out a short piece about an upcoming product or feature a quick look at a company. For the most part, our articles go into a lot of detail about the product, how it performs on the course, and the background of the company.

Real Life, On Course Reviews

We spend ample time with the products we receive mainly because our reviews take place on the golf course. Sometimes over several, if not many, rounds of golf. Occasionally, we’ll venture to a local hitting studio when stats are needed. The entire process, from the first communication to shipping to testing the products, photography, writing, editing, and proofing, all takes time, and we want the articles that are published to be the best work we can produce. We want to ensure the work we are doing when completed, is top-notch and high-quality.

Social Media Exposure

Expect to see your products featured on our Social Media pages and shared with our email subscribers. Showcasing the equipment or apparel is something we enjoy doing, and it adds to the reviews by featuring them on our social media accounts.


Every day, we’re thrilled the following companies have allowed us to get to know them and their businesses. We are honored for them to be featured on the website.

  • Loudmouth Golf
  • TRUE Linkswear
  • Callaway Golf
  • Cleveland Golf
  • Cody James Putters
  • Amp Caddy
  • G/Fore
  • Strokes Gained Customs
  • The Tee Claw
  • The Golf Swing Shirt
  • Dormie Workshop
  • Jacob Sanborn – The Wedge Wizard
  • Lambcrafted – Tyson Lamb
  • Asher Golf
  • DST Compressor
  • JT Spencer Belts
  • Toulon Putters
  • Rose & Fire
  • Bobby Jones Golf
  • The Putter Wheel


I’ve worked with countless writers in digital and print over the years and The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog has really raised the bar in media opportunities for the golf industry. Matt and JT do a spectacular job reviewing and testing products and it shows in their content. In fact, when I’m approached with an opportunity to have my putters or wedges reviewed, I find myself comparing the incoming opportunities against what BBGB has provided. In addition to a killer review on their blog, I’ve seen spikes in traffic, increased social media followers, and can trace both leads and sales directly to their articles. When I launch a new product, The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog is the first digital media outlet I reach out to.

        Neal Rohrbach – Strokes Gained Customs

Recently I built a putter in collaboration with the Breakfast Ball, and from start to finish the process was amazing. I was particularly impressed with their personal approach in getting to know both me, and my product. They really took the time to learn about my process, how I got started, and ultimately where I want to go. I would recommend to any company, big or small, to reach out to the guys at the Breakfast Ball, and see how they can help give your business the exposure it needs.

        Cody Cawthorn – Cody James Putters


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However, we will not reply to emails where SEO is your business, you’re selling a miracle weight loss product, or you would like to increase our traffic by offering to sell us page views. We appreciate the concern, but we got this!

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We take the work we do very seriously. However, that does not guarantee a favorable review. We receive the products in good faith with the understanding that a fair and honest opinion of the product will make its way to the site.

We take a risk by including some products others choose not to review. But we want to be able to provide our readers with content they find valuable. However, if we determine the product(s) we received add little to no value to The Breakfast Ball and our readers, we will contact the company and provide them with our reasoning as to why we have chosen not to include them in a review.