MNML GOLF: A Golf Bag You’ll Want to Own

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I’m not kidding; you’ll want this bag!


Golfers worldwide have a lot in common, but we ALL need to have a solid golf bag.

Whether you’re a 100% cart golfer or an occasional walker, golf bags come in various shapes and sizes. When I started playing, I had a small PING Stand bag that didn’t even have any legs. I was not too fond of that bag cause I couldn’t prop it up unless there were something close. I felt like a loser a the practice range and couldn’t wait to upgrade to a new bag.

I’ve come a long way since then and have a much better appreciation for those smaller bags. I’d kill to have that simple PING bag back in my life.

I’ve had a ton of golf bags since starting the blog. I’ve reviewed some for Three Guys and on here as well. Cart bags, walking bags, specialty bags, junior bags, and more. We have choices for golf bags, and now more than ever, they are an expression of your personality.

Why MNML Golf is making noise in the golf industry

Anytime you have a golfer, and not just a weekend hacker, an actual PROFESSIONAL, jump into a golf business, you need to pay attention. And to be clear, I’m not talking about Golf Channel talk heads pimping swing trainers. Sam Goulden is the man behind MNML (Minimal) Golf, and with his history in the game, he is creating a unique brand that is doing something special.

Yes, I’m still talking about a golf bag.

Sam, who lived on the road attempting to gain access to events via the Monday Qualifiers, knows what is essential when it comes to a golf bag. If you look at every college player in the country, you won’t find one STAFF Bag. It would be insane for them to haul around that massive bag when they lug their clubs. The Universities go as cheap as they can with hopes the bags last four years.


Ever been to a yard sale for a local USGA Chapter?

If you do, there’s a real good chance you’ll find a bunch of used College bags that the schools donated. And let me tell you, they’re garbage mainly because they’ve been abused for years and served their purpose. Out with the old, in with the new. We, however, don’t have the luxury of a university supplying us with the goods, so we look for more than just size and weight. We need durability and function just as much.

And while those University bags emblazoned with the school’s logos are sweet, you/’re not starting any new trends with those simplistic bags. They lack the cool factor we all desire.

The MNML Golf Bag has everything you want and need.

That’s a bold statement, but hear me out. I’m not talking about people looking for a mobile locker room. Cart Bags are on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to comparison. The MNML Bags are designed for the walkers, the range rats, and the people who show up at the course to, you know, play golf.

The bag I received from MNML came equipped with their technology package. Here’s a list of features the bag has. I’ll list the tech items.


  • Pat. Pending Filming Pocket
  • Magnetic Pocket Closures (strong and long-lasting)
  • 4-Way Divider (two full-length)
  • Very Comfortably Carries 14+ Clubs
  • Backpack Strap “insanely comfortable.”
  • Naturally Water Repellent MicroSuede
  • Pat. Pending Port and Portal System
  • Thermal Pocket (up to 5, 16oz bottles or 6 12oz cans)
  • 5lbs (standard for carry/stand bags)
  • Internal Stand Mechanism


  • Custom Bluetooth Speaker
  • Solar Power Bank
  • Phone Charger

The bags come in a choice of white or black. There is an option where you can add a custom logo if you desire. And I can tell you the work is impressive. It’s all hand-painted and looks fantastic.

The MNML Bags sell for $229. That does not include the Tech Kit, a $40 upcharge, or the customization. The custom work starts at $40 for your initials and tops out at $150 for Initials, Logo and Side panel work.

Key highlights of the MNML Bags


It is a significant factor for most golf bags if your walking. Even with the Tech Package, the MNML bag is not heavy at all. Where most lightweight bags lose credibility is how fragile they are. With MNML, the lightweight doesn’t equate to cheap. It is a very well-built bag that I feel is going to last a long time. I’ve been abusing it since it’s been in my rotation of bags, and it looks just as good today as it did the day I opened the box.


You never know how much you hate zipper until you own a MNML bag and never have to fumble with one ever again. The magnetic pockets are simply brilliant. The pockets open and close with ease, and I’ve never had one issue with items falling out or not getting put away securely.

The Cell Phone Pocket

This feature to record your swing is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” features. More than once, I’ve gotten out to the range and went, “Crap, I forgot the tripod” that’s when I realize, “dumbass, you don’t need one.” If there’s one thing I would change, it would be to allow the pocket to accept a phone with a case. I know not everyone uses a phone case, but it’s a bit of a pain to take off to make my phone (iPhone 11 Pro Max) fit. It’s a tight fit even without the case.

The Tech Package

For the extra 40 dollars, the tech package is so worth it. The phone charger is such a good idea, yet another why didn’t I think of that. The speaker is a damn good one for how small it is. It cranks out the tunes just as good as other small speakers and when the juice runs out, plug it into the charging cable, and your good to go.

It’s a great carry bag.

All the above items are great; however, if you can’t enjoy the round because of a crappy bag, what’s the point? Thankfully, Sam and his team designed the bag to be utilized while walking. It is a great carry bag, that’s the truth. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and highly functional.

A Golf Bag that’s going to be hard to top.

With all the MNML golf bag features, it’s amazing that more brands haven’t adopted the concepts. It just shows you that when you have someone who plays the game design a product, it’s going to be better. It’s that simple.

I’ve had this bag in my rotation for a while now. I’ve found that it’s the ideal summer bag, and here in Vegas, it’s in play most of the year. However, because of the minimal storage (see what I did there), It’s not ideal for having extra layers with you that might be removed during the round—a pullover, jacket, or beanie, for example. There isn’t a ton of room to keep those items safely tucked away without the bag bursting at the seams. I mean, it’s possible, but I just go to a bag that has more storage (Subtle Patriot) for those colder days.

The MNML Bag is a winner, though, and I’ve been nothing but impressed with it since its arrival. The custom artwork on the bag turned out fantastic, and I love showcasing it whenever I can. There’s no mistaking who’s bag it is!

As I mentioned earlier, the bags come in either Black or White, and you can order with or without the Tech Package. At $269, I think it’s a superb option for someone looking to add some style and function to their golf life.

Be sure to check out the MNML Golf WEBSITE and also give them a follow on their socials.




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